Paul Dobree  – Many awakened individuals have opened their heart chakras to a greater awareness of their world. The Green Ray raises compassion, connection and understanding of the Nature of Spirit through the Spirit of Nature as man is Divinely Natural in his True Dominion.

The Blue Ray calls to express this relationship into new form with All That which you connect with and the auric energy begins to mix as the colours, Jade / Turquoise. This energy resides in the Higher Heart Chakra, the Thymus gland above the chest and melds together the energies of heart with the mind.

The Thymus is also an important part of the immune system and is a major player in the changes taking place within the body known as Ascension symptoms, by acting directly in response to the higher dimensional frequencies and changes to the DNA structure of Lymphocytes.

Resonating to the Blue Ray brings you towards the expression of Spirit, manifesting through speaking out and taking action. Thoughts that remain unspoken as manifested Word and Action, accumulate around the thymus and chest area as denser energy creating mucus leading to asthma, coughs, throat and chest infections creating vulnerabilities in this area.

Words are meant to be expressed not suppressed, spoken not swallowed, action to be animated not stifled.

The Silent Warrior arises from the Jade / Turquoise Being, one that sees but turns away, hears but ignores. A silent battle that starts to rage inside them against the injustices, the volition of rights, the abuse of weakened positions by those who seek power over Others – but said nothing, done nothing, for fear of reprisal, conflict, judgement and segregation. But this is changing, it is time now to express.

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Many Silent Warriors have seen enough, they have heard enough. They have watched and realized that the existing Warriors that are meant to protect and serve them, are instead protecting and serving the ones who fear that their power over Others will be taken from them.

And so they begin to gather together in numbers feeling safety in groups rather than as individuals. A louder more convincing message sent out to speak as One Voice to those who would previously prefer them to close their mouths and not speak out, to close their eyes and not see and to close their ears and not hear.

For those that seek Independence, independence from whom?
Those who seek Freedom, freedom from what?

The qualities of the Silent Warrior are Self Realization, Self-Responsibility, Self-Reliance, Self-Control and above all Self-Love. Without these things, governance is still required for those who choose to forge their own way blinded by hatred, deafened through abuse, shapened by trauma and controlled by an erratic Ego that can easily persuade the individual that they can do better alone than what they currently have.

The Silent Warriors gather in numbers drawn by the growing feelings and higher natural ideals they feel growing within them, previously discredited and manipulated away from the forefront of their minds. The Silent Warriors are not soldiers, they are all Generals. They have no need for leaders for they have all done their inner work and cleared what has been suppressing them for millenia.

The Divine Light of Christ Consciousness shines through their eyes and they seek a world free from corruption, tyranny and slavery.

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With Loving Blessings,

Paul Dobree – Carey


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