1] Forerunners will (if not already) receive sudden, strong physical purge to body. This physical purge within the body, is an activation at cellular level. It stops them in their tracks, intentionally so…to look within and find their FINAL attachment to ‘Third dimensional’ realm. Something that holds you in the illusion/dream. This final earthly attachment is an ‘agreement or contract’ between two souls, made pre-birth that has now been fully completed. It will be a loving acceptance and KNOWING, as the higher vibration of love you are, that the work each signed up for is now finished, and successfully so. It need not be a physical end to any relationship either as you may still care deeply for that human and they may stay in your life experience. It is purely a higher understanding reached and a full recognition that what was agreed between two souls pre-birth, has reached it’s successful outcome, where each soul can now be freed of said ‘agreement/contract’. It’s a liberation in the human earthly form. It is a letting go of said agreement as you’ve both succeeded in that mission regardless of whether the other person is awake or asleep. This is completely timed to the MASS ascension timeline unfolding.

Please note it is not an unloving detachment from another. An unloving detachment is linear detachment (3d consciousness) where healing is then necessary and clearing can be made via looking for the higher truth within oneself.

This FINAL ‘detachment’ for Forerunners relates to the mass collective ascension timeline. Some Forerunners may have already reached this stage recently. And some just now or very soon. The FINAL detachment made in FULL CONSCIOUS AWARENESS, detaches the Forerunner completely from the lower energetic frequency programming and experience. So that they have reached/will reach FULL DETACHMENT mode in readiness for the Event. The Event is both external AND also absolutely INTERNAL.

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2] Forerunners step up their role (gifts) post Event. Their current role will change from this NOW role, pre-event. They know already it is to change, as each came in with more than one purpose to for-fill in their final ‘human’ incarnation.

3] Those that are awake and on the path, that have not detached or cleared their human fully, need not worry. As they will be assisted by the ‘Service to Whole Forerunners’ post Event.

4] There will be a great distortion that plays out in the ‘3d realm’, Pre Event. Creating world wide distraction (upset) within the ‘3d realm’. It is a distortion that will occur in 3D realm only.

5] There will be a HUGE incoming wave before the Main Event. So a pre-cursor. A far stronger incoming energy than anything experienced so far, yet it is not the Event.

One Unified Love,

Amanda Lorence
24 November 2018


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