Energy Update: Dimensional Shift ~ Anchoring New Earth Grid


Aluna Ash Clairvoyant – New Earth is here, integrated through the gateway keepers(first wavers) of the collective unconscious. The messages are very clear that this IS the pre=event for the EVENT.

During this process try to focus on gratitude for this experience.

First responders(first wavers) are released from the energetic hold of the Matrix system. You will be manifesting your 5th dimensional timelines as your multi-dimensional self. You are here to co-create New Earth through your integration back to the Galactic Human.

This is a complete paradigm and dimensiona shift. My Over Soul is very clear on this. I am being told “GET READY” “this is the pre-event for THE event for the gateway keepers of the collective unconscious” very clear. My Arcturus connection is giving me the same information directly from the Arcturus Antares unit transmission station that is over seeing the Ascension, Twinflame experiment and Free Will experiment.

The body will continue to disconnect from the Matrix grid system. You will be experiencing multiple dimensions at once while being consciously aware of this. This is the Galactic Human activation where you will be consciously co-creating the grid system to fully anchor New Earth into the collective consciousness. This is why you are here.

It is time to get excited and fully live from your heart chakra. Do not hold on to resentment, anger, guilt, sadness, ego pride, insecurity, fear, etc… This blocks the heart chakra. Forgive. Know that it was ALL due to 3D programs.


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