Mass Kundalini Activations in 2018

Romeo Baron – Every organ and neural system is being rewired, going through new configuration, new mapping, cellular reconstruction, activating the new crystalline structures, “new” everything so we can live as conscious empathic transmitters/receivers of unity consciousness. Sacred creative potency of Kundalini inherent in the divine human blueprint, was deranged and degraded causing turmoil. The kundalini energy carries three main currents of Harmonic Tones within the first three chakras in the human body. These harmonic tones were scattered and distorted by frequency field fences that kept the DNA creational gene codes blocked and created a scrambling effect in Earth’s inner grid system. And this has manifested in kundalini energy distortion, splitting apart the triad wave currents. With the entry of the new higher plasma frequencies into the planetary body, these harmonic tones are starting to run together in a resonating scale to access the natural connection to inner consciousness energies of higher spiritual levels within the human body from the lower 3 main chakras and the effects are rippling through the higher chakras for frequency expansion to manifest the 12th Dimensions of consciousness.

There are 12 Subharmonic Strings within each of the 12 dimensions in the Time-Space Cycle, that make up a total of 144 Subharmonic strings. A dimension is a full frequency band of repeating sequences of flashing waves going on and off. The planet is spiraling up into the higher frequency bands of the next Density for the new open source Harmonic Universe connection. I am being shown that we are now reaching critical mass activations for the dimensional shift, we are in the FINAL STAGE of this process that will complete by the end of 2018.


The Artificial Physical Pole Shift

The physical Pole Shift is a Negative Alien Agenda. When one has a limited innerstanding, one will accept the negative agenda of being the solution for Humanity. I strongly advise to reject the idea of a physical pole shift as much as possible, because a pole shift is EXACTLY WHAT THE NAA DESIRE!

As we shift into the next Density of the new Harmonic Universe, we are undergoing a “Magnetic Pole Shift,” which is completely different and not disastrous as oppose to the Physical Pole Shift.

The “Elites”-NAA  want you to believe in a physical pole shift so that you feed their plan to harvest souls, decimate and restart all civilization on Earth. They are addicted to exploiting humanity and Earth as a resource. In the past whenever the controllers who enslaved humanity found that humanity was becoming too free through technological and cultural development, the controllers decided to restart civilization through creating an accelerated artificial pole shift through weather modification technology. By doing so, cataclysms on earth decimated humanity so that all technology and cultural development were destroyed.


When humanity gets too far out of NAA’s control, via accumulated leaks in universal development, in which the controllers failed to suppress, the controllers create an accelerated artificial pole shift, which decimates all development worldwide. A select few group of individuals are protected from these cataclysms, as the “chosen ones” to breed and start a new civilization. Evidence of this is seen by many of the wealthiest people on earth creating deep underground bases, with huge vaults of various species of plant seeds and various species of animals. Noah’s ark is another version of this as well, as pole shifts have happened before when again, humanity was just beginning to become too free and out of the NAA’s control. The pole shift restarts all development on earth, keeping humanity in a state of perpetual slavery. The current Ascension Cycle literally promises the liberation of Humanity.

We have been anchoring the higher frequency light codes to fully activate and embody the multi-dimensional 12-strand DNA template. A physical pole shift would further destroy the Earth’s crystalline grids and many lives and prevent humanity from embodying their multi-dimensional Identity. It has been decided by those who actually care about us that Humanity will not be decimated and restarted through another physical pole shift. The Guardian Councils from far and wide throughout the multiverse have decided to put a STOP TO THE EXPLOITATION OF HUMANITY ONCE AND FOR ALL. Within the Starseeds and Indigos Guardian mission in this current ascension cycle, we have finally succeeded in preventing a disastrous physical pole shift. The last time a physical pole shift occurred was due to intruder manipulation and would have happened again if the Guardian Mission Intervention had not happened. Innerstanding that a physical pole shift would have brought devastation to Humanity and the Planet, suppressing our inherent divine blueprint.

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The planet Nibiru is indeed within the unnatural Orbit in our solar system, but this knowledge is being suppressed by mainstream science. It is important to innerstand that Nibiru will not inflict damage upon the earth, as a defense mechanism has been put into place to shield any potential force field impact.

Finally, this time the controllers will NOT HAVE THEIR WAY WITH HUMANITY. This time, their planned physical pole shift will FAIL, as they are BEING RENDERED COMPLETELY POWERLESS OVER HUMANITY. We can now choose to be free from the many eons of interstellar manipulation.

What has begun to take place and continuing through 2022, is the final conflict drama. With the current planetary ascension cycle, the planet is re-balancing itself with bringing in the higher 12-dimensional frequency bands for our divine blueprint. Humanity will finally reach the point of exponential growth and evolution throughout the cosmos, and there is NOTHING the controllers can do to stop it this time.

We are not playing into their game anymore. We are here for the Liberation of Humanity.

There will be no negativity within the planetary shift into the new Earth reality, except for those who have chosen not to shift for spiritual reasons.


The Return of the Female Magnetic Field of Frequencies

We are Shifting into a new Harmonic Universe that is based on the Sacred Divine Feminine Magnetic Field of Frequencies of Unity and Oneness. The Female Magnetic Field is what pulls together the Spiritual with the Physical. The Higher Frequencies of Plasma Light that is permeating the Earth is actually creating a completely new Magnetic Field structure of higher frequency, which is preparing Earth for the dimensional shift.

There has been ongoing frequency jump changes in the magnetosphere and within the Schuman Resonance rising pulse, it is all part of the planetary magnetic-pole shifting process. And it’s causing changes to the polarity of Earth’s inner core mass, which generates more heat and that energy is transferred to the tectonic plates. To compensate, the plates must release and realign themselves to the inner electromagnetic energy, which has resulted in the increased activities of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and so on. These Earth changes and the variety of natural dramatic seasonal weather patterns we are seeing more often are quite normal for planetary physical ascension symptoms, as the Earth’s system is experiencing a dynamic Recalibration to adjust to the new magnetic field structure of less Density.

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The return of the Female Magnetic Field of Frequencies will enable the rites of passage of Higher Heart and Source connection through the Ascension Portals. It is the frequency of Transmutation and Transcendence. It is not the frequency of removing the Electric Male portion of the Formula. But it is the frequency that moves the Male Frequency into the Magnetic Union of the Spiritual becoming at One with the Physical.

When we speak of creating “Heaven on Earth,” it means it is ultimately the Divine Union of the collective Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine principles fully merged/embodied as One within the Planetary Consciousness Grid, surpassing the lower density limitations.

Through the unified reconnection of the Right Brain female Magnetic Charge and the Left Brain male Electric Charge- in the collective intelligence, the old reality will completely dissolve and for this very reason life will no longer exist as we now know it. This means that we will have an elevated advancement into pure sentient consciousness with the remembrance of who we are on a global scale, as our consciousness memory is directly connected to the magnetic field as it is the mechanism that allows us to have a conscious experience, what we see around us and how we think. With the new magnetic field structure our DNA creational gene code circuits are reconnecting, to restore our natural universal languages of light galactic abilities to communicate with the entire planetary species. Everything Will Change to support the Full Disclosure of humanities true origins and hidden history to be revealed to all, as well as returning the tree of knowledge and the awareness of the multidimensional limitless experience that is Ascension to be given to all citizens of the Earth through the Cosmic Event.

We are in the final stages to restore the Universal Blueprint Planetary Body and the original Galactic Human DNA Template of Sovereign Divinity. The critical mass will rise along with the planet into the New Harmonic Universe.

Within Harmony, Divine Love, and Oneness

Sacred Romeo ~Elohim-Lyran-Sirian

Planetary Diamond Sun Emissary


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