Ascending Masters Gathering Energy Update
Anastacia-Blue Beyond Guide- Un-weaving of old Tapestries/Shadow walkers – 1st October 2018
We are learning to ‘come home to ourselves’ in a ‘new way’ of linking our Spirit to our Soul through our EMOTIONS, in stepping into our Mastership in the human

Coming from Spirit alone is not enough to ascend…we are needing to feel our emotions as our emotions are our LINK to our Spirit and so much more…our self confidence and empowerment

Many of you have and are doing so much in the astrals and spirit and other dimensions, yet where are you with coming into the human being and Mastering your emotions?

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Please take your time in reading the following whole chapter included in this update from Barbara Marciniak from Bringers of the Dawn:

This is New Ascension! Yet this below was shared in 1992, in the following from Barbara Marciniak in the Bringers of the Dawn….

And this is what I have been doing for myself for 23yrs as guided by the Divine, to bring through to you all here and now…personally through myself as an Ascension Pioneer/Trailblazer, having been in 5D for 10yrs and now in 7D in human embodiment as an Ascended Earth Master, growing into my Mastership in now having two souls, one in the human and one in Spirit = Double Master…in this being my last lifetime here…

To be here for you Masters who resonate to also step into your Mastership in the human being and not only in Spirit…AND linking the two!

And in this way we are only JUST BEGINNING in a NEW WAY…

We are Masters…We are Ascending and We ARE Gathering…with more on this to be personally shared as a Guest/Opening speaker the Cosmic Consciousness Conference at Uluru in January from 12-14 2019 – and will share more on this again soon!

As it’s not about ‘getting over it’, its getting/going through it and building our own rainbow bridges from our Soul to our Spirit or our Spirit to our soul

“As human beings, you need emotion to connect you with your spiritual self. Emotion is essential to understanding spirituality because emotion generates feeling. The mental body and physical body are very linked, as are the emotional body and spiritual body. The spiritual body is, of course, the body that exists beyond physical limitation”

Fear and control plays a very massive part of this

This a process as ‘Ascension cannot be rushed fooled or cheated’ – Anastacia Kompos

There are so many threads in our old tapestries that have been tightly woven for so long…that we need to pull out each thread so we can weave our new tapestries!


With one step in the new and one in the old, when it comes to the old, feel into it, stop and get real in your core as to what you feel…analyse it, step back to do so

And re set new boundaries new EMOTIONAL BOUNDARIES
Something different needs to be done…to shift out of an old way of looking and doing things…

There are many of what I call ‘Shadows Walkers’ who have like one foot in the light paradigm and one foot also in the dark paradigm of energies

These are souls that are in both paradigms and when they come from the light paradigm we can be oh so easily fooled that they are totally in the light paradigm!!

Look beyond the ‘veil’, behind the scenes of what you are feeling with others…as usually we feel ‘something doesn’t feel quite right’ and TRUST THIS TRUST YOUR FEELINGS…know there is more going on behind the scenes or in the astrals in Spirit!

And I can tell you that a lot of the time even those souls don’t know they are doing this! Yet it is a sign that they are what I call ‘naughty’ in the human, a shadow side of themselves that they may be able to deceive others but they cannot deceive themselves…

These souls are also what I call energy vampires when they do so…you know the ones, that we feel drained or tired or not ‘quite right’ after speaking with them or reading something from someone..

This is about double energies…in the human AND the Spirit where others play ‘games’ with our energies!!!

This is about our feelings and how we FEEL when we communicate with another soul!!!

And I mean TRULY FEEL in the human…and not to skim over our feelings deep within…

I am weaving a new tapestry for humanity in a new way of writing now…as this is just the start of a NEW BEGINNING….

Please take your time in reading the following, as there is a little more I am sharing after this ‘in closing off’ for the month – Namaste dear souls – Anastacia

Chapter Fourteen

Emotions – The Secret in the Chronicles of Time

Bringers of the Dawn – Barbara Marciniak – 1992

“There are those who exist in this universe who have yet to discover human emotion. When you visit Earth’s ancient lands and look at the creations of other times and places, you can feel the frequencies and vibrations inherent in the sites.

You know that there are keys there, and you know that there are messages that there is something locked within that once existed and will surface again. In the same way, human beings have something hidden within them that is very valuable for the evolution of the universe. We refer to this data as the codes and master numbers: geometric formulae of light that are integral to recreating and producing life forms throughout this universe.

Human beings have been tucked away, hidden, and forgotten in the antiquities of time ever since their DNA was rearranged, because it is in the distant past of the chronicles of time when the species was alive and vibrating very differently. That time has been forgotten or shelved by some. As we have said, you have been in quarantine, almost as if you have been in the dungeons of time for so long that as the new eras have come forward they have forgotten that you have been here.

There are those, however, who have not forgotten. They have sent you on assignment to change all of this: to bring memory forward and to bring the value of human existence back to the forefront of creation. You are needed because you carry something that many other species have no idea of: emotion.

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And just as you need to work together to bring your own selves into a wholeness and richness of multidimensional being, there are those who are striving to catapult the entire universe into a new octave – a reach toward and creation of new territory.

The Keepers of Time know where the data is locked, and you have been found; you have been selected to bring it into the light. We have come forward – or backward from our time period – to assist those of you on assignment to unlock the annals of human DNA. We are here to help you rearrange them within your own being and then to become part of the Living Library.

As we have mentioned, what is occurring on Earth is going to affect things in many places. Energy is being sent here at this time to redirect certain universal forces so that they will come into alignment and bring this universe into simultaneous awareness of its identity. What is in Earth is like a locked-away secret in the chronicles of time, and it has to do with emotion. In this gift of emotion there is wealth and richness; there is incredible ability to transcend many different realities and to move through and experience many different states of awareness.

Emotion allows certain energies to coalesce, fuse, bond, and come together in realisation of themselves. Without emotion, that bond could not be.

There are those existing in this universe who are very ancient and who have come to the realisation of what this place is. They have been working for eons. They are ancient elders even to our system, and they are honoured as great wise men and women, in your terms, although they are not men or women at all. They are thought of as the Keepers of Existence in this system.

They are the ones who make the movements and drive the system like a pilot drives a ship. They steer this universe on its course; that is their job. Just like you have jobs, their job is to steer this universe on a course of discovery. They have discovered from their own learning and journey that they must connect with other universes.

There is a plan to catapult and send energy into new experience. At this time, Earth and a number of other systems where you simultaneously exist are instrumental in the reemergence of emotion, with the purpose of comprehending all identities compacted into one. The universes are discovering what they can do by coming together and interworking just as you are discovering what you can become. There is no preconceived idea of what will happen. This is new territory.

Emotion is the key to all of this.

As human beings, you need emotion to connect you with your spiritual self. Emotion is essential to understanding spirituality because emotion generates feeling. The mental body and physical body are very linked, as are the emotional body and spiritual body. The spiritual body is, of course, the body that exists beyond physical limitation.

You need emotions to comprehend the nonphysical, which is why emotions have been so controlled upon this planet. You have been allowed very little room emotionally and have been encouraged to feel powerless or frightened.

Many of you don’t want to go beyond these emotional barriers and through your personal boundaries because it might be painful. You’d like to say “abracadabra” and just have them be gone. Pain brings you feeling. If you can feel in no other way, sometimes, in order to capture your attention as a stubborn human, you create pain to show yourself the range of your abilities and to bring yourself into life. In this way, you can feel the richness of being alive.

Most human beings are afraid of their emotional or feeling centre; they are afraid to feel. Trust your feelings no matter what they are. Trust that they lead you to something and that the way you feel can bring you a realisation. You all want to be in life and be removed from it at the same time.

You say,

“Let me just be here and be a powerful person, but I don’t want to feel or participate too much because it hurts too much and then I will get sucked down. I don’t trust life.”

When you are not afraid of feeling, and you move past judgment and allow yourself to feel all the ways you feel, you will have a tremendous breakthrough because you will be able to ride feeling into other realities.

Some of you are afraid to feel and participate in this reality; let alone ride into other realities, because you do not trust your feelings. If you wish to have an acceleration, dive into something that brings up feeling. Stop skirting the issue so that you can think you are in control. Dive in the middle of it and then see if you are in control.

It’s not that you don’t know how to feel, it’s that you are afraid of your feelings. You don’t know what to do with them when you have them. They bring up a sense of powerlessness within you, so you associate feeling with a sense of,

“Oh, no, I blew it.”

You have a boundary in your belief system that states that when something comes up that is emotional and brings pain or anger, then it is not good. It is time to stop tiptoeing around things and avoiding your emotions.

Anger serves a purpose. All of you want to get finished with it: you want to sweep it under the rug and act as if it is no good. You act like it is rotten vegetables, throw it out, and bury it in the back garden as if there is no purpose to it. We are emphasising that there is a purpose to fear and a purpose to anger. If you would allow yourselves to express and experience your fears, which might lead to the expression of your anger, you would learn something.

Those of you who want desperately to avoid fear and anger, and who are really afraid of these feelings, have something great to learn through these emotions. They are techniques that move you beyond your personal boundaries of identity and behaviour, and you are simply afraid to experience this.

Most of the time, all you want is to be accepted. You feel that no one will like you if you do certain things or feel certain ways, so you don’t give yourself permission to have those certain feelings. That is where the anger comes from. You have anger because you make judgments about what you can and cannot do. If you do not give yourself permission to feel, you cannot learn. Feeling connects you with life.

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Feelings serve a variety of purposes in human beings.

We encourage all of you to please trust and cultivate and rely on your feelings. Understand that your feelings are your ticket to ride into multidimensional realities, where you must go if you are seriously playing this game. In multidimensional realities, you learn to hold and focus many different versions of yourself at once.

Feelings can take you to these places, particularly feelings that you trust. Many of you are very suspicious and masterful over your feelings. You will not allow certain feelings to come forward, or you judge them when they come up instead of observing where they take you or what they do for you.

Because you have a fear of something, you keep yourself from experiencing it because you put up a wall that says,

“If I go there, it is bad.”

You put the brakes on. In actuality, your fear will eventually energise the experience into your realm of development because all thought is drawn into form based on the emotional influence behind it.

So sometimes the greatest thing to do is to simply say,

“What the heck, I will go there. I surrender.”

Then deal with being there and don’t worry about being centred while you are in your feeling centre. If you intend to go into your feeling centre and always be in control, you are not giving yourself the range of movement that is needed to ride the emotions that knock down boundaries and belief systems.

Anger has its purpose. Anger is not purposeless and pain is not purposeless. They all lead you to something. You can make an intention to go into your feeling centre and learn how to be centered there while you explore the opportunities.

If you say,

“I am going to be centered there,” it sounds as if you won’t allow yourself any movement within it.

Instead, just intend to have a centeredness.

A centeredness does not mean that things don’t fluctuate; it means that you allow things to fluctuate. Whether a boat is ready to tip over or is in calm water, you allow it. You ride it, then you get out of the event either a calm ride or a rough ride. Your emotions are not just food for others, they are food for the self. This is how you nourish yourself and create your identity. This is your identity as frequency through your emotions. Emotions feed you and feed your call letters into existence.

You are going to deal with each of your boundaries, simply because that is what you do not want to do.

You would love to say,

“Golden stardust, eliminate all that has limited me. Boom! I am free!”

Ideally, it would be so simple.

That is a classic example of wanting to recircuit and bypass the feeling center. You have certain emotional beliefs or feelings that assist in making these boundaries outside of yourself, so when you break a boundary, you have to deal with the emotion that put the boundary there in the first place. Through your emotional body you are connected to your spiritual body. You may want to bypass something that is difficult, yet you have to feel your way through it.

You want to sweep difficult things under the rug and say,

“I don’t want to do these,” when the difficult things are your gemstones.

Even if you discover you have 101,000 boundaries, do not feel frustrated.

Simply say,

“This is interesting.”

Look at the boundaries you have set up and, instead of swearing at them, simply observe them and see if you can discover how they came about. See what purpose they served – what grocery store you shopped in when you bought those items.

As soon as you acknowledge and recognise and are willing to release something, it moves. When you cling or have fear or think, “I like that boundary; that serves me very well,” then you limit yourself.

You must learn to love your emotions. As long as you describe something as difficult, you are making it difficult. No one else is. You are resisting and judging the changes coming about. You are feeling that you do not know what is going on, and you wish to be in control. Control is something very convenient and very handy. It must be applied at the right place at the right time, like super glue. Super glue in the wrong place doesn’t do much good. Did you ever super glue your hands or lips together?

You must learn to exercise control in the way you use super glue. If you screw up with super glue, you get stuck and you can’t do anything. Control is the same way: you get stuck with it, and it sticks you to something that you don’t need to be stuck to. You must be very selective about what you decide to control or not control.

The old human pattern, or the paradigm that exists, says,

“You must be in control.”

You, as members of the Family of Light, are having an awakening. You need your emotions.

You must become friends with your emotions because, through feelings, you can climb the ladder to the multidimensional self and the twelve – chakra system and explore what you discover. Through feelings, you can tell if something is going on or not. The logical mind will disinvolve itself when something is going on if the body is not plugged into feeling. Feeling registers frequency change. Logical mind does not register frequency change.

You are experiencing an awakening of frequency change. You are being led to change many portions of your life and to give up many things. Don’t resist the changes and feel out of control because you don’t know what is coming and it appears that your emotions are getting in your way. Your emotions are simply wanting to show you something; you don’t like it because you think your emotions are interfering or will embarrass you.

Get clever. Next time you come into one of these emotional situations, say to yourself immediately,

“Alright, I know what is going on; I’m not getting caught in this one. I know there is something here for me to learn, and something for me to change. I believe that I am guided and that I am following a blueprint, so I will check out what is in this for me by not judging it and by going with the flow.

I request that all my changes come in joy and safety and harmony. That is my decree. Everything in my evolution I am intending is covered by that: I experience joy and safety and harmony. So I will go with this energy and see what is changing for me and what I need to give up.”

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When your memories are not intact and you have not cultivated trust inside yourself, you shut down because you don’t understand what is occurring when you are made ready for change.

It is imperative for people to trust the feeling centre and operate with it. When “stuff” activates your feeling centre and brings you into discomfort, face the feelings that you do not like. This is your essence. These feelings are your jewels, your treasures, and your gems, from which you can learn about your identity. They are your springboard, and you are never finished with them.

You cannot shove them away and say,

“Yuck, I don’t like the me I was then!”

However, you can alter the “you” who perceived reality in that way. As you continue to become aware and gain a vast comprehension of who you are, you can look back at that entity in that place and have a whole new realisation of who you were then. This process is ongoing. You will begin to see it in one another.

Honour your friends as they go through their “stuff”; just don’t get involved in it. If it is for you, do it, but don’t help others prolong their dramas. It is time to move through “stuff,” not to stage a 365 – day Broadway run with it. We suggest telling your stories once or twice or three times, and that is it. You don’t need to tell everyone everything, because everyone else has their “stuff” occurring too.

Do you understand? When you continually speak about your “stuff,” you are missing the point because you are talking instead of doing and seeing what you are telling yourself. By talking to everyone about what is going on with you, you are simply wanting to get attention, and you don’t need to do that.

Events are ongoing, and you never really finish with them because they are your “stuff.” If something is painful for you at the time, we guarantee that later you will encounter a situation that is similar, and you will have gained a compassion that you never had before. You will see the situation all in a different perspective.

What is coming up now are the things that originally blocked you from perceiving reality. These are the parts of your emotional body in which the highway system was severed and the information could not flow, so you moved into pain and translated the emotional pain out of your physical body. We recommend to all of you that you receive bodywork.

Bodywork simply involves bringing energy from outside the cosmos into your body, infusing it with your other bodies – mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual – and making the energy grid fit. Where the energy grid fits and you don’t block cellular memory and you allow – energy to step into your body, the energy moves through your chakras and feeds your body its data. When you are afraid or you shut down, or when you blame someone else, or when you are in denial, you get stuck.

Then, even though light floods unto your body, it does not fit with the grid – work. So you are in chaos, and everybody else wants to stay away from you because you emanate chaos. Chaos is a fine place to be; there is nothing wrong with chaos as long as you don’t permanently dwell there.

When you deny emotion, you are asking for major Earth changes to take place within your psyche. When you allow a tornado here, a hurricane there, or a small volcanic eruption here and there, you are allowing your emotions freedom of expression, and they will not run rampant over your personal environment.

Feeling is what connects you to your humanity; feeling is what connects you to your emotions. Emotions connect you in this realm of existence to your spiritual body. What we are saying is that emotions, or feelings, are the key to being alive in this reality. Many realities exist without emotions, but in this reality they are your greatest gift. If you deny your emotional self in this lifetime, then you had best realise that you have hung it up.

If you are not going to be part of your emotional self, then you are never going to make the game we are talking about.

You will simply be one of the masses who watches television and feels like a victim over and over again. If you are feeling pain within your emotional body, ask yourself why you believe the pain is there, what purpose the pain serves, and why you are choosing to create pain through your emotions.

Why is it not your choice to create joy? All is choice. We need to remind you of this”

IN CLOSING: – Please enjoy the new energies of October and Beyond…

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I will continue to share excerpts from these unique ‘one of a kind’ updates , around once a week throughout October as guided

Until then, know We are Masters…we are Ascending and we are Gathering…

As always I am right here with you

Much Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty

Anastacia Kompos
Ascension Pioneer Trailblazer WaySeer Blue Ray elder Ancient-Future Scribe
Personal 1:1 Divine Guidance/Healings of self are available

Anastacia Kompos is in service to Humanity and Gaia as an Ascension Pioneer. She is a Trailblazer, Way Seer and a Blue Ray Elder. Her gift is having linked her Soul to her Spirit-Higher Self – in having two Souls – her Spiritual Soul in 9D and Human Soul in 7D Embodiment.

Anastacia has been gifted her Spiritual Soul, this is what makes her a Trailblazer for humanity.

Anastacia has accessed her connection to her Monad/Oversoul in 9D. Being one of the 144000 to assist humanity with the ascension opportunity of what she is bringing through in human embodiment with her unique healing tools and methods of personal experience over 23yrs.

To assist-guide others to link their Soul to their Spirit/Higher Self through their EMOTIONS – to progressively merge their Spirit/Higher Self into the human into Fifth Dimensional energies as an Earth Master in the physical.

As a Multidimensional 5D Ascended Earth Master Anastacia does this in real-time experience – both as a template FOR humanity as a Rainbow Bridge and WITH all of HUmanity


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    Latino behaviour, a leading Latino belief basic research enterprise, practiced an selection evepollin 10 jurisdictions a nation’s sample. the application interviewed Latinos which of you elected latest times elections with recently created Latino voters, asking about one really in regards to colorado united states senate battle.

    “now we inquired voters inside your design, ‘Do you know the place where Udall and Gardner get up on immigration law?or,–” pointed out matt Barreto, virtually any co initiator relating to Lchoicestino. Forty per cent do not understand or know Gardner’s rating, but 47 percentage point were not certain of Udall’s position.

    when you are government received 87 zero per cent of Latino election in colorado in 2010, reinforce because Democratic persons reduced that would 70 p. c this kind of year just, the actual poll instructed, thanks to the fact immigration change was not a well known obstacle in the most crucial go.

    “How concerning the dems who actually have also been really smart relating to immigration reform, Sharry posed. “that did not create to suit,

    The Latino alternatives opinion poll considered that your particular Latinos this voted the following thursday received less likely to aid dems than in the earlier three elections and the his discouragement by working with both sides detained turnout tiny. what’s more,further, it found that the majority of about 68 p’cent of Latinos where may perhaps political election nevertheless,having said that for you to being said they will presume most excited about Democratic job hopefuls any time president obama receives full-time step on immigration law reform prior to the end of the year.

    “We think that these nonvoters may become voters in 2016, Barreto these.

    also which could not say they are going robotically political election Democratic. Latinos’ regular technical support maintains softened, said whilst gary Segura, another creator relating to Latino behaviours, which has been commissioned in most significant Hispanic organizations and do all of the ballot.

    “Forty eight nought per cent say in democrats significantly care about the Latino local area, he said. “that’s the lowest unknown number in many years, only one third related with Latinos asked doing this weeksaid they express dems sincerely be concerned, along with 22 p. c ponder democrats seem to be downright hostile so that you can Latinos.

    most Latinos suggested these types of people voted to back up the Latino industry on issues that substance with them as well as immigration, job together with the economic, understanding and as a consequence health reform.

    The ballot offered that particular mostly 4 while 10 Latpolitical electiono have beenrs contacted merely take out groupings the individuals far from a third community establishments.

    “so whites extremely expected get in the ones political jointly, Barreto talked about.

    “Outreach and after that mobilization campaigns are anemic, agreed jesse Murgua, us president and therefore ceo of theNational authorities of los angeles Raza, very large country wide Hispanic civil the law as well advocacy batch. “We should want to do a little more to touch base, the woman’s institution listed 120,000 Latino voters this particular year.

    “ones midterms have fallen combined with no longer, And the clock has started ticking your 2016 nationality, that she reported. “i’d personally say to the web design manager, ‘Act plainly to create pain alleviation to the entire family working on deportation’ desire went back to some selection everywhere our environment must have the ability to choose who might be next chief executive of america.

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    a baby molester who also over used two asiatische the ladies was likely appropriately provided a prolonged post title within if it turns out the puppy’s sufferers were found to be caucasian in view that sexual crime be affected better, a leading ascertain has recently overpowered.

    mister justice walker said hello was excellent of paedophile Jamal Muhammed Raheem Ul Nasir to have received a more durable than usual time period simple fact our persons have already been wok cookware.

    Ul Nasir, 32, distributed lovemaking hits in two girls together with seemed to be to jailed meant for four extended time at Leeds the queen’s [url=][/url] legal in december last year. the guy was first in prison for two numbers of sexual strike on children while under 13 but also four sex of that has a with.

    the entire appraise what jailed the guy, Sally Cahill QC, particularly announced that the fact the people seemed to be asian kitchenware were definitely factored in as being a definite “depressing part” whilst passing sentence in your essay.

    your daughter talked about which a subjects and therefore their loved ones included dealt with many “humiliation” within his or her communities because what has established itself with them.

    also, had been societal has to do with the fact that the girls’ possible opportunity seekers to be believed to be a “very good spot” in setup a marriage potentially be hurt.

    a lawyer to suit Ul Nasir, 32, together with Liversedge, western side Yorkshire, put forward the proposition at London’s criminal arrest enchantment court when his sentence were found to be unfairly overpriced.

    however issues staying cast off near mister the law master, exactly who believed: “The victims’ daddies would be enthusiastic about the destiny union prospective business partners her or his little ones.

    “court Cahill was formerly enduring particular sort of admiration to the harm provocke the persons from this harmful. in which destroy was probably irritated among the have an effect on the sufferers then their families within this type of website,

    the result seemed to be to perceived together with London’s be attractive legal snapshot: ALAMY

    any assertion which experts claim Ul Nasir was handed an extended sentence in your essay induced his “cultural furthermore devout beginnings” took it’s origin from “any myth, the doctor supplied. “The court which often performed true was in ideal part to look for the correct phrase,

    mister justice runner, sitting down among lord the legal rules and as a result mr Mitting, completed: “is not a [url=][/url] angle for the purpose of on the grounds that court Cahill put into practice a particular bad beginning point. it component along with set to assist you attractiveness hostile to word will be waived,

    Rotherham authorities [url=][/url] not considered child maltreatment when fernrrstliche gangs about ‘misplaced political correctness’

    Aylesbury child love-making wedding: Six jailed needed for total towards 82 countless excessively appalling schoolgirl exploitation

    discussing following a case, An NSPCC spokesman considered that: the law if work on a quantity arena and kids require to be covered no matter what personal nature of the game.

    “it does not matter competition, religion, or maybe even if, individual child should the legal right to be safe and guarded caused by sex punishment, and also also the surfaces ought to reflect this. it that those who make a commitment individuals horrible offences are undoubtedly penalized to the full account limit of legal requirements.


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