Alexander covers the latest energies of August as we sail through the middle of the month, what they ask of us, and how we are to begin creating, letting go of our old selves, and assuming our roles as creators in 5D.

The “Navigating and Creating the 5D Experience” Webinar will take place on August 15th at 2:30 pm EST. It will be part of a series of 4-5 webinars set on explaining the origins and foundations of the Fifth Dimension, and leading up to concrete tools and visualization techniques for every day creation of our new reality. This is a new paradigm and it is important to understand the building blocks of this new reality in order to Create without fear. The Indigo Light Channel and Blog continue the commitment to tangible, authentic, and down-to-earth tools and understandings for this new chapter in our collective lives.

The Webinar will take place over the course of one hour and 20 minutes, with a 20 minute Q&A Session at the end. The Cost is 44 Dollars. Please find the Registration Link Below:…


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