After a period of releasing and letting go of old energetic blocks, this is a time of emergence. If you have not work on your blocks, I suggest that you listen to the recording on Letting Go before using this track

This is a powerful vocal sound healing and light language transmission that will help you claim back your personal power. It was channelled to assist you to claim back your voice, your confidence, your strength and your hope so that you will be empowered to walk into a brand new journey. This healing may be subtle but the light codes will work to help you recognise your core radiant self, the self that you have long forgotten. It is time to be awaken, it is time to cherish yourself and know your worth.
Your core radiant self is waiting to emerge. Let this healing track guide you through this journey.

There is a call for us to let go and transform. This full moon sits in the sign of Aries, a sign that represents our individual self and the call is for us to let go of those feelings, things and even people that are no longer in alignment with us so that we can transform to a better version of ourselves.

This vocal sound healing is channeled to assist those who are addressing resistance to let go. If there are unforgiveness, abandonment issues or unwillingness on your part to release toxic situations in your life, I hope this healing session will help you experience an energy shift. A release of the old and outdated can create room for the universe to fill you up with more goodies, make use of this power full moon energy to assist you.

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Before listening to the recording, do make an intention and let the energy guide you through the process.

I wish you all great blessings for the months ahead, new opportunities are definitely showing up after September, keep your faith and trust!


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