Aluna Ash – I just wanted to make a quick message. My guides are coming through pretty strong right now, showing me exactly what I’ve been seeing Clairvoyantly, exactly what I’ve been channeling, confirming everything as far as this reality. This realm we’re existing in and the illusion, the matrix the holographic reality that were existing in and collapsing in order to release ourselves from the enslavement or the manipulation of this  experiment that has taken place in this realm and this plane of existence. So, just know that what you’re going through feels very real it feels very difficult at times, but know that there is a higher part of you that is controlling the system that wants you to become that part of yourself in order for you to create, in order for you to manifest. And you do this through understanding that you create the reality based off of your own perception, your belief systems your subconscious mind, your projection, your will and intention is what creates.

When I give energy updates and I give collective information or I’m giving channeled information about events or whatever, I am picking up clairvoyantly these are potentialities that I’m seeing manifest based off of collective energy and emotions that have been anchored, because I read the energies through the emotions. What’s been anchored in through these timelines, what are potentialities and what’s the highest outcome is how I see it.  And this does not mean that you have to experience your reality the way it is or an energy that I am speaking about is what you have to experience.

You have the ability to create based off of the energy you feel. So, getting yourself balanced, getting yourself into a state of knowing that this is the matrix, this is a false reality of manipulation of the perception of your mind in order for you to create by default and understand that you have the ability to manifest whatever it is you want to. Stay in that energy, stay in that state of knowing my guides are like really wanted me to put this message out right now, I was getting into bed. But this physical reality is an illusion you have to understand when you go through the difficulties, that there’s a higher part of you,  there is a higher vibratory timeline that you will be experiencing. You’re releasing this control through your awareness of it through the awareness of the illusion is how you transcend beyond it. So, if you want to experience a higher vibratory timeline you want to be the full embodiment of your 5th Dimensional Self.

You have to rise above the programming, you have to see beyond the illusion. You have to start living in your life as a creator or living your life as your true self and as a creator. Do not get caught up in the programs, in the illusions in the lower energies. What we’re experiencing is karmically connected to the collective timelines that we are collapsing. So, we have to go through the… I don’t want to say the symptoms, but the programs and the releasing in the purging and all of that attached but the awareness of this being a false timing reality or a matrix created from a false timing frequency that’s blocked us off from the higher parts of ourselves. We’re collapsing that block, we’re collapsing that disconnect that has been put into place, so that we’re able to reconnect with the higher part of us. That is why we’re going through this, so always remember through your awareness of the program of the illusion staying in balance with your emotions you can start pulling in and manifesting and being the full embodiment of your 5th Dimensional Self.


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