Brad Johnson – There is a vast amount of spacecraft that have emerged from the sun following the sun activity that occurred just over a week ago. These spacecrafts are observers and will be performing routing setups that will enable lookout posts and monitoring protocols to take effect. Their function will relate to Earth observation, solar control, planetary defense and planetary intervention. This fleet of spacecraft varies in different arrangements as each have specific functions such as aforementioned. They will also be preserving the quarantine field present across the star system to keep any unauthorized third-party groups from entering the star system that may attempt to disrupt the current agendas made between the Galactic Confederation and the Guardian Alliance. What is transpiring is not an invasion by any means. The presence of the interstellar fleets is signifying the end of a very dark time for humanity. A new era is about to begin that will lead to disclosure, solutions and applications on a world-stage to begin living on the Earth as you were meant to: as a united people. The interstellar fleets will remain in the background performing their duties as the remainder of the end-game continues. Humanity will improve humanity…It’s shall not be done by off-world visitors.

There are imminent changes that will be taking place on Earth as it relates to disclosure. Within the upcoming months, there will be campaigns created through allied nations that will release previously classified information and may pose as emergency bulletins and alerts.This will be done through a transitional phase as there are plans to release a greater form of information concerning world powers, previous political leaders, government agendas and top-secret material that relates to previously administered false flag attacks. This will lead to the phase of an end game that will lead to further large-scale arrests concerning previous high-ranking elitists of the old regime.The year of 2019 will be a time of great disclosure as old plans will become exposed, corruption will be revealed and the opposition that have created this empire will be tried and sentenced through arranged tribunals that will function on a military level.

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This will be a time of great confusion an unrest. Those who have witnessed previous allegations revealed relating to pedo-gate, child-trafficking, priest scandals to name a few will be even more shocked with the upcoming disclosure to be revealed. The current momentum of this reveal is currently set between the last months of 2018.

There are still necessary bait and switch tactics that will be performed capturing much of the old regime members off guard leading to their detainment. This effort is happening internationally across the planet as a means of clearing away the obstacles that have prevented humanity in working together as one people and creating solutions to repair centuries worth of damage upon the Earth.

Further interventions regarding any conceived attacks upon international populaces by the old regime will be stopped should any form of provocation commence, although this seems unlikely. Weapons of mass destruction will be deactivated should any attacks be attempted. Great violence of false-flag attacks that are structured to take a great many casualties will be ceased should it be attempted. Any of the old regime who may have plans to leave the planet with back-engineered interstellar technology will be stopped by the intervention fleets. All who have been responsible for the creation of an oppressive empire will be found, detained and shall face tribunal in secret courts. They will be unable to escape with what they have created.

The coming year will be a year of great revealing. There will be much upset as continual fragments of truth are revealed. With this time approaching, let yourselves work together. Do not become adversaries with each other based on differences of opinion. The greater focus is to witness what is being revealed as a means of reinventing yourselves and working together to build a better world. Through this revealing, this is telling you what not to do nor tolerate as a civilization, so you can evolve and prosper through your power and collective will alone.

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