Brad Johonson – The Earth transformations are increasing as an enormous numberological gateway has passed. A powerful gateway that has led to a culmination of collective events and planetary cycles to enter fruition granting a new period in the path towards dimensional upliftment.

There will be a further increase in aurora activity throughout the northern and southern areas of the world as this generates dimensional fluctuation through time/space fabric boundaries. The auroras signify change occurring within the planet and can be read like the fluctuations in one’s own energy field. They represent the emotions and activities that take place within and upon the Earth. As the auroras intensify on a greater scale, as to do the events that will be set to take place upon the planet.

The old regime’s plans are at their end game and their times of desperation only continue to increase. Many alliance that are made. Recently, it was through the old regime that created man-made fires throughout the state of California. These attacks were made through microwave beam satellites and their motive was to acquire greater financial acquisition as a means of maintaining their crumbling empire. This attempt will not reach a state of success as this will lead to further take-downs as the corrupt will take themselves down behind the scenes where their greed will only intensity and accelerate their imminent defeat.

On other levels, there are more nations coming together fo a common cause to bring a collective transformative effort in creating prosperity funding programs that are set to happen country-by-country as enter into the next decade. Even through other political and national operations are happening in cooperation, the greatest support is through the individual and their neighbors that shall present the greatest prosperity.

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Through the prosperity to come that will show more of itself in the next decade, humanity will learn to develop far more organic systems that will replace old systems that thrived on resources that injured the planet and the value energy of each person upon it. The idea of a monetary system will be making a major changes between now and the early to mid-part of the next decade. It is estimated that much of the old regime’s presence will be further taken down this coming year and will culminate to their empire crumbling as you move forward leading all the ways to 2024. The old regime is running out of Aces in the hole and the walls around them are closing in. More subduing of their agencies and agents are expected before the end of the year leading to the higher authorities of the old regime to become apprehended as you move into 2019 and 2020.

There is an increase in off-world meetings with specific councils and groups that are lending more aid of service behind the scenes to ensure that intrusion upon others will reach a point of ceasing. There are continued discussions in ending environmental pollution including the chemtrail[anti-lightcodes] agenda where secret space fleets and intervention fleets will begin to intervene on canceling out the severity of these trail bombardments. The old regime has been given several warnings that if these acts of environmental destruction continue, their agendas will be publicized and many corporations assisting with such plans will be exposed leading to their downfall.

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The Earth holds a very different vibration as it did one year ago prior to the 11/11 gateway of 2017. The people on a collective level are far more active an passionate in bringing fairness and equality to their fellow man, woman and child. There is a greater reaching out between the people of nations and a greater resolve that collectively understands what much be done to usher in a new ear where prosperity, community and companionship become the daily way of life. Continue to send you blessings, bring forward your loving intent and help those around you that work to bring their lives into balance. Through the inner work you perform, you become the example of what others to may become. Simplicity and example shall always bring the greatest of results forward to those who are walking a similar path. Let love reign supreme upon the Earth as there need not be anything else, for love will always allow prosperity, compassion and understanding to flourish.


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