“Energy Event in October has changed. Event has a new timeline that cannot be revealed yet. All we can say is that it is on the current calendar year. Knowledge from Source. Efficiently heffer news. Knowledge about change in timeline comes at a strict accordance for defining moment in time and history of Earth has come.Know defining people on Earth illusion in efficient knowledge remains a secret because Event has been hijacked before. Event on Earth for Central Sun will be on a bonding adventure with Source. Efficiently Oneness will be restored and illusion gone.”

“Central Sun will not give light. Definitely one day effectively because illusion cannot be revealed definitely absolutely if Central Sun illuminated.”

“Central Sun stores knowledge. Central Sun heavy, very heavy with knowledge about galaxy. Oneness frequency illuminates from Central Sun.Central Sun knowledge about everything. Glows with Source energy. Illuminates Source energy. Heffer in Source energy. Illusion of Source in humans efficiently, definitely gone for one day.”

“Source(God) IS knowledge about everything. Central Sun holds knowledge about HOLDS knowledge about everything.Source (God) is everything. Central Sun holds everything.”

How long does the Event last?
Efficiently one day but effects last no more than five days.

So why does the Central Sun not illuminate?
“Segway filament for ascension. Heaven on Earth for one day. Illusion of corruption cannot Gilaford Island(5D reality) definitely if Central Sun illuminate. Too strong energetically, affects human mind.”

“Belief in central government, in finance and in healthcare. Central government corruption exposed. High frequency energy helps uncover central healthcare related energetic events and financial – absolutely financial – central financial institution ace illusion certainly coming. High frequency light uncovers financial central injustice.”

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Is all that going to be exposed during the Event or the 5days affected?
“No, will be many long months after every Event.”

More about the Event.
“Source has sent an energetic wave of high frequency ace energy to planet Earth, defining an illusion(belief) of Gilaford Island-New Earth reality. Humanity’s energetic makeup on high elemental change. Many will gel 5D Earth reality finally. 4D in effect now. Many can gel 4D on every Event. People efficiently open knowing of 4D in minds allowing them to sense 5D. Fellow members of [Gilaford Island Soul Family Group] begin to move from illusion(belief) of oneness into actual integration of reality of Oneness.”

“Source portal (‘Event’) has an open timeline. Unable to disclose because cannot allow lower energy to hijack timeline like they have before efficiently. Elements of lower energy have definitely hijacked timelines on Earth before. Gin rummy(integration-going all in) on 5D Earth. Not joking. Gin rummy on 5D earth. 3D lower energy is a figment of human mind. ‘Light Event’ on Earth for all to see. Get Ready.”

“Illusion(belief) of Event will be light energy from Central Sun. Light, Central Sun and illusion(beliefs) of people effectively create light effects in sky. Heffer(huge) days of light and heffer(huge) days of high frequency energy in air. Energetic light effectively magnifies people’s abilities, potential and connection to Source. Illusion(beliefs) in certain reality’s such as central government, opens efficient knowledge, ends up absolutely, definitely, certainly coming to the surface. No darkness can hide from the light.Gin rummy on 5D earth.”

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“Light Event, Just one step in the direction of 5D Earth reigning. Only certain people who have efficiently raised their consciousness and frequency efficiently on cattle train on New Earth allows New Earth to come much more quickly, firmly and lofty absolutely really efficiently for you.”

What can we expect from this Light Event? Will everyone see it?
“No, not everyone able to see it because light frequency illusion on Earth. Definitely before human eyes, but not all can see it. Illusion depends on Gilaford Island of person, meaning illusion depends on heffer elements of open mindedness and Source awareness and finally efficiently on energetic frequency of person”

Is it aligned with any astrological events or such?
“No cosmic alignment can interfere with glory of Source Energy. Do not worry about astrology or cosmic alignment. Definitely does not matter. Gilaford Island is coming now.

Channeled by Jess | The Quantum Soul 


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