Amanda Lorence – I want to be clear with this update, that parts of this intel are CERTAIN, and parts of it, although I’ve experienced the data, I’m UNCLEAR about. Unclear meaning there are two ways I could understand what has been shown/presented. As such, I will mark the info as CERTAIN and UNCERTAIN. Please just take what resonates and discard if it doesn’t.

We have come through a HUGELY energetic month, equinox, energy work, human experiences. It is done. All that took place, is NOW in place. People will be experiencing a little time lag from this intense period…for human recuperation. Just know it’s up to YOU: you have the power to see clearly (spiral), or to dwell and stay stuck (cycle). Nothing is judged. All will play out as it is meant to…for each. We think we are in charge of this. No, we just experience that idea of being in charge of this human…but it’s WAY BEYOND HUMAN. It’s divinely orchestrated beyond human mind.

2nd October: Some have just gone through a Gateway. Walked right through. Now IN another, different energetic space than just one day ago.

In previous recent months (see previous posts), some bore witness to and worked with their LIGHT BODIES via direct sight and physical feeling, direct knowing that the integration of TWO into ONE body had taken place. Light body and human physical body became one, allowing for intimate easy connection and work with their human light body. That was in recent months. Where the light body was seen as WHITE LIGHT within and around the human vehicle.

Today, October 2018, post September equinox and work achieved WITHIN each, those that have already integrated their light body will witness their light body turn GOLDEN. This is beyond human manipulation of any kind, beyond outward facing foolery, beyond inward facing self foolery, by any singular or larger group trying to trick themselves or others. The transformation of white light body into a GOLDEN LIGHT BODY is part of the MASS DIRECTIVE timeline as per the 26,000 cycle, yet it occurs individually OUTSIDE OF ANY HUMAN mind directive.

Those that have just OR will, become the GOLDEN LIGHT BODY receive golden light. They shall absorb the golden light. They shall pass on the golden light. One can not receive any RAY unless one has already become the RAY, and their lies the perfection in this ascension. It is beyond manipulation and any human foolery or falsity. Energy speaks. Energy attracts like energy. Energy just is. Energetic Frequencies just ARE. Those that become the Golden Light Body have at some point on their ascension, already received and experienced a type of “Cermony” of receiving the golden ray within them. They then continued to evolve with that golden ray within…via their ascension, their work, clearing, sharing of light and love…to this point. The point where their Light Body HAS just or WILL SOON turn into a Golden Light Body.

The GOLDEN LIGHT for human, has been documented and somewhat distorted through our human historical texts. Now, we witness its truth via the human experience unfolding throughout this world to many, a stage at a time.

As the GOLDEN LIGHT BODY, they will act as human energetic transmitters. Where they receive the highest light of GOLD LIGHT, into their body, and emit said golden light OUT to ALL things.

Those that embody the GOLDEN LIGHT BODY shall go on to experience TWO TIMES, at ONE TIME. In other words, in due course, they will start to experience TWO ‘timelines’ playing out simultaneously, at once.

So far on this ascension, we have experienced higher frequency experiences and lower frequency experiences as separate, as one after the other. We have experienced one time line and then another timeline, as separate. Those that embody their Golden Light Body shall at right point, have NEW experiences where two timelines play out at THE SAME TIME. They will first experience this phenomenon, in order to grow accustomed to it. There is a significant reason for this to occur:
They will break free of LINEAR TIME. They shall FREE themselves of the Linear Time, where one thing is experienced after the other. They shall free themselves of all LINEAR TIME constraints. Linear Time has been the component that has encapsulated, imprisoned and constricted this consciousness in Earthly, solid experience. Linear Time is part of a larger Light Programme, designed to restrict, and purposely so. Until a given point of the divine 26,000 year timeline, whereby the experience of LINEAR Time is set free. But it is an individual occurrence that will be experience one human at a time. When the first humans experience this, and accustom themselves to this NEW phenomenon, they will be able to explain and share experiences of living in NO TIME, no restrictions, living so differently to those around those living in the Linear Time containment. Through their continued experience they will MASTER time being ONE time. Mastering time means Time travel, jumping timelines at will. That which is currently understood at academic level, that which is written about, theorised about, talked about, shall become their every day reality and experience via their self mastery. There is no escaping that this shall be, and shall be spoken about throughout the world. Physics will be re-written. In MASTERING ‘Time’, those that master Time shall also master ‘Space’.

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Space and Time has been our intentional containment for this human experience. It is through the MASS TIMELINE that presents, the 26,000 year cycle, beyond human manipulations, beyond anyone’s falsity, that those of GOLDEN LIGHT BODY shall in their physical living existence evolve past the constraints of the Light Programme we have thus far lived by.

Last Autumn 2017, I wrote and showed the three trajectories shown to me.
Trajectory A = 3D (a continuation of a third dimensional timeline).
Trajectory B = Higher 4D (for each individual not quite ready for 5D and above, it continues until they are also individually ready to switch trajectory).
Trajectory C = 5D and above, infinite onward projection.

For approximately two months now, there is a CLEAR division between the three trajectories. In other words, we have moved further, we are on them, and on our way. This accounts for the increase in frustrations we experience as although we are each en route, we are STILL interacting with people from all three trajectories. We are seeing, feeling, experiencing the differences of each human interaction. The three trajectories are THREE CONSCIOUSNESS LEVELS. We are interacting with people from each Consciousness level and for now, we are all also moving up and down in our own state of consciousness. There is ENERGETIC friction occurring due to the ENERGETIC differences. It is just energy misunderstood at human level. We are finding it easier, in more flow, more relaxing, more stimulating to be around those of similar energetic frequency. For those on Trajectory C, this friction is temporary, so we just need to keep working through, seeing, clearing, doing the work regardless.

PLEASE NOTE: as this is critical to open mindedness…a person we can loosely label ‘asleep’, WILL awaken and jump from Trajectory A to either of the other two Trajectories. Equally, a person awakened may have chosen to spend their experience in Trajectory B. There is ZERO judgement as each soul has incarnated for specific reason, to experience as they have chosen prior to this incarnation, for SOUL experience to take forward. With an open mind and heart, NOTHING can be ruled out or categorised. Everything is possible. No one can be defined. To define anything or any one is to limit one’s own journey.

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There will be an electronic “Blackout”. I have been shown this. Yet I could take this one of two ways:
Time out from social media (therefore a personal black out) OR
Mass electronic devices black out on Mass Collective scale. If so, it’s because of Incoming Energies transmitted via our Sun.

Intense, Yes! Side effects, Yes! Love yourself through. Let gooooooooo!

Please just take what resonates.

Personal note: I will continue to update here on Facebook, but am focused acutely on energies and data, so less interaction on Facebook and Messenger for now.

Being Love to yourself and others is the answer to all things.
One Love.

Amanda Lorence
3 October 2018

I explained in that post that some received an upgrade to their light body on 3 October, or are yet to receive this upgrade one at a time as we go. The upgrade altered the WHITE Light Body, by infusing it, changing it to a GOLDEN Light Body. Those that hold this know what to do with it, how to interact and give out that golden light to the whole.

Those that have received this upgrade will now be experiencing a change in their consciousness state. To be clear, this change is NOT the big shift in consciousness we know will occur. It’s not the leap to a COMPLETELY different state of perception of all things. But it IS a huge and significant shift to how one feels, perceives, observes, feels and therefore…how one then acts and speaks etc. So I’ll try and explain…

The MAIN SHIFT in consciousness we know will occur at certain given point (Event/ Wave), effects each differently, as per their path and inner accumulated frequency. For some that will mean experiencing being human, with physical body, but their consciousness will ‘feel’ to be outside of themselves. It will experience at a higher frequency to now. They will feel and know they have a physical body, but their PERCEPTIONS and VIEW will be ‘seem’ to be OUTSIDE of the physical body. As if looking down on their body, and their world. Perception or consciousness will be as the observer, as if from another space or plane, yet still retaining and in control of their physical vessel. I was given this physical experience and consciousness state the day of my awakening in 2012 for about four hours, just and simply as a foretaste of what is to come and what to expect will occur.

CONSCIOUSNESS SHIFT ON 3rd OCTOBER (or afterwards as we go):
So how to explain this shift in consciousness received when the GOLDEN Light Body is activated from the previous WHITE LIGHT BODY:

If you can imagine and know consciousness as the ‘third dimensional’ (label) frequency state. So the typical state where our consciousness ‘feels’ like it’s inside our physical body. Where the brain and heart directs us from…it FEELS that our consciousness is within the body. It feels contained to varying degrees dependent on the person.
Then we have the Main Event Shift that will rise consciousness to beyond and permanently outside of the human experience, whilst still retaining the body.
So the RECENT UPGRADE is in-between these two perceptions, these two states.

It feels like a mid-way perception point. Where we become changed in our intimate experience of emotions, thoughts, feelings. We feel less the typical human. We can’t react with any intensity. Because our perception is less IN our body. It’s not quite detached from it but it IS also detached from typical human reactions. So it’s between the two states.

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Does this make us less caring because we are not so attached to our emotions, the emotions of others, and the human thought system? Wow NO! It fills us with higher purity of love. We can love without influence. Love without drama. Love without history. Love without previous experiences. LOVE without expectation of outcomes. It’s a PURER STATE OF BEING. A PURER LOVE. We can’t react as typical human, because our conscious has changed. We are semi outside of the WHOLE DREAM/ILLUSION. We can play in the illusion, we can interact with it, through this semi outer observational point, but we literally can’t immerse ourselves in the illusion/programme/matrix field any more. We are out of the dream but still close to it. Nevertheless, it’s a mid-way stage, between being in the illusion via a consciousness state, and being completely outside of it after the MAIN SHIFT/ EVENT we know will come.

This current state, to be experienced, to get adjusted to. It’s for experiencing, adapting to. Prior to main shift in consciousness. So if you are experiencing this upgrade, or are to experience it, you will then feel: aloof, in bliss, in love, in peace, in harmony, in trust, in calm. Yet able to still participate with others. You will not, ANY LONGER THROUGH THIS, be able to take on others drama, others emotions. You will no longer be drained of your energy via the energy siphoning we previously were susceptible to. At this point, after the GOLDEN LIGHT BODY is activated, it’s no longer about human will, human thoughts, human wishes, human desires. It’s about higher will, your higher essence within you, that is you and always was overseeing the entirety of YOU and your human experience.

Prior to this recent GOLDEN LIGHT BODY activation and shift in consciousness, the Higher Self had already transcended into the human for some. That transcendence into you of your higher Self is the divine marriage within you that has to occur at right time for each to ascend whilst retaining the human vessel. But this recent activation changes that. Whereas the HIGHER SELF had previously transcended into you, it is now merged AS YOU. It BECOMES you. It becomes the human. At this current stage, the lower self is still there, but diminishing in your OWN perception. At the EVENT or MAIN WAVE we expect, this will be the point when the lower self is no more. We become fully, the Higher Self with a human body of physical matter and of Light.

It is also my understanding, that post the MAIN EVENT, those that jump higher in consciousness as described here, shall be seen. In other words there is a physical alteration seen by all, of these beings,of the LIGHT upon and within those that have jumped higher. Therefore rest assured that a person’s truth shall be seen and known. Falsity, masks, egos, pretense etc…shall be seen simply by default, for simply not having that Higher VISABLE Light Frequency as attained. For as energy frequency, falsity can not in energetic terms hold the HIGH light frequency that shall be seen with physical eyes by all.

Keep going…the inner work is essential to any shift to occur within each human. Every day we work on ourselves. Question ourselves. Clear ourselves. Which then allows us to rise in frequency. Which then allows us to be activated higher and higher on this Mass Ascension. What occurs and is occurring on this Mass Collective Timeline is so so beautiful and so very pure.

One Love
Amanda Lorence
6 October 2018


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