A Session of Empowerment
⚡Highly Potent⚡ Encoded Multidimensional Communication
Lyran-Sirian-Anuhazi Light Language DNA Activation Transmission.

The Languages of Light is coming forth increasingly because it is a powerful catalyst for the Planetary Ascension – the Galactic Human evolution into the higher frequency of Divine Love.

Open yourselves to these stellar Languages of light High Frequency Unity Source Codes. Allow the spiritual integrity of the encoded expressions to resonate with your heart. Allow the spoken Light Codes to imprint and stimulate your Galactic DNA codes.

Each one of us is a Star in Human form activating our Stellar Radiance. Stellar Radiance is that form of Light that carries the Creational Codes of Spiritual Power that animates our Divine Blueprint. And our Solar Star, the Sun is the mediator of Galactic Intelligence projected as Radiant Light from the Benevolent Eternal Source of Creation. As we project this Divine Light, we become the amplifier to bring the sensation of Love-Unity to Life. And as the Light Codes merge between the layers of our divine blueprint, the blueprint activates to multiplied vortices, dimensionalized time changes into the Universal Quantum Harmonics – The Zero Point Network of all Union, Cosmic Memory is restored. This year marks the beginning of Stellar Radiance.⭐⚡💫💎☀️🌈

~Sacred Romeo


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