Aluna Ash Clairvoyant – These next few weeks are very powerful access points where timelines interconnect. The connection to the spirit realm is also increased and easily accessed. Information and guidance will start to come through more clearly.

The first weeks of July you will be integrating higher consciousness through transmissions. The last weeks of July you will be activating these transmissions. Sleep, eating and thought patterns will change. The physical 3D body’s cellular structure will begin to change rapidly.

July is a powerful time for spiritual work and working on opening your psychic faculties. Your intuition will be heightened too this month along with the ability to connect with spirit. Many will begin to have paranormal experiences in the physical while opening up their psychic channels. And others that already consciously connect with Spirit or the astral plane in the physical, will be going to a whole new level. Many will begin to experience Spirits, Entities, Elementals, Interdimensional Beings, energy, communicating with animals, trees and plant life…even seeing sacred geometry and Grid lines, for the first time. but it’s also a time where there will be the darker forces working even harder to try and throw you off your path or distract you, so stay in your lane. Don’t get off your path. Best defense is staying true to yourself, staying in integrity, staying connected with soul family, and be selflessly serving others.

We are operating beyond “time” and beyond the physical plane. This is connecting you to your Galactic Self through consciously and unconsciously experiencing multiple potentialities and parallel realities merging together as one. We are anchoring our higher vibratory timelines through thought and vibration.

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Interactions will become completely transparent. Through the activations of the etheric DNA, you’re filtering energy through the astral body more easily without manipulation or interference. You will clearly feel the intent of another energetically 3rd Density and 4th Density is FULL transparency to see beyond the programming.

Many are about to fully experience their higher 5D timelines after the eclipses in July and August. We are closing out cycles and preparing for mass collective shifts. Soul Tribes, Monands, Oversoul Groups, Divine Connections, etc… are being brought together through synchronistic order.

We are receiving transmissions of consciousness directly from higher dimensions. This is collapsing 3D thought patterns and the 3rd Density artificial grid system. The 3D enslavement through programming and perception manipulation is being exposed due to 4th Density integration.

This integration and initiation period was to prepare you for your soul assignments – collapsing the matrix and programming. The timelines that have been hijacked to create reactive karmic cycles through events triggering collective thought and high emotional impact, are being removed due to your awakening. Each purge is not just individual, you are purging for the collective grid – a conscious construct of manipulated perception.

Each synchronicity is a transmission and activation. This is 4th Density integration. Through synchronistic order, your 3D avatar body merges with your 4D astral body to consciously experience other dimensions beyond visible light frequency. Humanity has been enslaved and kept in visible light frequency (the matrix) since the 1500s. With 4th Density integration creating full transparency, these beings loose their power and control.

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Through the next wave of activations, many will remember who they are for the first time since this current incarnation. 9 tenths of the population has had their soul memory swiped and has been locked into the death and rebirth recycling program due to energy manipulation. This is the reawakening of the Galactic Human after lifetimes of enslavement. Everything is about to Change. Ushering in New Earth.


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