Meg Benedicte – Eclipses are cosmic game-changers…amplifying the effects of full or new moons exponentially. This Thursday, July 12th, the first of three eclipse gateways arrive in a powerful Full Moon Solar Eclipse at 20° Cancer. This is the first eclipse on the Cancer-Capricorn axis and will give you some hints on what will unfold in the next two years.

Thursday’s Solar Eclipse in Cancer initiates a new cycle leading to the life-altering 2020 Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, restructuring how we approach power, leadership, banking and governing. The energy from this eclipse will continue to develop and expand into an entirely new outlook on life. Systems of control will be redesigned and rebuilt during this transit.

While Thursday’s Solar Eclipse is opposite Pluto there may be more power struggles, secrets erupting out of nowhere! The combination of Mars in Aquarius-Uranus in Taurus can heighten others emotional outbursts when speaking your truth. Hold steady, remain true to yourself.

Today, July 9th Venus enters Virgo, emphasizing heart expansion, loving kindness and service to the greater good. The inner warrior is being stimulated to fight for justice and freedom for all. Eclipse stargates open the earth plane to quantum possible timelines that shapeshift reality. What we focus on amplifies magnetism. This is why we are here, to direct human consciousness towards the cosmic ascension timeline.

We are transmitters/receivers of energetic frequencies. When something no longer feels right, does not enhance harmonious life experience, takes away your joy…unlock your focus from it. Allow it to dissolve out of your field. Spin, release and let go!

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The eclipse series is shaking everything loose. What was believed to be a positive timeline by many is no longer active, ungrounded, and replaced by a much darker version. For example, the Trump administration and Brexit have morphed into corrupt, destructive timelines. The Trump timeline that so many wished for never got any traction and has been replaced with a dark, armageddon timeline.

When we unite in coherent laser focus and heart-filled intention we can dismantle dark holograms. We are the alchemists, the transmuters, the transformers. We are rising higher in frequency and populating the 5D earth plane. We are moving beyond the deliberate interference perpetuating the virtual human mind.

It is imperative that you manage any internal destructive emotions. Low vibratory emotions are the gateway to your energy field. Calm, neutral composure protects your sacred space. Although the planetary field is still polarized, the divine light is more than 50% present and growing stronger. The eclipse series breaks barriers to the New Earth!

We are in the final stages dealing with stubborn enslavement forces. The Matrix simulation controllers are running AI scans through social media. If you plug into the hate mongering, the gateway opens and they can access your field. The inserted mind-control programming is obviously running in those overcome by fear, rage, racism, sexism and hatred.

They are scanning for soul identity – determining if you are a Matrix outsider? I watched this occur to me this week. During the scan my jaw and cranial bones locked in pain. They were able to identify my soul was angelic but that was the extent of it. Their scan cannot access the mind when fully immersed in Gaia’s 5D field. The frequency range is beyond their technological access.

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I mention this episode to raise an awareness on how low vibrational emotions opens you to interference. It is their gateway to your field. Daily spiritual practice and peaceful presence eliminates the possibility of negative backlash. We ARE Matrix outsiders and our mission IS to build the New Earth. It is important to protect your energetic boundaries, radiate love frequencies and care for all life on the planet.

If it is your Soul purpose to shift consciousness and create a new star family of light on Gaia, join us on Thursday’s Solar Eclipse Stargate Activations with Lightworkers all around the world. If you cannot attend the ‘live’ broadcast, the replay will be available at the event link. The recording is accessible within minutes upon completion of the show broadcast. Register to attend here:

Lovingly, Meg Benedicte

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