Ascending Masters Gathering Energy Update
Anastacia-Blue Beyond Guide AND *Special sharing of Energy Update notes/summary from 9-15th July 2018* – So much love to you all, in all you are going through in these NEW ASCENSION ENERGIES. Please enjoy the following summary of energy updates from 9-15th July, as there is a LOT of information being shared, as a gift (instead of putting these into an e-book) as these are ‘living words’ that are very much needed ‘right now’ – with much unconditional love from me to you – for what you resonate with for yourself of the Divine in these New Ascension Energies – Anastacia Kompos

Anger Still Releasing from Deep Within – 16th July 2018

Anger seeping out in bits with others even with others close, energies being released from situations we no longer react to, but with others and any joint energies previously held in a older space is coming up!

Even if we are fine with them now…

This is now expanding out past ourselves, this is now to do with our connections with others

Old anger energies from past areas we have worked through or cleared within ourselves yet when we interact with another, the joint energy of the old is needing clearing

Also, if one has shifted more so in an area and another who is close is yet working through things as part of New Ascension energies, then one will feel the anger being released from the other as part of transmuting due to closeness

So, this will test those close relationships to the max!

Have patience and understanding if this happens…take a breath and a step back and come from a loving space after you have released this anger that one can feel flare up that is being released to be transmuted – if it ‘carries on’ then one needs to look into this deeper for themselves…

Also many are still feeling not quite in their bodies as since 21/22 June, the energies shifted with the Zero Point Unity Field energies that arrived and so energies EXPANDED and so did ours as part of this!

Last night a shift started of energies started to come through and in the last hour or so another wave again…things ARE MOVING AGAIN!

Remember “As we process/progress in our life, our purpose will be revealed” – as we are step one (as in we need to love ourselves unconditionally firstly and honour and nurture ourselves) and step two for those who want to share their gifts and what they feel strongly about with humanity will be revealed! Yet we cannot do step two, unless we achieve step one, which is bringing in our energy back into ourselves over and over and over – as then all else flows outward from the inner

(Otherwise, those that are not being real and authentic in the Human Being eventually ‘fall away’ as I have seen this over the years time and time again of those sharing from the spiritual only)

Now, many of you may say you ‘know’ this or live this, yet many are still needing this guidance as I am saying this over and over to many souls in their different situations, each fragment, each Multidimensional facet of ourselves in our lives

As sometimes we ‘know’ this, yet being in our situations ourselves we need guidance, I know I have with others and all in my close spiritual family have each needed a close spiritual family members energy to assist with this – as we bounce off each other and are mirrors to help us help ourselves when we are ‘in something’ with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE

As another thing I keep saying is to ‘keep bringing yourself back into your body’ consciously over and over…as there is so much energy going on astrally and collectively world wide, with the Zero Point Unity energies – that we are needing to come into our personal Zero Point energy spaces within this!

The Solstice energies expanded our energies with ALL…and now we are like re-claiming all parts of ourselves back for a New Beginning for or in a NEW WAY

As the old program does not ‘fit’ in the new energies!!…again we may read or know this, yet applying this personally can be a different level or awareness in doing so…a deeper or heightened level we may need to come from to ‘break through’ any resistance one may have in the human – in coming out of the ‘head’ and into the heart and soul or to come from our heart and soul – this has also been a major area with many

WE ARE IN NEW ASCENSION TIMES, all has changed from 21/22 June…there are many that are writing and sharing so much and making ‘predictions’ of what we will NOT KNOW until AFTER we have then processed and felt these energies THROUGH our EMOTIONS and being CONSCIOUSLY AWARE in the HUman in being real and authentic!

The ‘top layer’ of the spiritual is not enough, we need BOTH Spirit AND Soul to be Whole!

This is why I often say and share ‘we will wait and see’….

Observe what is ‘going on’ now….feel what resonates for yourself…don’t get caught up with distractions, as there are so many distractions or rabbit holes one can go into with so much going on with and in humanity…keep true to yourself and have a clear connection with the Divine – ALWAYS!

There are those who are getting ‘caught up’ with so much that is going on in the world that is outside of ourselves, be clear with yourself and your inner connection with your inner self…and with the Divine all the way!

No longer can one ‘bury’ or hide what one is feeling as this will ‘catch up’ with one eventually…and this does come through in dis-ease…

Our Emotions are the KEY link from our Spirit to our Soul…as no one can avoid this, or ride above this in the spiritual only…

Ahh we are all at so many different levels, stages of ascension as shared more further below in a summary of past energy updates from 9-15 July that I am now sharing – that the full energy updates with more personal Trailblazer/Ascension Pioneer ‘sharings’ are by monthly contribution only

Ascending Masters Gathering Energy Update
Anastacia-Blue Beyond Guide ~ Roller-Coaster of Emotions to feel and Release-
9th July 2018

Stopping, feeling into, reflecting, seeing and feeling what actually does come up…to notice and allow…to process and flow..and know and TRUST that ALL HAPPENS FOR A VERY GOOD REASON

And that this is SO MUCH BIGGER THAN ‘JUST US’ in what we are each going through right now…this is the micro transmuting as part of the macro…with the Zero Point Unity energies that came through on 21/22 June

Ascending Masters Gathering Energy Update
Anastacia-Blue Beyond Guide ~ Roller-Coaster of Emotions to feel and Release -10th July 2018

“Our voice carries vibrations and resonations and is a very powerful healing ‘tool’, what vibration are you creating from within yourself in the human with what you are verbalising? And even verbalising to yourself with your thoughts as well”

It’s going a ‘full circle’ into New Territory of Ascension that is NEW to the last 23yrs of tools and methods that I created, well, now its time for new tools and methods to come in now with the New Energies… ‘starting again’ and healing healing healing so much of the old due to is linked to first incarnation soul wounding that was so deep and so big, bigger than us, that was linked to darker energies, which came ‘back around’ again with ‘attempts’ to hinder and disempower and now we are strong enough that they ‘didn’t work’, they only helped to make us stronger! As blue rays, we ‘take the blow’ for others through how we are transmuters, the lost ray, the behind the scenes healers and now we are COMING UP AND OUT AND FINALLY HAVING AND OPPORTUNITY TO VOICE -which is so so powerful as so many of us were not able to ‘speak up’ growing up

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We are to no longer sacrifice ourselves and our lives

So many emotions a Roller Coaster of Releasing

Major Transition of emotions

Around and around in a infinity symbol…

New Balances are being newly ‘found’ with our past life reviews

Miracles and transitions as we in such a time of MAJOR TRANSITION

FINAL SABOTAGE from us shining our lights is going on…

From us finding and expressing our freedom and from years of being sabotaged by others as in you are too loud, too deep, too boisterous = too happy…our lights have been dimmed for so long..

This is NEW ASCENSION for each us

No one can say anything about the future anymore as WE DON’T KNOW, this is new ascension

Releasing anger and resentment that is old old old…we cannot prevent feeling this through to release this

Things are being taken ‘out of our hands’ right now with some major things in our lives

To open a space up for us to do what we need to…we need more rest in a new and different way…


Big shifts and changes have come in many ways for people…

Because this is NEW we don’t know how to do new ways and so my ankle is teaching me what I couldn’t do or knew before – its just that NEW

So there’s no BLAME

Also in this transition is releasing feeling sorry for oneself, crying on and off…

It’s a roller coaster of emotions during a major transition of new way of new ascension that we are figuring out and discovering as we go in the HUMAN BEING

This cannot be predicted in posts writing and sharings and insights and no disrespect to others – in how this will affect us in the human that is…

Feeling all emotions at ONCE right now on a merry-go-round!!

Waves of crying, then anger, hurt, then happiness and joy shifting and shifting and then around and around again we go

A lot of old past energies from our past childhood is really really coming to the surface right now due to the link to our past life review, and our original great fall from our first incarnation!! Please at this stage do not go into what, where, who and why with our first incarnation…as that is not being revealed right now…as it comes in stages of insight and revelation for me as it has done for, over the years…

Tabling and using our VOICES is so so powerful!

Even more so now with heightened energies and a New Way Of Ascension

Ascending Masters Gathering Energy Update
Anastacia-Blue Beyond Guide – HUGE Solar Plexus energies-New Ascension – Parts 1-3 – 12th July 2018

Part One
HUGE SOLAR PLEXUS ENERGIES came through/were ‘activated’ with the New Moon energies!

Where there will be bursts of anger come through…short intense bursts

Where this feeling ‘comes over’ us and it needs to release and purge – this surge or surges of solar plexus energy that came through – that is one needing to express themselves more in the human

And for those who are deeply empowering themselves from within, the greater the surge in the human which when felt and released in a ‘safe way’ of we can notice this from within, take a moment and breathe this out as this is coming in waves = the greater empowerment consciously within! These are amazing times!

Such amazing New Beginnings energies are coming through and being felt more and more now:

Polarities and Balance with many

Some are feeling a new energy and a new ‘high’

Others are struggling with letting go of the old with their ‘head’ all over the place, energies swirling around

Noticing those who are out of balance with these new energies are going from one extreme from like super excited with new changes to then doubt and the old coming back up again

One polarity to the other…so those who have a tendency to swing from extreme high to low, are doing just that right now especially with the new moon energies

Anastacia’s tip: With this surge of empowerment energy, breathe and bring your energy from going outwards inwards….visualise a Golden Sun in your solar plexus and feel your empowerment within as you do so…

Ahh today is a new and great day for new discoveries about ourselves…so much is happening for each of us…

There are so many ‘riddles’ of energies as in what is going on for someone…there is no one way of ascension as this is now a ‘time’ of New Ascension

That no longer can one ‘predict’ what is going to ‘happen’ in a sense of – once you reach this space of 5D or ‘whatever’ you will feel, this, this and this…

Truly each Souls ascension journey IS SO VERY DIFFERENT!

And this major altering of this to a new and unique way came with the Solstice energies of 21/22 June…when we reached Zero Point Unity energies…

It is a clearing out of the old in ways unknown or un-precedented before

Also, this is past life, this is from other planets or galaxies, this is Ancient and also from First incarnations…

And then add to that what we brought through with us to heal and transmute ‘this time around’!

Our unique souls journey choices of experiences that we will not always understand ‘at that time’ of ‘why would I choose this?”

As I know I have said that many many times and then you know, when I actually just sat for a moment and felt into this I then played with this in a sense of, “you know, that is so like my or my nature to say or go, yeah, I’ll take that experience on to push through and grow, as I know I will and I AM strong enough to endure that…and I can see that it WILL BE WORTH it from a bigger picture of what I don’t know at that time, after I go through what ever I need to” – and so are YOU!

We are more powerful than we may realise!

Part Two
You know, this New Ascension that we are now in, is so very different to what I have been through in the last 23yrs..and those before me would say that as well for them 😉

Yet I am talking about a living, breathing being that chose to be a Trailblazer/Ascension Pioneer and Way Seer..

Little did I/we know just how HUGE that undertaking was and is to be in coming into a human being to ascend, shift and grow in this lifetime…

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Yet again, somewhere I/we DID know, even though this is all NEW…as we work it out or work through it with the DIVINE


So you will see others who are still establishing a new connection with the Divine in this lifetime, that will be struggling right now and going through some major tough times…

And yet we can also see this with other souls who are awake and aware and full of faith and trust also go through challenging times, yet with so much love and inner strength and determination of trusting they are on the ‘right track’ for where they ‘are at’…

And although they too reach some very low places, they LET GO and SURRENDER deep within in FAITH and TRUST and those souls are such an inspiration to others!

So, when we see or notice someone has ‘lost their faith’ or their trust with their Divine connection, we can only be ourselves in love, faith and trust and encourage others…

By not going in to ‘rescue’ them…

By not jumping into their mud puddle and stress with them, no, step out of their mud puddle and let them know you are reaching out your hand and are there, for when they go through what they are, that they know or realise help is here!

Love and support is here!

Note: It really is Beyond Time for souls to help themselves! And when they do, we can feel this energetically and then we can re-connect with them…

The Divine and angels and so many other energies of the Divine are HERE for you to call on and allow in to assist, guide and support you!

Part Three
Balance with Past Life review energies and Solar Plexus empowerment energies now have come through = a very interesting time right now

Also add to this feeling so many breakthroughs or new way that have come through that feel so amazing, feelings of BLISS that has actually ‘caught many unaware’ as in, they are so not used to feeling these amazing and new feelings and breakthroughs that have come for many now…slowly slowly I see more and more breakthroughs with others around me and it is such a JOY to see just how far so many have come right now!

A coming into the human body more in a new way…

As some are now experiencing retrieving a Multidimensional aspect of them selves and have come into themselves in the human body – in a ‘New Way’ and are needing to find time to adjust to this

As all feels so very new and different when this occurs…

And often it is like one BIG leap forward and then the old releasing again and again…it does lessen though…as a lot from previous lifetimes, from other planets is being healed right now…of breaking through of what we brought through that we are FINALLY HEALING…and is very linked to our First Incarnation – hence the recent darker energy attacks – that DID NOT WORK!

Like a pendulum swinging from one extreme to the other….Bliss and then deep pain and old cellular and DNA memories being healed…

This is all part of us receiving ‘New bodies’ for what that means for each of us

We’ve come such a long way…we are now ‘catching up’ in the human as to how far we have actually come with all we have been doing…we are just so far ahead of ourselves in a way and we need to allow and need to ‘catch up’ in the human now..

As this takes time and space and we need to have this for ourselves to allow a balance of the old and the new to ‘take place’….

To honour and nurture ourselves as we are going through so many ascension symptoms as we have done a FULL CIRCLE…

And now we get to ‘start again’ in a very NEW way of a NEW ASCENSION…that is un precedented…

And we get to ‘lead the way’ in just being ourselves in all we are…

Ascending Masters Gathering Energy Update
Anastacia-Blue Beyond Guide – Blank Space-Loop within a loop of past life-review energies – 13th July 2018

Sitting here this morning with a new blank space, it feels so good..

When we make time or create a new space and time for ourselves with our new ascension, it feels SO GOOD…

We then reach a new space of a new blank space, after clearing out all others energies out of our spaces, our private spaces…

It as been a process of doing so, again from the 21/22 June energies…

I will share something very interesting that has been going on for some souls…and that is going through a huge fear/trauma in the astrals in their ‘real dreams’ that they are feeling in the human when they wake up so very intensely…

This is such a GOOD thing as I explained to others – it means one does not have to go through what they did in the astrals/dream state in the human!

And while adjusting and feeling and releasing in the human in feeling these real feelings from what occurred ‘up there’, it was better to go through and do this up there, than bring it through to the human experience!

It is very linked with past life, past planet experiences that are now being ‘head’ off or healed for our time here…to break this old pattern of trauma that has been carried through…and also linked to our first incarnation wounding!!

How amazing is this! This is being very highlighted right now…

We are in such New Ascension Times now…where we will not know the outcome in the human or the reason or the meaning of something until AFTER we experience the energies from Spirit to Soul – the HUman BEing!

In a new way…as I wrote before we are creating new ways as we go…and our link to the Divine from our Soul and Spirit is our guidance or is ‘the way’

Feeling into and trusting ourselves deep deep within or handing over and trusting the Divine Guidance that is there that does come through when we do so…

And sometimes we need to just STOP and listen and FEEL….

We are our No.1 Priority right now, more so than ‘before’…and then all else flows and follows…

And yet in a very new way…

Setting a whole new pace for a new ascension

“The old is dying we need to release and forgive even our selves as we are perpetually in it and this is FEAR”

Past life review within a past life review…a circle within a circle or a loop within a loop was being felt today of unsettled energies in our solar plexus…

Of energy shifts and changes and then changes within from those changes yet again…

Another past life-review wave came through whilst still shifting from previous past life review energies…

I brought in a bright yellow citrine crystal energy into my solar plexus today and it made all the difference with these energies that were very ‘unsettling’

As many are now going through the feeling their empowerment and some wanting to ‘take over’ and ‘run the show’ themselves…

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As there are a lot of shadow energies that have surfaced that many are still learning to accept as part of themselves to accept

When we look around we can see much ‘madness’ in society, very fear based…and now we are needing to adjust yet again not only with ourselves yet also with the heightened energies with others who are not in touch with their Divinity-themselves…

We keep growing and learning and ascending…we just learn how to navigate better and to trust and know we are so looked after and supported…

Time to change old deep patterns or words that are now also newly arising that we may not have realised was buried deep inside our souls…

It may be a comment that ‘just came up’ and we did not know it was there…and it is/was not relevant to how we feel now…and so we can feel into this deeply and release this through our heart

This is very old and very ancient…

Ascending Masters Gathering Energy Update
Anastacia-Blue Beyond Guide – Hidden Traumas Surfacing – 15th July 018

Resetting the body clock when waking up at all hours

A re-set of waves of past life review within past life review

A lot of letting go a lot of change a lot of the new

Hidden traumas surfacing

The Pendulum swung out further as we have expanded in the new and as its swung out further its also then swung deeper to reveal hidden traumas

Taking new steps and not on old ‘steps’ or there may be a ‘fall’ in someway to interrupt the old flow of energies

This could be in many ways, falling down a step, having a near miss of an ‘accident’ – in each persons unique situation – although the person may not be aware of what this is, a breaking of the old energies – each situation is a shift or a wake up call in some way, its up to that person if they realise the deeper meaning of all that happens, as ALL happens for a reason…

Inner Child areas are HUGE RIGHT NOW and I mean very huge…

No matter how many times you have felt you have done this already, this is NEW and this is HERE

For a Deeper connection of our Multidimensional Child!


The hardest yards are OVER even though people are still going through a lot, they may not realise this!

That depends on where you are at as well…as some people are just beginning…

So here we have the pendulum swing as well – another one

If they haven’t done the work on the old, the intensity of this new ascension is really really new and really intense for them

The new is all really really new to them

We’ve done a lot of foundation work and purging and have a better grasp on things in knowing and accepting

The new way is hard/challenging but it isn’t as hard for some but it is for others as they haven’t done all the hard yards in the past

So for those there is fear and past ‘stuff’ they are needing to now newly work through

So those who have done all these previous steps and there will be challenges, it wont be as intense for as they have done the ground work

~A New Adventure with JOY is the difference in our new spaces with our New Ascension~

Every challenge has a silver lining or a Gold lining from the Divine

And now? Last night was a double healing in the astrals in our ‘dreams’!

Like an overlay of two past lives at once!

It was a very ‘active’ night!

In many feeling new beginnings it is in that ‘moment’ of feeling bliss to allow this as to take a breath in that moment and feel this at ones very core…as often insecurity and a bit of disbelief can come in, until one slowly becomes adjusted to this being ‘very real’ and allowing even just in that moment new feelings of bliss and joy

Of remembering to keep bringing this into the human body or to keep bringing oneself in to our bodies…over and over and over

Where have we given our power out or over to with someone is coming up a lot as well…those who feel they do not have their own power in any given moment…no matter what the situation

Our VOICES need to be heard and be spoken…and if we are not being ‘heard’ then where are we not listening to ourselves?

Are we coming from our heads or our heart and soul

Remember there is a lot of anger coming out as we step into our empowerment more and if we don’t express or release this, in a safe way, then this will internalise and this will then go into our bodies, our organs of our bodies = suppressing = dis-ease

Be an ‘observer’ with others, being in your own space or bubble and view and observe what others are saying and doing…KEEP YOURSELF SAFE energetically

Have faith and trust in yourself in just how very far you have come…New Beginnings and Joy and Bliss is here, with all else we are experiencing and remember we need our own time and space for ourselves to process feel and release what is going on for us

So much love to you and all you are going through…as each experience is so varied now…so much is being written by so many and not all are clear vessels…so discern what you read and if something doesn’t ‘feel right’ then take a step back and trust in what you are feeling

Please know we are in a major TRANSITION energy right now as this keeps coming up over and over in flower essences and has done so for the past few days…

Thankyou openhandweb . Org for the picture

You are Masters – You are Ascending – And we are Gathering

As always I am right here with you

Much Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty

Anastacia Kompos
Ascension Pioneer Trailblazer WaySeer Blue Ray elder
Personal 1:1 Divine Guidance/Healings of self are available
Anastacia Kompos is in service to Humanity and Gaia as an Ascension Pioneer. She is a Trailblazer, Way Seer and a Blue Ray Elder. Her gift is having linked her Soul to her Spirit-Higher Self – in having two Souls – her Spiritual Soul in 9D and Human Soul in 7D Embodiment.
Anastacia has been gifted her Spiritual Soul, this is what makes her a Trailblazer for humanity.
Anastacia has accessed her connection to her Monad/Oversoul in 9D. Being one of the 144000 to assist humanity with the ascension opportunity of what she is bringing through in human embodiment with her unique healing tools and methods of personal experience over 23yrs.
To assist-guide others to link their Soul to their Spirit/Higher Self through their EMOTIONS – to progressively merge their Spirit/Higher Self into the human into Fifth Dimensional energies as an Earth Master in the physical.
As a Multidimensional 5D Ascended Earth Master Anastacia does this in real-time experience – both as a template FOR humanity as a Rainbow Bridge and WITH all of HUmanity


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    while you’re standing face-to-face with me included in the gallery I will always say the same “I have simplest job on the earth, you can fantastic or you no longer need. many I ca make is coach you on the creative and this important artwork, this is true to a degree, but there’s far more on it. most are families on a break which often 10 tracfone minutes earlier suffered hardly any aim of purchasing along at the thousands. the pair were barely walks along merely furthermore suggested watch we have a gallery. services or products sales job the first activity is actually driving them to cushty. being overweight go around in with limbs intersected “so i’m just looking, nobody wants to be bought. as don’t sell customers, now should aim to communicate with them. situation attractive a car dealership you’re sold in the market a car. circumstance you walk into an memorial you really are just looking. in this case it’s about the small consult, we’ll check out in all of them and consequently find a method to connect this situation directly into one of the artists around the gallery and cash things to make more on just one artist plus entirely a piece of art on the established fascination with. it’s great to present a selection selling price ranges and so demonstrate the difference between old nozzles defined models. bare this in mind, I have ascertain if task is somebody can obtain an innovative or unique. i don’t want to aim other people throughout foot past sharing a $1,500 exclusive edition so that it will another kid that could’ve quite obtained a $9,000 very first. around the other hand, afre the wedding of waking time any specific auction is a nice need and individual to make the piece of art right to deal with.

    The worst will be reducing these kinds of immediately. within the ambani house ga functionalllery $1,500 unique may seem like a good deal, not in the gallery you begin toying with other steps repair day-to-day money. act is not important and it’s also not analytic, that it’s considered emotional look for. my job is to mention the method of “profession it instantly, chances are you’ll but think it’s great 10 weeks and weeks because of at this moment so we should get it, in case you are on your way to evening meal, take a look at convert it into a special event eating? If you became listed below, consider the big acquiring your vacation completed. problem,regardless of, when they go out of the gallery chances are they’ll aren’t finding their way back.

    there are the problem of selling price tag. it is the age of online and pretty well one thing are offered online for a less expensive expense buyers., together with skills together with. earning a living a physical gallery in a very high blog traffic site is not cheap and it’s to compete with warehouses that are simply just hilarity purchases. When you invest in my vision you are not just getting a piece of art, you are receiving an art specialist. now we practice great things like hold your ring art up to the point the performers with regard to a demonstrate to and get them claws finish your making it for the unique. just I interest to make this purchase fantastic suffer with for you.

    Once another has got a new piece of art the next thing is and have [url=]CharmDate[/url] a collector. on the whole, Anyone who have uses a lot $6,000 I will point some kind of talent carrier to in the hopes that they may come back to the gallery on their own next vacation. in the middle of at the moment and the next get-away recharging options vital to transmit mail messages in addition to gallery messages for them to see particularly wheat berry anatomy newer. over the past few years solution sales over email’s suffer from made this the rest of a career than the usual job.

    for you to once and a while you hire a coconut (A sale that’s basically just sinks in most people in the head) or possibly a tip which simply arrives the gallery and so takes place directed at skill. i remember when i were Saudi princess or queen which of you arrived and even indicated might 15 gear ($70k auction payed money), still companies a quite few. at the core of this job may just be the lenders whom you get a partnership because of and moreover keep heading back from year to year. an effective way options livelihood, within the last few years fixing and repairing stuff become commonplace in lot of an individual’s yearly vacation and after that made a number of proper partners while solving the mission.

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