Something Just Happened…”The Event is Coming!”


Something Just Happened [UPDATE5]


Something has happened… we’re just trying to figure out what it is. [UPDATE: We know what it is!] We were trying to do a Step 10 wrap up, checking all the meters, but the energies just won’t stop. And now THIS.

Look at this. If the MSM knew what this was, it’d be front page news. As it is, no one is covering it:

That’s TWO gynormous geomagnetic events. G5s+, off the charts. Close-ups:

UPDATE: This is actually the set-up for… [answer at the end].

So, shortly after midnight PDT and around 6:00 am PDT.

This actually describes exactly what happened.

This kind of thing (the G5 events) normally has its origins in the sun… but all the solar meters are sleepy. Meanwhile, at (sold out) Spaceweather… there seems to be no interest in “science” apart from what NASA tells them:

But, look at the Yakutsk muon data:
Literally off the chart. It never looks like that.
And another:
Literally off the chart.
And here’s the riometer data:
Are you getting it, yet? This is huge. [Answer at the end.]

Those are singular plots.

AND… something else just happened as we wrote this up: NOW IT SMELLS LIKE DONUTS! Seriously. What the heck is going on? Ears ringing like crazy, too. We’ll let you know what it means once we figure it out. Jeez. Mondays. [Keep reading]
 UPDATE1 7-30-18 — 2:18 pm PDT

The phenomena also registered in Canada…

…and the SW (solar wind) velocity was off the charts at one point:

…but all the USGS (read US-based) magnetometer plots are blanked out:

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See those blank areas? Just look at the graphs at the top of the page to see what goes there!

Gosh, wonder why. Other meters just stopped working around that time or recorded dead air. Huh.

Is the Netherlands for sale? Looks like it.


Wow! We just learned what we’re seeing here: a major timeline split! It’s Lisa Gawlas’ “U”!

We suspect that this is may be the major timeline separator between the Yellowstone-goes-BOOM timeline and… well, this one we’re on now. OR, this split will happen at the time of The Event, we’re not sure.


AND we just had a major GRB (gamma ray burst). The big secret? That’s a communication. It’s a coded tone. Most high-level ET civilizations can locate and piggyback a universal message (readable by anyone at their level) into each GRB. It’s apparently quite common.

This one probably says: “WELCOME! You made it!” or “The Event is coming!”


AND… we just experienced a loud BOOM and a 3.9 earthquake in Northern CA, at… 22:22 UTC. This is definitely related to The Event!


Here’s the split from the Kiel Longwave Monitor:

Jeez, enough already.

Is it The Event, yet?

UPDATE6 8-1-18

The Tixie riometer (cosmic energy) is back to being pegged:

AND a big drop just now at Lomnicky:


And a bunch of WHOMP-ishness:





That blue strip energy woke many of us up.


Add caption



There’s Lisa Gawlas’ “U” again!

Look at that MAX number! Five times the average!

Energy Update originally published Here.

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