Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi – Beloved: Half breed reptilian Anunnaki who as a result of Orion Wars came to Earth over 208,000 years ago and started tampering with humanity’s DNA have contended that they created humanity and have declared themselves as alien gods. This is of course the furthest from the truth as humanity was first created on Tara (5th dimensional Earth) 560 million years ago to become the Guardians of Tara-Gaia (7D Earth) and take a major role also as Guardians of the Nebadon Universe. For this reason, the God seed of consciousness was planted in a physical body composed of the 12 strands of DNA, with each having being contributed by the best of species existed at the time. Six human DNA strands (similar to Indigos) were already fully activated placing humanity in the 2nd Harmonic Universe with other six in place that would get activated as humanity would NATURALLY grow in consciousness to ascend to the 3rd and 4th Harmonic Universes. Thus humanity was never designed to thrive in the 3rd dimension. 3rd dimensional Earth (1st Harmonic Universe) did not exist at the time and was created later (together with the other Solar System planets) when the morphogenetic field of Tara fractured-exploded as a result of careless act of a group of hybrid humans experimenting with potent underground crystals, using them as weapons, who had procreated with other warring species at the time to form an aggressive species who became derailed from the Law of One and the true mission and essence of pure humans. In any case, after the Orion Wars and the conquest of planet Earth by the negative aliens, the alien machinery began tampering with God’s creation that included the stargate-portals of Earth, and the Earth consciousness grid, etc., effectively creating frequency fences and holographic inserts as well as tampering with our genetics in the form of putting implants. Neandertals are the construct of negative hybrid Anunnaki aliens who experimented with apes, and was a total failed experiment. We were NOT created nor upgraded by the Anunnaki. In contrast, they managed to downgrade our genetic, firstly to reduce the DNA structure of some tribe of humans to 10 strands to match their genetics as a way of using humanity for their sick agenda. These aliens are the ‘fallen’ who have severed their connection from the grace of God, who have been resorting to vampiric-parasitic means energetically to sustain themselves. They have nothing in common with humanity. Unfortunately, as a result of tampering with humanity DNA and contaminating the Earth grid and the resulting collective consciousness of humanity, they have managed to introduce many of their traits in humanity reality that include separateness, selfishness, warlike and aggressive tendencies, apathy, to name a few. They now primarily control humanity through greed and the advent of money, and through sexual tendencies and practices that clearly violate the design and intent of creation. What has occurred is that humanity’s 12D DNA structure is practically unplugged with only 2 strands (the so-called Watson-Crick double helix) remaining active, which keeps humanity alien and separated from the rest of the 12D Frame of the Universe, forever condemning it to go under a cycle of futile reincarnation on Earth without any possibility of real consciousness expansion (as far as it chooses to remain unconscious of what is happening) or ascension along the 12D consciousness scale of our Universe. This reflects itself in the form of a genetic edifice that appears to have only about 3% of its genome being active and useful with the other approximately 97% appearing to be futile that is commonly referred to as the JUNK GENES. However, nothing is further from the truth. In the following paper, I have carefully studied and reviewed the scientific work that is in line with the mainstream science available on Earth, which testifies to the fact that these so-called junk genes are not junk whatsoever. In contrast, these genes are not futile nor are “left over from evolutionary process of the past,” and are certainly NOT “junk.” Perfect God would NOT create a living being who only has 3% of its morphogenetic field being useful, with the rest being deemed as “junk!” They actually play a very important role in structuring and controlling the rest of the 3% genes that play a role in biochemistry or protein-making. So, it is wrong to say that “protein-making is all there is, that forms our DNA, or has a function as a hereditary measure, or involved in procreation or nutrition. These so-called genes, however, have a quantum particle-wave nature (one minute they are there and one minute they disappear). And, the reason for this is that they do not just exist in the 1st Harmonic Universe. They represent our connection to the higher dimensions (HU2-HU4 and even HU5). Only, now they are unplugged and have lost their connection with the other strands (5th-12th dimension). However, with the advent of ascension movement and the repairmen of the Erath grid and the stargate system, etc., the morphogenetic field of humanity is being rebooted, bringing it back to its original, pristine, divine 12D structure. And, only God and ITS delegates (the Founders, and the Guardians of Nebadon) are ever knowledgeable enough or privy to do such a task. So, practice calm and do your meditation, only think positively and do not indulge the energetic parasites that attach themselves to you to feed upon you; practice your Law and One, and relax and venerate your physical body that is the temple of your soul, and live long (you SHALL be, once again, immortal), and prosper. Meanwhile read the following paper that I have painstakingly researched, reviewed, and prepared for you to appreciate the reality of your so-called “junk genes,” and begin to really decipher what I am speaking of. You are indeed loved. Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi.

On the Genetic Structure of Earth Humans: The Fable of “Junk Genes” By Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D.

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