Sienna Leva * 10D – Message about The Event and our event in Amsterdam. I see incoming light on October 25. Get ready! Eat healthy and drink a lot of water to clean the body.

End of October there will be a massive energy shift. I am being called to be, as female vortex, somewhere in Amsterdam to upload/download universal information through my body, connected to the New Earth grid.
After October 26th more and more people will awaken.

It is time to fully co-operate with each other for the benefit of nature and the planet. Enough of the old paradigm feared based systems of control greed and terror.

🌸🌸🌸5D timeline is already here and we are collective ready to shine our light and breaking free to be our highest potential.
Let’s SHINE!!!!


I am an energy medium.
The dancer of the light.
Though my body with dance, programming and sound I connect you with Divine Lightcodes.
I connect with the New Earth grid, The Council of Twelve and Divine Energy.


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