Heather Hoffman – I know you all feel the shifts. This massive collective recalibration is deep, and occurring on every level.

Leading up to the end of this portal (shift preparation began July 26 and ends Aug 11-12 & major imprinting occurs 8.8) We are receiving repetitive waves of high frequency photonic light to encourage the purging process and to completely cleanse the heart chakra to open fully.

It is said that we are being tested- in a series of three. These manifest as tangible tests- where we are presented with new scenarios with old imprinting; presenting us the opportunity to choose what is in alignment, or what is not. If you choose to not honor your soul, heart, purpose, mission, and integrity- the consequences are amplified more so than ever before. You feel the heaviness on every level, when we used to feel like we could just push through the backlash. Not anymore. You are being called Higher. The time is now.

Some major themes are;

•Physical Ailments; fatigue, headaches, sickness, flares, body tightness in joints and muscles

•Addiction abuse; overindulging- food, sex, social media, drugs, alcohol~ ignoring the body’s intuitive responses

•Emotional projections- projecting fantasies, desires and wounding onto others, relationships and yourself, and then being woken up to your own illusion.

•Family wounding- ancestral karma cycling back into the present- will you react from hurt or from your heart?

•Financial worries- fear of lack; will you honor your soul/truth or do something just to gain monetary exchange that is not in integrity.

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The tests, ARE occurring- so initially you will feel like you have been sucked back into your old ways- but PLEASE do not feel defeated. Simply bring awareness to what is actually occurring and liberate your Self- you have the choice; it is your reaction that is of importance.

We are diving into these limiting cycles to release the energies, and detach from what is no longer in alignment with our best selves and highest timeline. This transformative point is the new beginning. You are being lead to your dharma.

*guiding sychronicities will be EVERYWHERE~ listen up*


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