To truly merge our Highest Wisdom (the higher-knowing self) with our deepest innocence (our body’s emotional nature). For this is the holy matrimony that is the true Union of our being. No piece of our inner feelings neglected or skipped over — while at the same time, not losing ourselves in the ocean of the pains and stories. THIS balance is the Light of transformation that all of our old densities and cellular memories are seeking… for their liberation, to help propel us into the new beings we are always becoming.

This transformation, the ONE overarching unfolding of healing within us all, can happen through only one gentle grace: The Compassion and Love that already exists within us — not as an emotion or something to cultivate, but as that which we already Are, to come back into. Our pure, true, natural state… before everything else. May this transmission help bring each of us back to this essence within… to see with the eyes of that truth and clarity.

…As we journey ever onward. All walking each other Home.


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