This video talks about interpreting messages about New Earth. Many people have been asking specific questions or taking information too literally, and this video acknowledges the interpretation process.

Resonance with the message does not mean you have to understand the message in a conscious way. Resonance happens on an energetic level, and “understanding” comes on an energetic level. It’s okay to ask questions, dig deeper and not fully grasp information/knowledge coming through, but if you resonate with the message with an open mind, then you integrate the energy of the message on a deeper level. Once you start getting frustrated that you are not finding the answers or you are nit-picking and analyzing information unhappily or trying to make sense of things that will never make sense, you bring in resistance and blockage, which turns resonance into dissonance. If you do not initially resonate with something, then it means you are not resonating with the energy coming through. This helps you with discernment of messages.


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