Tiara Kumara -We already are self-realized, liberated and free. It is only the ‘programming’ held within the consciousness that keeps us blinded to this truth.

It is this tenacious program that receives great recalibration during this session of Empowerment.

We are walking hand in hand down a golden pathway to light up and dissolve the duality within.

The single most influential perception that encodes humanity into so much turmoil is the thinking that we are separate from each other.

This belief, together with all of its related wounding, is what keeps humanity locked up inside a jailhouse of conflict.

No matter where we live, all we have to do is turn on the news and this reflection of our conflicted nature is very clear. As collective humanity, we have created this illusion and now must un-create it for the very survival of our race.

To do this, we must step outside of the box and outside of the walls of divisive programming.

We must learn how to perceive from our interconnectivity. This means to formulate perceptions from the absolute totality of being. With many of us doing this at the same time, we can more quickly shift consensus reality.

It sure is easy to pledge allegiance to unity. The great challenge for us all, however, is that we are actually encoded to perceive from separation.

No matter how spiritual we are, that coding is so entrenched in our hard drive… especially in the shadows of the subconscious. It very often goes unnoticed.

Through this empowerment transmission, we are lighting up these shadows. We are going to trench up all the ways that we still respond in a divisive and judgemental way.


This emotion-driven mindset brings division to everything it touches. It’s one thing or the other, black or white, good or bad, right or wrong,
To give clear examples of how duality operates, we can look at the idea of supremacy and racist ideologies. In duality, the view is that one person is above another. It discriminates and holds prejudice.
Some people believe their cause is more worthy, more deserving than others. People compare themselves to others, judging themselves as being better or worse.
Duality programming creates an “us” versus “them” mentality. Consider how the two forces of good and evil are always warring against each other. In this view, there is a tendency to either attack or defend.
This ideology has become so extreme that humans are convinced that they must constantly compete, fight, cheat, steal and even kill each other to maintain their righteousness.
Clouds of confusion arise out of the many labels used to identify who we think we are such as race, gender, religion, nationality, economic worth and political agenda.
These labels and many more only keep us pinned under an oppressive spell.
Main Transmission ~ Sunday, September 9
Follow up Embodiment Class ~ Tuesday, September 11


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