Ascending Masters Gathering Energy Update *FINAL UPDATE for NOVEMBER*
Anastacia-Blue Beyond Guide – Part ONE -We are in a very big ‘Transition’ over the next 48hrs as today I am saying I need ‘radio silence’ 😉 – leading up to December 1st

From the 19th of November specifically has been OFF THE CHARTS of what I shared was us going through an Initiation of where some could ‘check-out’ – or would make it through, where in a past life they didn’t

Then it came that it was not only an Initiation in the HUman then came ALSO an energetic Initiation of our Spirit which is linked to our Higher Self, the other you in the astrals

Double Initiation – Double Rebirth = Spirit and Soul for a New Rebirth of both together!!!

With a Triple energy intensity

Both the Snake and Phoenix energies TOGETHER

This is most certainly very new and something WE HAVE NOT GONE THROUGH BEFORE in our New Ascension

This implosion of energies of both is forcing up and out the old for a final release of a New Grounding/Grid/Template for ourselves

Like feeling one is in a pressure cooker intensely and feeling massively overwhelmed in the human and/or spirit as well

Some have been through this, some are still in this for a:


Part TWO
Let’s go back from the 19th Nov with the updates both of private energy updates and all else shared here publicly:

19 Nov – Spiritual Initiation Breakthrough – Of New Universal Energies coming through!!!

20 Nov – Universal Initiation & Energy Survival – Stepping out of old ‘roles’ and connections and energy spaces for survival – many going through this differently for themselves – we are needing to go through this for ourselves – releasing trauma form our past that had built up, that can now release on a New Universal level/scale of energies – feeling in a ‘void’ – where we may feel an inner implosion of the old and new energies and any resistance in releasing the old – feeling a ‘shock’ from this – bring our energy back into ourselves and our own spaces is vital at this time

*This came through so strongly for some in the release of the ‘implosion’ of this felt through the physical *

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23rd Nov – Full Moon with Retrograde/Initiation/ 3 levels of pulling our energy back in – old ways and old emotions coming up for release of our past coming into play – be patient and truly allow yourself to let go – those who take self repression/self denial to extremes with feel this as a very big struggle – let go of wanting to push ahead

23/24 Nov- New Universal baby re-birth/New energetic platform being reached – 12 Nov shared of rebirth of inner boy/girl – now this is further back for ourselves of a New Universal baby energy healing –

25/26 Nov – Letting go of old connections to re-connect again in a New space of energies for oneself – Emotional Bypassing – Major light upgrades – Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine healing – Overflow of information coming through – Cleaning out our ‘closet’ in both Spirit and Soul for a Double Initiation – Let go of old connections then we can then choose who we reconnect with (or not)

27 Nov – Disconnection-Reconnection – Vision of old world blown apart with a new universal light breaking through – with old earth energies being removed so we can form a new connection-reconnection to the Divine in a new energy vibration (New Universal expansion energy) – this also then applies to others as well from here – facets of Divine Feminine and Masculine further healing – going through a ‘gauntlet’ – Pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off and keep going

*Note – when information comes through in Spirit that is shared, then a further update may share again yet differently, this is because the information comes through in Spirit and then the ‘follow through in the Soul/Human = of Double Energies of both Spirit and Soul of the Whole and bigger picture and through our Emotions in linking the two*

27 Nov – Weaving New Universal & Gaia ‘Tapestries’ for ourselves Pts 1-4 – Old subconscious energies coming up into the light, shifting into Higher Heart space – New connection/reconnection with the Divine and ourselves – let go of all connections with others energetically – Be Conscious in Newly creating – releasing old DNA – new codes coming in continuously – Creating New templates for ourselves – Let Go – Reconnecting by disconnecting with others firstly – Divine Feminine and Masculine balancing/re-aligning as well as facets of older dark paradigm energies releasing – New Kundalini re-activation – As we shine our facets and EMERGE in a New Light Paradigm

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27 Nov – Addendum to Weaving our New Tapestries – Triple intensity of energies flowing with new Universal and new Gaia grid energies – Others abusive verbally in ‘blaming’ us – Blue Rays feeling so deeply of New Universal ‘hidden’ layer of energy has come up and out – Faced ultimate ‘test’ or Spiritual Initiation of both Spirit and Soul = Double Initiation

28 Nov – Snake and Phoenix Double Initiation/Rebirth = together = Rebirth*Transformation*ReWeaving*Reactivating

With all shared above many are in different phases or stages of this for themselves personally as these can interwoven together in what one is going through right now of some or all of the above


Please read and feel the following Sacred Geometry Healing card that came in reading/feeling into this is very empowering and powerful overall of what I have shared above:


‘My Spiritual and physical bodies are reborn and reweaved at cellular memory level’

The Rebirth card acknowledges your need for transformation by reweaving, reactivating and cleansing your DNA patterns.

It is now time to let go of old ways of thinking. Release the belief system you have held onto for so long to allow your body, mind and spirit to shift in accordance with the inevitable changes. As we ride the waves of an increase of UNIVERSAL VIBRATION and frequency, as well as dealing with interrelationships within ourselves, family and business, we need to keep up with the forever changing shifts that are becoming an everyday occurrence.

Rebirth brings with it all eight dimensional frequencies. It represents duality on all levels: male and female, heaven and earth, light and dark, body and spirit, old and new belief patterns..

By adapting to new frequencies and different ways of thinking and doing, we can open our hearts to new understandings and anchor fully into our body of light to support us in our inevitable evolutionary changes and shifts

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A more positive mindset will do wonders for your spirit and physical body. It is important to acknowledge that our thoughts are powerful. Thoughts are energy and what we perceive we create.

It is time to create a more harmonious lifestyle by eating healthier, exercising, changing our way of thinking and meditating” Emily Kisvarda

I was let know recently that December 1st would be another newer energy and so with this, I will be doing my FINAL month of the Personal Energy updates by donation and via email! If you feel and resonate to receive these then please email me at: [email protected] as this will CLOSE in 48hrs time

As always I am right here with you

You are Masters – You are Ascending – And we are Gathering

Much Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty

Anastacia Kompos
Ascension Pioneer Trailblazer WaySeer Blue Ray elder
Personal 1:1 Divine Guidance/Healings of self are available

Anastacia Kompos is in service to Humanity and Gaia as an Ascension Pioneer. She is a Trailblazer, Way Seer and a Blue Ray Elder. Her gift is having linked her Soul to her Spirit-Higher Self – in having two Souls – her Spiritual Soul in 9D and Human Soul in 7D Embodiment.
Anastacia has been gifted her Spiritual Soul, this is what makes her a Trailblazer for humanity.
Anastacia has accessed her connection to her Monad/Oversoul in 9D. Being one of the 144000 to assist humanity with the ascension opportunity of what she is bringing through in human embodiment with her unique healing tools and methods of personal experience over 23yrs.
To assist-guide others to link their Soul to their Spirit/Higher Self through their EMOTIONS – to progressively merge their Spirit/Higher Self into the human into Fifth Dimensional energies as an Earth Master in the physical.
As a Multidimensional 5D Ascended Earth Master Anastacia does this in real-time experience – both as a template FOR humanity as a Rainbow Bridge and WITH all of HUmanity
Art: Adrian Lobo


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