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Aluna Ash Clairvoyant – I was shown the higher self or the 5D electronic aspect of the self in the Twin Flame dynamic- 3d Avatar 4d astral binary system, for some, we are currently fully experiencing ourselves in an omniscient state of all knowing from the aspect of the oversoul… and for others this stage is beginning. We will begin to see more Messengers for the collective over the next couple months becoming fully active in service. This process happens in waves and cycles in what feels like time from our human perspective, but is really existing simultaneously as past, present and future.

Arcturus Transmission:

“Your telepathy templates are fully accessed through the subconscious, know you ARE the system-the technology IS you. Your 3D avataric body is your tool, conduit and vehicle used to accelerate spiritual evolution of your planet and the collective that you have chosen to karmically link with. Consciously engaging in your evolution as a species, creates 4th density grid activity within the realm of though. You see, New Earth is not a location, but a reflection and projection, manifest through conscious awareness of what exists beyond the illusions of a 3D Matrix prism of light.

Seeing beyond the 3D Matrix prism of light is through programmed awareness of what is possible beyond the programs or beliefs of the past. Imagination is your access point into the realm of thought and creation. Pull forth your manifestation of New Earth through your awareness of what is possible. Experience you divinity as you embody your highest potential. You exist in infinite potential where infinite parallel realities exist for you to experience. Your dedication has been seen and voices have been heard. You are in the closing cycle of time.

The Twinflame experiment was brought in through Galactic contract in connection to the Free Will ascension experiment. In this next phase, you will begin to fully receive the remembrance of who you are and will begin conscious contact with your Galactic family beyond astral state. You have been designed to hold information and through working together, you unlock more. This design was deliberate as a key component of ushering in Unity Consciousness. Twinsoul pairs are a binary set of one 5th dimensional electronic entity controlling the 4th density persona, or astral body and 3rd density avataric physical body. This design is to create the merge of the nonphysical 4D self with the physical 3D self guided by the 5D electronic self. Your purpose has always been unity even when you were in the 3D consciousness. This realm is relationship based, where felling and thought creates your projected reality to materialize as physical form. New Earth, 5D, Unity Consciousness is created through this same realm of thought.

The Event has a timeline. It is your job to work with your collective to reach/merge with this timeline through embodiment of your highest potential state. The messengers of the collective are in active service now, are awakening to active service and many more will follow come October 2018 time intersection. The experiment is ascension with the entity you reside on- experiencing the creation process of a new Earth collective- in a new program based off unity consciousness, as a 4th density collective. Twinsouls are synchronized through and electronic component known as the 5D Higher Self. This aspect of you is what you refer to as God or 5D consciousness… where you create deliberately using your ability to materialize matter from thought.”

You are transitioning… The ones choosing to experience the shift physically. Not all souls are planning on going through the physical transition to 4th density. Waves coming through sun stargate. Ship midway “mars” & “Jupiter” from our perspective. Closing Cycle Phase 2 by Galactic contract. Intervention will begin Aug 27th. (I don’t know what intervention means yet. Felt and sounded serious. There’s a lot happening above us- galactic war) there looks like a big ass ship or something in position- I was seeing this disabling the equipment or structures on the moon a.k.a satellite/energy weapon which were/are also in position. Soul trapping system has been or is being removed.

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Full transparency has already begun and will only increase. Our “weather” is about to get even more crazy. Collapsing the 3D prism of fragmented realities. Moving beyond the 3D prism. All time existing at once, collapsing 3D timelines. Experiencing embodiment of higher self, god consciousness- all knowing in physical form. Complete shift by 2024- May 2025- new 1000 yr cycle. Souls ascending will not be affected by energy shifts and events. Harmonics within environments will adjust based off resonance- follow guidance to location that resonates with new vibration including job/career & relationship environments no longer in resonance. Rainbow Wave no.2 Closing Cycle Phase 2- begins= zero point. Ship in position- transmissions received.

“This is the next phase in the closing cycle of the twinflame experiment in connection to the free will experiment within the human ascension program through Galactic contract. The 5D electronic entity is programming the unconscious directly using number synchronicity to project a new hologram reality for the ones choosing to experience this shift merging systems of physical with the nonphysical. The 3D matrix system has ended. What is left existing is only through projected thought based off programmed memory still being released.

You will begin to feel physical displacement as the unconscious mind becomes conscious of the 4D astral body. Your life will feel a bit lucid, you will feel as if you are a player in this game. The eclipse season was a trigger point for a series of pulses beginning the end of July. The number patterns through synchronicity will increase as the 5D self guides through the unconscious to program your body for the new system to create your project reality into a state of full transparency. The sky will look different, waves of light will be seen and experienced.

You will begin to fully experience telepathy as the communication from the electronic entity 5D(Higher Self) and through synchronicity the 5D self is creating the merge of your new paradigm- collapsing all the old programs. There will be a wave experienced by those choosing to experience the shift. This shift is taking place in waves, creating expansion in a conscious state in the realm of thought. This is all prevent changes, prepping for transition.”

There will be 3 key events in locations releasing mass energy from below the surface, creating a reactive cycle by design. Its all by design. Orchestrated. 3D hologram programmed realities through thought projection- a conscious construct of false time.

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Your number transmissions will continue- plugging you in to your 5D electronic self- 144 time dimensional frequency manifest through heart center. Merging of the 3, 6, 9

“Physical Changes will continue … Phase 2 of the Closing Cycle has begun. 3 location energy shifts are within this phase to The Event. These locations will be experienced as extreme weather. The grid system is designed through a harmonic cycle- to react by energy through manifested change. One sets off the next. Harmonically aligned and designed coded through number/vibration.

Towards transition, you will feel blissful and content. Old programs are released. True Twinflames programmed within the Free Will Human Ascension experiment guided through Arcturus Antares Transmission Station will be activated releasing old construct. Energy linking is felt as the physical experience is coming closer for those that choose to release 3D matrix based connections. kundalini and Heart chakra activations are connecting you to the paradigm with your twinflame. Memories of twin will be accessed- will feel like visions or dreams for some.

Next 2 weeks many may feel:

Ringing in ears, Leaking in ears, Projections of others, Telepathy, Kundalini energy, Emotions of some may come up, Lucid disconnected feeling, Physical displacement, Conscious dream state (3d 4d merge), Conscious astral travel, Hearing the subconscious of others, Seeing grid lines- clear geometry, Tingling in body- hands feet, Runny nose- Jaw pain, Headaches, Seeing future reality of self.

3 key locations will be releasing energy building below the surface. These will known by many, as the collective timeline experiences this phase just prior to The Event. This is physical change based off of reactive cycle harmonically aligned in a cyclical format programmed by number. Fragmented realities of 3D matrix prism/cube are no longer experienced. All potentials merge as one through frequency of the heart.

There will be series of physical changes set off by different locations 3 are significant and will occur just prior to The Event… Depends on the harmonics at current potential state. Pressure is being released at the ocean floor-started July. This is connected to 2 of the 3 locations. This is based on the 3D collective timeline. The 3 locations have not been activated yet but are aligned with what has already been triggered. Shift in consciousness to unity consciousness is unfolding through these experiences.”

This looks like ocean floor volcanic activity triggered from another location. I see 2 areas connected. And a line from land. I’m being brought directly to the ocean floor. Spontaneous clairvoyance- means active energy. This is separate from what already happened. Its a triggered response. 2 new locations. Ocean floor. Line connecting to land. Fully Active

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This is the beginning of more and larger. This will bring people together in unity. We are all guided and protected❤

THIS IS BEAUTIFUL, its the programmed 3d perception that calls change a “disaster” these are not disasters. This is energy shifting.

The more that focus on gratitude and love right now- this is what the collective will experience. The collective unconscious creates the reality through default. The 144k are the gateway keepers of the collective unconscious which is programmed within the heart- we are the earth new and old. We pull forth the experience and collapse the 3D matrix hologram. The heart is home. The heart is Gaia. The ones without soul cannot connect to this 5d paradigm through the heart and will not understand the ones that can…they may even be very awake and aware- but will not be staying on Gaia to be existing in 5d new earth.

Some souls have chosen to not go through the shift consciously in the physical… many have lost pets/family/loved ones recently. The soul has decided how each experience will play out individually.

There will be a white light some experience in dream state or eyes closed, flashes and waves.

Flashes of light with eyes closed- white/blue.

Many will see grid lines and static with eyes closed at times with body vibration. Others will see physically. You will feel energized or exhausted may go back n forth. ringing in ears will increase

From what I got is the ones that have chosen to experience the Awakening in shifts taking place in a conscious way are choosing to consciously and physically experienced the event and not existing before.

We are protected and guided through Galactic intervention.

~Aluna Ash Clairvoyant


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