An Encounter And Talk With Beloved Starbrother Wayne Dyer…


Grace Solaris – Wow something EPIC happened to me last night. I met on dreamstate and had an encounter and talk with beloved starbrother Wayne Dyer. The issue we discussed was about healing and rejuvenation and we specifically talked about what he named “the ribbon of life” which he wanted to gift me with. We arranged that we were to meet up again on sunday. I was waking up and was so enchanted by this meeting and I knew there was something groundbraking about it…. I tuned in and asked the Arcturians to get more info. First they confirmed that Wayne Dyer is artcturian and part of the team I am working with…. and they explained that the Ribbon of life is the missing 3rd helix on the dna strand. I have heard mention of the tripple helix a few times, but I must admit I just discredited it at the time…. they explained that the function of the 3rd helix is a sort of self-repair of genes or if you like self healing helix. This is its sole purpose…. my heart is crying and is deeply moved as I know this deep within my heart. This is what I always knew…. everything can be healed and it is no big deal… of course dis-ease often comes along as a message of the soul and for healing to happen we must approach it holistically meaning also deal with the mental, emotional iand spiritual issues or lessons, that it is bringing to bring overall balance. However this is the most epic information I have received so far and I know it is for us to reclaim this gift of love, which was extracted from our dna throughout our evolution as well as was the 13th dna strand. The Arcturians are assisting us at this time with divine intel and the preparation of our dna to receive these dna downloads, that will change everything for good… we are becoming ETERNAL.

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They told me that there a few species, that still have residues of this 3rd helix in their dna, namely the the lizard. The green anole lizard (Anolis carolinensis), when caught by a predator, can lose its tail and then grow it back. Researchers have discovered the genetic ‘recipe’ that explains how this happens. … “It takes lizardsmore than 60 days to regenerate a functional tail. OMGoddess we are truly going galactic and eternal, there is no one and nothing holding us back now. We are here to stay for good!! Later in the meditation I saw the sacred Ibis and was told it is the time for the returning of eternal life for humanity. Ibis is connected to the egyptian God Thoth who was the keeper of the gateway to eternal life, the halls of Amenti. Oh wow all the dots are connecting… and all the work i.e. downloads, upgrades and activations that I have previously done with the Arcturians and shared in the global group activations fits so beautifully together… the divine puzzle is coming together… I understand that for the 3rd helix to become fully operationable according to its divine purpose, it is preliminary that our cells are repolarized, and the spinning of the toros field is reset to counter-clockwise (we already offered these particular activations in the global activations) but also that the biochemestry in the cells is to be transmuted to silicon based compounds, which they are in the process of now. Yuhuuuuuuu I am so thrilled and my heart filled with gratitude to now receive and share this amazing dispensation of light and regaining our divine blueprint inheritance. Time to celebrate… the miracle that we are is unfolding with morph speed right now. Come join… let´s abunDance. I will keep you updated with more intel and also of course host the activation for those, that feel called for this grand dispensation of light as I am guided. Needless to say ALL will receive all of this this in divine timing, however the Arcturians are here to support the forerunners and pioneers of light, that are here to change these things within self to support the Collective in a total flip-over and reclaim and re-instore our divine blueprint avatar majesty. Hallelujah ~ Grace Solaris and the Arcturians

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