GUARDIANS:       At this juncture in the human family timeline we see a widespread and overarching abuse of the term ‘Flower of Life’ as it was originally intended to be used as per the divine dispensation carried down from the Founder Races of which many have now descended into Earth’s hologram to assist with her Planetary Ascension. The Flower of Life (FOL) as was organically and divinely ordained was to describe a sequence of geometric rotations based on the particle-spin-ratio of electrons and protons from the center point of the nucleus outwards in every direction. It was intended to describe the geometric blueprint or architecture of this design as was organically intended from the inception of creation mechanics and creation code several billions of your Earth years ago and certainly not in this here time matrix.

This design is as sacred and profound as is the mapping and inherent structure of the Kathara Grid whom many of your new age lightworkers have learned to accept and appreciate for its sacred geometric symmetry and deeper meaning. However, the current and abused version of the most popular design we will here refer to as the Daisy of Death or ‘Flower of Death’ is actually an inorganic, diabolical reconfiguration and re-encryption if you will based on the Krystic sacred sciences. This will come as a shock to many and many will absolutely disregard this as they are unable to cope with the degree by which they have been deceived and conned for lack of better words. However, some will perk up and pay attention to these words as inherent within them is a deeper understanding that something is and has always been inherently skewed in the current model. Many have spent the better portion of their lives researching the dynamics of metaphysics and geometric relations in order to break the code or reach new heights of enlightenment through scientific breakthroughs, however, as is observable by the human naked eye, all that which is manifested as matter and tangible to the human physical eye has been diabolically reconfigured and reprogrammed if you will as an overlay within the Planetary Logos or Planetary Brain and Planetary Body. By this, we mean that the configuration of systemic architecture visible to the naked eye on this here planet and throughout this Milky Way galaxy has been hijacked, distorted, mutated, reversed and polarized so that the flow and direction of output current could be syphoned away and redirected to serve the agenda of the negative aliens or controller races who have inhabited and enslaved this planet.

It is important for humans to understand at this current juncture in the present timeline that the mainstream or shall we say ‘new-age’ prescribed geometries are perversions of the true organic sacred architecture. There is nothing sacred about these ratios and how these ratios interact with energy bodies and bodies of consciousness. They are in every sense an attempt, and a successful one at that, to capture and harvest the surplus energy that is derived as a result of the way in which these geometries project or direct these energies. (We are compiling these words in a fashion that those who are able to read these words can in some way decipher the ulterior motive behind the original intent and alteration of the codes of creation.) One must be able to comprehend the multitude of motives and agendas in order to be able to pierce through the illusion. One must have an open mind matched with an ability to process an alternate version of reality based on universal truth and in accordance with the fundamental universal principles of law and sovereignty essential and inherent within this and other multiverses.

It is here that we will diverge and explain as comprehensively as we can for this given period of time that we have been allotted with this specific scribe, that the FOL (a.k.a. daisy of death) has been encrypted into the planetary mind and is, if you will, an over-write or re-coding of the organic architecture here on this planet and throughout this galactic system known as the Milky Way. We can, if time allows, explain the extensive history of when and why this encryption occurred as well as explain who and why certain races and Fallen collectives agreed upon this version of reality, however perhaps for now we will begin by explaining the constructs or measurements as a comparison between the ‘Original and Organic Flower of Life’ vs. the distorted and ‘Fallen Daisy of Death’ (now referred to on Earth as Flower of Life).

In the original organic version, the centre point of the organic FOL is anchored and remains anchored to the central point of singularityextending back to its core pillar or life-line of energy which we will call SOURCE. This pillar of source is a gateway or hyper-gateway of eternally supplied life-force energy and it moves in a spiral motion for infinity in all directions. This counter-clockwise rotational spin allows the spiral circular rotation in order to sustain the perpetual motion of which will eternally power or feed this aspect of consciousness or ‘life’ eternally in any direction. (The concept of linear time and the movement of linear time when dealing with energy and currents of living-light-energy supplied from Source make it extremely challenging for many to understand the broader multidimensional nature of true reality —as yes this reality is indeed a bi-polar hologram and as such it is entirely a version of reality which can be thought of as polarized projections of synthetic and non-synthetic light depending on what version of the hologram you are subscribing to.)

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When the first pulsation or phasing of currents occurs from Source, this motion begins the clockwise rotation of the flow of energy and as such this rotation initiates a spiral movement in the current or flow or particle acceleration of quanta. There are many ways/phrases/terms that we can choose to use, however we are choosing to use the ones that we feel are most appropriate for the given audience who may be exposed to these words. Therefore once this spiral of perpetual momentum and movement is initiated, it then begins to create if you will a series of encrypted rotations based on predetermined angels or degrees of spin/rotation. When the degree and spin-ratio is set at 45 degrees it will produce the architecture based on the organic divine dispensation and thus allow the structure to remain connected to its core or point of divine singularity. It will also allow the structure to be congruent and eternally sustained by the infinite phasing based on the trinitized structure of Source. The tri-tone wave or sacred trinity is the core and fundamental sacred architecture that all systems of life and consciousness are founded upon and expanded from. This trinity wave is the symbolic interconnection of the Holy Mother the Holy Father and the Holy Spirit/Child of God. For those more scientifically inclined it is the proton, electron and nucleus. For those even more disassociated with these concepts it can be understood as the life, death and rebirth or the in-breath, the out-breath and the stillness within. There are countless interpretations and ways in which this fundamental sacred geometry extends itself through all life from the macro to the micro or from spirit to matter.

That being said, we will now mention the ratio or relationship between the degree of rotation and angle of spin when dealing with the ‘daisy of death’. As we have mentioned previously this is an over-write of the mechanics of creation and a purposefully implanted mutation or reversal code that has been encrypted into the planetary mind/logos. The degree by which the protons and electrons move in relation to their centre point is set at 60 degrees instead of 45. When the degree of spin and rotation are set at 60 instead of 45, this completely changes the mechanics and structural architecture as well as the direction and movement by which the energy is able or intended to flow by design. This encrypted distortion creates what is known as a ‘systemic black hole’ and is the fundamental technology or architecture by which the controlling negative alien races and those we will refer to as Fallen Angelics have been able to maintain their ‘false inorganic empires’ from which they plot their anti-human agendas.

Aside from creating a 3D animated illustration of what and how this encryption looks like when the degrees are set at 60 versus when the degrees are set at 45, we can not further illustrate the precise differences in appearance, however we can dive much deeper into the differences that result as a function of the specific architecture. For instance, in the organic and original divine sacred architecture referred to here as the organic FOL ,the particle-wave-spectrum or river of life-force current would never cease to flow therefore the Being or aspect of consciousness would be ‘eternal’ or as those during the Atlantean era would have been seeking as their holy grail of immortality. In comparison, the distorted and mutated FOL (aka Daisy of Death) produces a situation or outcome for the host consciousness or being/incarnate whereby the ever-expanding current or flow of source-energy is trapped within a finite system whereby the being experiences aging as a result of the consumptive nature of the dynamics produced by the 60 degree ratio…which means that the spiral is increasingly moving away from its centre point of singularity and can not be replenished and restored by the inherently ordained continuous phasing or breathing/sparking of Source energy that was organically intended to supply that body of consciousness with Eternal Essence.

So what we have in the consumptive model (reverse mutation) is an encryption maliciously implanted or overlaid into the planetary mind/logos that produces an artificial spin/rotation ratio that alters the flow and output of life-force energy derived from the infinite river-of-source-quanta meant to feed or sustain the body of consciousness/incarnate. What we also see as a result of this artificially induced technology is the creation of Black Holes. These Black Holes are in every way unnatural and in every way a complete lack of respect for the core founding principles of this universe under the Law of One and under the overarching Cosmic Law of Sovereignty which states that ‘all beings and bodies of consciousness have the inherent right to be connected to their source at all times under their complete and full disclosure and free will.’ However, instead what we see happening not only here on this planet but widespread throughout this galaxy and potentially spreading out further into other nearby galaxies, are the covert and deceptive use of black hole technology which if understood completely is in fact a feeding station or powering device used to supply neighbouring inorganic time matrices with enough sufficient quanta for their survival and continued growth through covert operations and anti-human agendas. These entities whom we have previously referred to as Controller races of negative aliens have successfully been syphoning and exploiting the sacred and divine energies of those whom we will refer to here as the angelic HU-mans for several thousands of your Earth years.


Before we transition we will give mention as to how this relates to the ‘phi ratio’ as well as the ‘golden mean’ and fib-of-no-chi. All are intimately related, however, it can be precisely and simply explained in terms of the ratio we will now refer to as the ‘demon ratio’. The demon ratio or 666 is the ratio created and infiltrated as the Beast technology. The Beast technology or the 666 is in fact the technology responsible for the actual physical encryption of these reverse codes. Therefore, upon forced re-encryption several thousands of your Earth years ago during the last and final Fall of Atlantis, the restructuring of Earth’s templates and sacred architecture began. It was during this time that Beings known to many as the Nephilim began to install their underground networks of reverse grid technology and this is when the phi ratio was instated. The phi ratio is known within the greater cosmic arena as the sign of the Beast or the demon ratio. It was this precise series of numbers that gave way to the largest assault on sacred architecture this universe has ever seen.


LEEDA:      Can you explain how Metatron plays into this; why is there reference to these re-encyptions being labeled Metatronic?

GUARDIANS:        It is not entirely relevant to speak about the Fallen Collective of Metatron, however, many have chosen to refer to these encryptions as Metatronic and therefore we will do our best to explain the reasons as to why. As you and many others may well understand, this specific collective of angels made the conscious decision to break away from Source and separate themselves from the Godhead or centre point of singularity for their particle-wave-spectrum. Therefore in order to devise a strategy to stay alive in the bodies of consciousness they inhabited, they needed to figure out a way to employ the mechanics of creation in order to source this life-force from another system or time matrix. And THIS is exactly what they did. They devised a plan to ‘reverse the codes of creation’ in a specific way as to reroute the flow of output to be redirected into their own time matrix. Therefore the term has been coined The Metatronic Distortion or Metatronic Code Configuration or Metatronic Reversal.

For those reading these words and feeling as though they have been stolen from and tricked, we say to you YES you have! Yes, there has been a colossal effort to steal and harvest your precious and most sacred of energies in order to fuel a dark and dismal empire of alien machinery and reverse encrypted architecture for the benefit of none other than those who have deviantly severed themselves from their own creator or Source of infinite power supply. HOWEVER, be not devoid of hope and be not feeling as victims as it is NOW upon the surface and face of Gaia that your beloved planet and those we now refer to as Earth’s Angelic HU-man tribe is going through the most auspicious of times this universe has awaited millennia for and that is the Universal and Planetary Ascension whereby all levels, layers and aspects of creation are being allotted a sacred window of time whereby their aspects of self and bodies of consciousness can ascend and break free of this artificially induced matrix and exist within the constructs of the Freed worlds whereby they will return to their organic original blueprints of creation and be restored to the divine architecture of creation.

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We, the Guardian Alliance are here now with the beloved families and collectives of the Krystal Star and Aurora Host Guardians to ensure that those who embody the Divine Will of creation can be given access to these worlds as is their divine birthright. The codes of creation are being restored and repaired as per divine dispensation from the Founder Races and from Prime Directive from the ‘Universal Godhead’ of this universe. Those who feel called to read these words and those who feel called to decipher the deeper meaning of what this truly means are asked to speak to the core of your being whereby your soul and higher-self aspects can hear you and simply ask to be shown the truth. Ask to be shown the galactic, universal and planetary truth so that your 3D mind can begin the process of integrating this into your current level of understanding, therefore your reality can begin to shift, thereby shifting your hologram and thereby initiating you into your process of ascension into the organic realms of creation. We are here with absolute LOVE in our hearts as we, the Krystal Star and the Aurora host beings are indeed your Founder Races and have lovingly stood-by and witnessed these atrocities and long-awaited the time in which we knew we could come and assist to gather and prepare as many souls as possible in order for those who hear and feel the call to return home. This planet is ascending as well and as such she will prepare for the transition to her new multidimensional expression known as Tara. Tara already exists however for those of you who understand multidimensionality ‘she’ is merging and integrating with her higher expression. Those of you who wish to remain on the Earth will be the stewards and caretakers of Tara- New Earth. Those of you who wish to return home can do so with your new lightbodies activated and restored to their new divine expression of Krystal Consciousness KA RA YA SA TA AA LA.

We see that you are pleased with this transmission and we will leave you with this for now as we see that you yourself as the loving scribe for this information will indeed need to process this as well into your being and prepare yourself to be the new and fully activated Guardian Facilitator as has been divinely ordained by your higher-self aspects prior to your incarnation here upon the Earth plane. This my dear is an act of loving service to the One and we thank you for remembering your responsibilities. It is with deep honour and respect for who you are that we bid you farewell and will return for many future ‘visits’. There is much work to be done for this planetary ascension cycle. We ask that you be in service and commit yourself to this new role as we will guide you and remain as committed as you are every step of the way.


​The post The Dark Side of The Flower of Life (a.k.a. Daisy of Death) was written by Leeda ‘Starbird’ Safa and first appeared on

Beloved Earth Tribe, dear sisters and brothers, this article has proven to be highly controversial, confusing, uncomfortable and rather disturbing to those of whom do not have the greater galactic history background and context that would allow this information to formulate and expand one’s perspective of reality in relation to ALL THAT IS.
**Please also know that there are MANY positive and profound developments and successes that have secured, restored, and liberated this holographic reality matrix, this planet, and this human race collective which directly involves the reclamation of the Planetary Logos, restoring the Planet’s Trinitized Krystal Architecture, restoring, reclaiming, reconfiguring the Krystal Diamond Sun Body human blueprint and many more related developments all integral to the auspicious Planetary Ascension that is happening now.
Therefore, I am including a list of important links for those willing and eager to explore this subject in greater detail.

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In no way am I or the Krystal Guardians here to impose or force information or perspectives onto another- your free-will and your own heart and soul’s intelligence is valued more than anything therefore please set this information aside if you do not feel resonance and please continue doing what you can in divine perfection as your service to the Whole. May you each be blessed and held sacred in the light of the One True Source. ~Leeda (October 21st 2017)


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