Amanda Lorence – This ascension process, where we work on ourselves within, as we clear misperceptions, as we evolve more and more into the frequency of Love as our primary state of being, we incrementally activate our heart centre a step at a time. It occurs at stages where more and more activations occur to our heart as we simultaneously choose Love. Until finally the heart IS the ACTIVATED PORTAL. At that ascension stage, when the heart is OPEN, the Heart Portal is OPEN and energetically ACTIVATED. The ability to heal self and others can occur. The ability to Activate self and others can occur. Actively jumping to higher frequencies can occur. Energies exchanged between two OPEN hearts can occur and is felt physically, regardless of physical location of each human where each feel the energy the other is sending.

A human can only activate another VIA their HEART. The high heart is an energetic PORTAL. We can activate others when we come from PURE unconditional love. Which is always via the heart centre, the energetic portal to All That Is. We can not activate another via the linear brain’s intentions.

The beauty of all this is HOW it works…
It safeguards the one that chooses to GIVE of their heart. Another human being may well wish to be activated, healed, assisted, and they may try various ways to also activate themselves. They may desire another to activate them, as a way to increase their own energy or well being. But the safeguard is in place for the other…the one that gives. The activation can only take place when the GIVER is IN their own heart space and coming from unconditional love. Where the focus is not on ‘outcome’, but on the PURE Love they feel. When a person who’s heart centre is OPEN and FULLY ACTIVATED assists another, they can only transfer energy OUT from their heart centre when their energetic heart portal is open. If the ‘GIVER’ is guarded or has dipped into a lower energetic frequency, their Heart Portal is temporarily, magnetically closed, and therefore they are not able to activate another and/or heal another.

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The energy of Unconditional Love is transferred telepathically in ‘no space and no time’, it can be transferred physically through touch when that touch is of unconditional love. It can be transferred verbally through the voice when that voice is connected directly to their heart space, the heart portal where unconditional love is received and given out, via frequency. And there lies the beauty of how one can activate another, how one can heal another, how one can assist another…for it is only done through UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Where that human being (the giver) is PRESENT in that NOW moment, where all they wish to do is give OUT of Love.

Nobody or no thing can make a person Love. And there lies the safeguard for the human who’s heart is open and able to assist in Service to all. In these NOW moments, the human heart portal can be said to open and close, open and close, open and close… It’s an energetic, magnetic movement that works based on frequency of the human, and human frequency currently changes from moment to moment. This frequency variation pertains to this multi-dimensional experience the ascending human experiences for NOW. Yet at what can be labelled the 5th dimensional frequency and above, the heart portal is permanently open. So a safeguard is in place due to the fact that the humans ascending are ascending from WITHIN, yet contained in an overall lower frequency bandwidth of the 3rd dimensional space they are rising out of. In linear terms (mind terms) a human can be taken ‘advantage’ of in multiple ways. But what can never be taken advantage of, is the PURE and DIVINE energy and frequency of Unconditional Love (Source Energy).

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The people thus far in this NOW, that are capable of healing themselves and another, the people that are capable of activating themselves and others, the people capable of adding significance and ‘turning points’ to other people’s lives, all of these people come from their HEART CENTRE, their fully activated heart portal. The truth is that every single human being on the planet HAS the inbuilt capability to heal, activate, create, for themselves and others for highest outcome. The tricky part for human beings is believing this, and also tricky is staying in their heart centre for prolonged, continuously periods of accruing time. Choosing to make their heart, and the feelings of Love the centre of their universe. That’s the tricky part. Because human beings entered the programme to forget, and have experienced time and time again, reasons to NOT TRUST themselves or others. They have experienced their own ‘reasons’ to hold back LOVE from themselves and hold back Love for others. Yet the underlying truth is that the HEART CENTRE is within everyone. Everybody’s heart can become an activated and open portal. A portal that through the human minds programming, of lack of trust and lack of love closes energetically when the individual is not in a state of Love. It’s ironic, that the ONE thing held, present, continuously within each human is the ONE thing humanity has denied itself for ions of ‘time’. For to Love itself, and therefore be capable of loving all others…is to know God in all things.


On this ascending path and mass timeline of ascension, this is the time for such human acknowledgment and awareness, of the capabilities of an open heart portal that feels ONLY, SOULy, unconditional love. It can move mountains…through its own trust that Love is the only answer.

Amanda Lorence
16 September 2018


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