Understanding all of the changes we are undergoing through the Ascension journey can feel sometimes overwhelming. Due to the energetic nature of these changes, it can be difficult to grasp how and why we are experiencing such incredible shifts emotionally, mentally, and physically. In our spiritual community there is a lot of emphasis on the spiritual nature of Ascension and what it means for us, but today I want to share with you the importance of having a healthy vessel for Ascension.

It’s important to remember as lightworkers and starseeds that if our work down here could easily be done from the higher dimensions, we wouldn’t have been needed to incarnate here on Earth. Our vessel allows us to anchor 5D energies, be a surrogate for bloodline and collective healing, and experience this incredible time through the human experience. This vessel allows us to carry out our divine work in 3D. Taking care of our bodies is very much a part of the Ascension process and today I am going to share with you what I believe are fundamental health tips that everyone should be aware of. This information was brought to my attention back in my mid 20’s when I was studying cellular health via the blood. It became clear that if someone were to at the very least follow these protocols, they are giving themselves a much higher chance of creating an internal environment for general healthy living.

The healthy guidelines I offer in this video are to boost your general health overall. They target what I believe to be the most impactful areas of the body for strong vitality and creating an environment for our cells to function optimally. If you are suffering from a serious condition or are unsure of what to take, please always check in with your primary healthcare provider that you trust before adding anything new to your health regime.

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