Assisting Humanity to Transcend Duality Consciousness

Sunday, September 23rd Equinox

Let’s join together and help neutralize the mass duality
mindset which is fueling the toxic outplay of violent conflict,
hatred and extreme polarization all over our beloved planet.


Today’s media is ablaze with news of escalating tensions. Seemingly few countries are immune to this rising tide of divisive conflict.

From the potential dismantling of United States democracy, attempted terrorist power grabs in the Middle East, vile hate speech, racist ideologies, there appears to be no end to the highly inflammatory rhetoric.

It’s as though we have reached a global boiling point which may very well trigger the demise of human culture as we know it.

This is not a time to sit idly on the sidelines. Each and every one of us is being called into inspired sacred action.


(2) easy Options to Serve as a Light Transmitter!

from your Phone or our Website

1. From your Phone via the I AM Avatar App

Available for free from the app stores. Search “I AM Avatar”

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You can now stream the transmission podcast right from your smartphone device via our Avatar App. Go to PODCAST, then News and Timely Events.

2. Stream or Download from the Children of the Sun Website
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The guided transmission podcast can also be downloaded or streamed directly from our website.

Our Unified Transmission Focus:
Assisting Humanity to Rise out of Duality Consciousness

As an enlightened collective, we are being called to the front lines to help bring greater neutralization to the duality extremes which fuel divisiveness and conflict in the mass consciousness.

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We will do this by invoking support from the realms of divine intervention, building a highly influential field of group coherence.

Then, we will call forth and direct the many streams of universal light into immediate transforming action.

Our primary intention is to help humanity make the shift into more unified states of awareness.

With Loving Support from the Whales
… Keepers of the Evolutionary Codes!

A highly activated group is swimming with the sacred whales of Tonga in the South Pacific with Children of the Sun Founder, Tiara Kumara.

Together they will transfer out these sacred Cetacean codes of evolution through the planetary Crystalline Grid.

They will also transmit self actualized codes as a result of their group initiation to “embody transcendence”.

We are supported by the scientifically proven power of group coherence and the interconnected nature of the Unified Field.

Imagine the impact!

Join this Unity Wave


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