Jen Mccarty – Dearest beloveds,

Greetings of the most high. We come forward in this moment of your time with a delightful message heralding great great victory to the forces of light.

The galactic Wars are complete dear ones, and the vibration of peace now overwrites all lower dimensional timelines.

There was once a time when our Milky Way was twinned with the star system of Andromeda, but due to the free will experiment eons ago, a dramatic split was allowed to occur, which precipitated the ensuing timeline, whereby many planets and entities in our solar system became part of a fallen angelic system.

This experiment was allowed to take place for the last 26000 years, but as all long count calendars consistently depicted, all of the ancient calendars ended at this window of our time.

These long count calendars were created by our galactic star brethren, who in days gone by have co-existed on this earthly plane alongside humanity, and who passed on information regarding advanced technologies, and the secrets of consciousness.

The dogon tribe in Africa have recorded accurate depictions of the African tribes connection with our Siriun brothers and sisters.

The ancient ones knew that at around this particular epoch that we are in, that gaia and the whole entire solar system would come into alignment with the heart of our galactic Sun that is known as Alcione, and in this alignment, this will activate a solar Flash or solar pulse event which would be experienced by the entire consciousness of the earth as an intense tsunami of God’s love, Grace and all pervading presence. It was known that in this dispensation, this would reactivate all of humanity’s dormant DNA codes switching on the Christ-Sophia divine Union template that has been stored in the deepest core of humanities consciousness.

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It was known that this event would literally re-align and unlock the energetics at the core of our Milky Way, that had previously been infiltrated by lower dimensional forces, and this momentum would enable the reunion of our Milky Way with the star system of Andromeda thus fully completing this current 26000 year free will.

We have arrived dear ones to the morning of the Age of Aquarius. We really and truly did it. We won the Battle of light and dark. There was never ever any other option, except Victory to the light.

Please know that all lower 3D timelines have now expired, and the solar flash event is imminent.

Light workers, it is imperative that you stabilise in the frequencies of the heart, and firmly commit to prioritising present moment awareness Over The Rise and Fall of all temporary phenomenon.

The great threshold has been passed over, and the reaction of many of you who are reading theses words is a sign from your higher self, that you are well aware of this time that we speak of here.

Prepare in Earnest dear ones, to be the lighthouses you promised your awakening brothers and sisters you would be.

For all those on the path of divine Union, you must trust The Creator like never before. Everyday upon Awakening make a choice – just for today I shall place all of my trust in mother Father God, and then watch how your timelines converge, to reflect this most fortuitous and significant choice.

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For times have changed dear ones. The time between thought and manifestation has been exponentially intensified, so we invite you to be vigilant over which thoughts you allow into your mind.

You are the master and you get to say “no” to any untoward or fearful thoughts that try to break into your consciousness. As the late great Wayne Dyer always used to say to any negative thoughts that knocked on his door “NexT”

And herein these simple words lie the keys to enlightenment.

It is all a choice. Choose to be guardian over your precious mind and being, and watch infinite miracles manifest and align with you constantly.

It is with the deepest excitement that we would like to invite all of you who have been vibration magnetised to these words to please come forward to be part of the highly auspicious 10:10 Ascension portal ceremony.

In this ceremony we will be working specifically with the activation of the Grail codes.

The Grail codes refer to the sacred divine union of the masculine and feminine energies within and are closely linked with the hieros gamos or the inner alchemical Marriage of one’s own inner masculine and feminine energies.

These codes were specifically targeted by the lower dimensional frequencies around the time of The Fall of Atlantis, and this manifested as great distortions being artificially constructed within the timelines of many of the Divine masculine and feminine energies on the Earth.

We are being called together on this highly auspicious portal date to entirely remove all distortions around the activation of the Grail codes and we are being asked to re correct

and bring the Grail codes back online for all the brothers and sisters who comes forward to be part of this ceremony.

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We will also be working with the Guardians of the oceans and we are being called to activate a dispensation of fifth dimensional rainbow coral which is actually the Coral of the new Earth. Our galactic star family are wanting us to empower The Seeds of the 5th dimensional rainbow coral in our oceans as this coral holds specific codes which will enable the purification and correction of all marine life.

As ever it is highly auspicious to receive an invitation to join such a Potent ceremony as this, and please know that we very very much look forward to welcoming you into our core group of starseeds and lightworkers who have willingly stepped up as the Earth ground crew, working consciously with our galactic brethren to instigate the acceleration of the timeline of the Solar flash event.

Until the next time deepest love and reverence to you from Jen and the White wolf tribe .

10.10 ascension portal ceremony

It is with the deepest excitement that we would like to invite all of you who have been vibration magnetised to these words to please come forward to be part of the highly auspicious 10:10 Ascension portal ceremony taking place on wednesday october the 10th at 7.17 pm uk time.





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