Romeo Baron – The Earth body was anchored into the 5D frequency timelines on the Winter Solstice 2017. The 2017 Winter Solstice marked the beginning of the physical manifestation on the surface collective consciousness for the new Earth template within the unified field. The planet is spiraling up into the higher frequency bands of 4th Density for the new open source Harmonic Universe connection. I am being shown that we are now reaching critical mass activations in the collective consciousness for the dimensional shift, we are in the FINAL STAGE of this process that will complete by the end of 2018.

On February 25th I was shown that the energetic structures for our new heaven on Earth were completed. And that the comic synchronization cycle would commence and manifest on the surface with the March equinox triggering a series of seven energy waves with light encoded synchronicities to accelerate activations and the waves building up leading to the big energy wave triggered after the September Equinox, for mass Kundalini/Lightbody Activations leading to the Cosmic Event. Therefore, we have been noticing an increased amount of Synchronicity in number patterns this year. These are Light encoded imprints created by the Oversoul Family Tree of Consciousness from the higher realms. These light codes create imprint reprogramming within you for further activation and frequency expansion into greater Union and Divine Wholeness. So, I’m seeing this is the year we usher in the new Earth.



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