Ramona Lappin – I actually started writing this post two weeks ago… The intense light codes and frequencies flooding Gaia and us have taken most of my focus to integrate 24/7 lately. Yesterday, 1st of November, was an especially strong start to what is promising to be a life changing month!! I feel a strong sense of conclusion, of many lifetimes having worked towards the events now unfolding, FINALLY!! I spent most of the day in Meditation and Energy work with Gaia, Kingdoms, Elementals, and our Divine HUman DNA.

Today (Tues 2nd November) feels like a lot of shifting and restructuring, rewriting is happening on an energetic level, like something is ‘getting ready’. ‘The storm is coming’ was another message today.

Over the past many weeks I, along with many of us, have been going ever deeper within. I believe for many it’s been a time of deep introspection, clearings, downloads, upgrades, re-writes. A good analogy is a computer receiving a new upgrade/ software. We can’t use it until it’s done, it goes off-line. So we go offline, we feel detached, foggy head, memory loss, body aches, tiredness… We always clear that which is coming more online. So if we feel a lot of separation clearing f.e., be assured you feel more unity and oneness after that layer/ round of clearing has been finalized. This keeps me focused, going and able to be the observer of my experience and not ‘suffer’ along with it anymore. It ALL – JUST – IS ! 🙏
Some of us have been already through this, some are in the middle of it and for some it’s just starting, all depends on our frequency and where we are at on our journey.

Over the past many years I have spent most of my time in Meditation and Energy work clearing my own vessel and that of Gaia, Kingdoms, Elementals and that of the HUman collective. I always had this deep sense of knowing even before I knew more about my mission and purposes here, that whatever I cleared and activated for myself, I did so for all of HUmanity. We all do this, just for me it’s a little different due to my own DNA being connected to all 12 master Galaxies/ Starnations/ 12 DNA strands. I am here to anchor the Energies of the higher dimensions, especially the Divine Mother/ Feminine/ Goddess Energies, for us all, along with others. I have taken on many lifetimes to be able to do this, taken on much karma, ‘good and bad’, to clear a lot of the karmic density on behalf of The ONE, the ALL. This journey has brought me to near breaking point many times over but each time I got up again and again, I got stronger, more determined and wiser through it all. We all are walking this path. All walking each other home. Even when we feel isolated, alienated and alone, we have to remember we are not alone in this but that there are many of us walking the road less travelled.

I’m sharing my mission/ journey here for others to also find value and worth in this intricate and most challenging process of purification and transformation. We all do this and we do this on behalf of the collective. We do this for our loved ones as when we clear our own DNA of old distorted patterns we do this for our anscestors and those who come after us, our whole lineage.

So in my daily work I clear, activate, prepare and merge the Grids within and those of Gaia (which are a reflection of our own as the/ our Universe is truly within) so that the higher dimensional experience of New Earth shall become accessible for ALL life. I work with the Stargates, so that the Event can take place and teleportation and so much more becomes/ is available to those having sufficiently cleared, activated and upgraded their DNA.

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Of course there is more and as this main mission / purpose is coming to a conclusion, I can feel how I shall finally be serving the collective in a more public capacity of Writing, teaching, healing and sharing my wisdom and knowledge. I have been doing this all along on my journey over the past many years, mostly free of cost, but I can feel a big shift is happening now. I know I am here to teach mainly about how to achieve greater levels of love for the self and others. Helping others BELIEVE in themselves, their own power and wisdom as this has been a huge part of my own journey. I am here to help activate the highest quality DNA in others and show how they can do this themselves. To empower and guide others along their Ascension journey so they can walk their path with more ease and innerstanding. And in the process I always learn so much as I truly believe that we are all here to teach, show & light the way for one another. We expand Consciousness together, no one is ‘more’ than any other.

In Meditation two weeks back I was shown that I was to focus on continuing to purify my vessel. My ego mind was trying to tell me to panic and try and do something about my living situation as in running to public services, sorting out paperwork (some of which I did) and look at more flats but my soul was just telling me to TRUST. That something BIG is afoot. That there is absolutely nothing to worry about. To just BEEEEE with and integrate these Energies and see what I am being guided to do or not do in any given moment. To remain in the flow of the now Miracle moment, where there is nothing to fix, push or rush. I felt I had to just empty myself of all the wanting, all needs and desires. Of wanting a place to myself and my daughter. To let myself be filled up with the Divine and to trust the Divine Plan and Will (clock shows me 11:10 as I write this:-))! To FULLY trust the Divine has my back as I have been shown this time and again over the past 4 1/2 months of not having a home to my name nor a steady income. To TRUST the answers and solutions shall present themselves in Divine timing. To LET GO OF THE NEED TO CONTROL, FORCE, PUSH or MANIPULATE anything. That all shall happen with Ease and Grace. And sure enough it did, as long as I stayed balanced and at peace within, all falls into place magically. Of course many initiations have been part of this. Whenever we force things, it’s fear based. A fear of things not working out for us, passing us by etc, we decide to TRUST instead.

I haven’t even felt compelled to offer my services again as I could feel I just wasn’t ‘ready’ yet. That I had more to integrate before I would feel more powerful, more knowing, had more clarity, were more at peace and love within myself than ever before. I simply didn’t have the capacity to support others lately, didn’t even want to communicate with friends. And after many weeks of feeling rather detached and withdrawn, sure enough, a whole new phase is starting. Whilst we continue to clear, purify, expand and activate but there’s certainly a BIG inner (and OUT-ThERe) SHIFT starting to happen.

Over the past few weeks we have experienced continuous deep clearings, activations, downloads and upgrades of all our systems. As our higher soul aspects integrate, new gifts and abilities come online, we also go through clearing any karma/ distortions/ Akashic records of those aspects. Especially the lower chakras, which represent the lower 3Dimensions to me, have been a big focus along with the heart and everything really. A LOT of separation, rejection, not enough, depression, anxiety, victim-everything and more have been released with a special focus on relationships & love. I myself had a lot of deep clearings around relationships and my Twinflame, feeling and observing eons of Akashic records clearing. I just allowed myself to feel it all and acknowledge the pain of separation instead of talking it away with my usual higher viewpoint of separation being the illlusion. We have to truly feel, acknowledge and observe these deep emotions from all dimensional levels & perspectives as they arise, so we can FULLY release, they also carry much wisdom and rememberance. All is coming up to be cleared and released, suppression is futile! 😉

I got to a point of total detachment from everything, even the Ascension project. I just had to let it all go after many years of intense focus of working on this project 24/7 to the point of almost burn out. It was a very important phase for several reasons but especially as I am by nature rather tenacious and very strong willed. I got ok with getting a normal job, something I had been resisting on some level. Though my inner knowing tells me that’s not what the universe wants me to spend my time on. But I’m detached from the outcome, I don’t ‘fear’ it anymore as something that would take away from my spiritual path, I know I’d make it work somehow. The important part was that there was resistance in the first place and that had to go! As whatever we resist persists. That btw includes all forms of judgement! Divine Neutrality is the place we want to observe all from so all can be transmuted back to Love, that’s alchemy. If we keep judging it will keep being part of our REALities. When we release judgment we release resistance and challenges resolve themselves as if by magic 

It’s also true for all of us that when we want to manifest something really badly we have to let it go and DETACH FROM THE OUTCOME!! All whilst we TRUST OUR UNIVERSE, WE TRUST US, BELIEVING in ourselves and reaching ever deeper levels of SURRENDER TO DIVINE WILL and the Divine Plan is what is being asked of us in this Miracle NOW. Trying to control or manipulate anything comes from a place of fear of something not working out for us. We have to trust that even the seemingly bad and uncomfortable experiences are ultimately for our highest good and here to show us something we could not see before. They often provide us with our biggest opportunities of expansion.

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I haven’t even been able to support others lately as I always have throughout my whole journey, I just couldn’t talk about or read much about Ascension. Again very important for me as to rest in the knowing they’d be ok. That they figure out and will make it through their own challenges without me just fine. To let it be ok to focus on me and not having to fix or ‘save’ (distortion in itself) anyone, that they’re very capable themselves. To not feel bad about not wanting to talk, to be ok with focusing on me without feeling guilty.

I even watched normal tv which I haven’t been interested in for a long time. Although throughout all this time, interestingly enough, I went deeper and deeper in my Meditation and Energy work with Gaia and our HUman DNA. I kept clearing layer after layer of density of myself and ALL, then calling for more light and activating the highest quality Divine HUman DNA for and in us all as well as working with the Stargates of Ascension.

I wanted to get my website together but had absolutely no interest, couldn’t focus, felt no passion whatsoever in doing so and can see now that it wasnt’ time’ yet. That a few weeks back I wasn’t even fully clear on what I wanted to offer. I am sharing this with you all to assure you that all shall become clear in divine timing. We will know what to do when. There is no need to force, push or manipulate anything, those are the old ways of being. New Earth is all about the flow of energy and not about what we have been told we should be doing, how or when.

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I had to find more joy, let go, detach, surrender. Empty myself of all my ego wanted, felt it needed, just to be with what was arising. It wasn’t as if my body or brains had been able to compute much lately at all anyway, so no real choice. I even managed to have a bad enough fall on the 10.10. trying to hurry I ended up jumping of a small enough wall but didn’t catch myself properly with a couple of heavier bags on me and ended up really hurting my right knee, the left one and my left hip a little too. The whole incident forced me to slow down as my ego was trying to panic and push and force myself to get things done I felt weren’t really in allignment with what my intuition was telling me. Never mind 3D logic 😂

So here we are, an 11:11 month all the way! I truly feel November is going to be life changing. Depending where you’re at on your journey, it shall be magical and awesome and for others it may feel like worlds falling apart and anything in between. Always remember that what is truly meant for you/us shall not pass us by. So no forcing things to happen, that is of the old. Be open to receive all the MAGICAL BLESSINGS the Divine has in store for you and all of us! EXPECT awesome! EXPECT MIRACLES!! Not the same old same old or any Doomsday type predictions. Be careful what you read/ ingest/ BELIEVE and feed your energy towards. Thoughts create things! Stop expecting drama or bad things to happen. Look at the beauty within and around you, focus on that and not the old falling away which was the illlusion anyway!!

Remember to LOVE ALL THAT ARISES, that LOVE IS THE WAY AND THE KEY! Remember that the old forces that controlled us feed of our fear. We release all upcoming fears back to Source and keep calling forth Miracles as the CREATORs that we are! We re-claim our power, freedom, limitless potential and joy!
Feel into your power, strength and invincibility!! Not even death is real!!! It’s all part of the illlusion. Only LOVE IS REAL AND DIVINE LOVE DISSOLVES it all – THE OLD 3D Matrix is crumbling away! NEW QUANTUM REALITIES ARE COMING ONLINE!

We are ready for big shifts, changes, events ..they all start and are created first from within, then the without follows suit. As within so without, as above so below..
We change our REALities by changing our frequency, not the other way around. Ascension is an inside job all the way. So keep going deeper within, nothing to be afraid of but the self, our own shadows, as this is where we can unravel it all, this is where profound healing happens.

💫The deeper we go the higher we fly! 💫

We got this! 💚

Divine Love, Higher Healing, Miracles and Blessings to YOU ALL 🙏

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