In 2007 and 2008, the Aquari and Indigo humans of the AquafereionIndigo Shield from the Krystal River Host assisted the Guardians in activating a host shield for this planet (NET Earth or 3D Earth) that allowed for the formation of the Aurora Slide Zones. The Slide Zones are the Aurora Field between Earth and Urtha. Urtha is a much larger Star into which our smaller planet Earth from Tara had been put in as a host shield.

The Aurora Slide Zones, when fully activated, created the activation of the Gyrodome. The Gyrodome, or the gyrating dome, created a host field that allowed for the formation of the New Earth.


The New Earth

The New Earth, or Aurora Ascension Earth, is actually a field that has the imprint of this 3D Earth and part of an imprint of Urtha. The New Earth is the intermediary zone between Earth and Urtha.

Our planet literally sits in the middle of a larger Star planet called Urtha. We don’t see Urtha when we go out into space because it’s at a different ARPS (angular rotation of particle spin) than we are.

The New Earth will have part of the coding from here and part of the coding from Urtha, so it will look like a field that has some of the characteristics that we know of as Earth but also some of the characteristics that the Guardians know of as Urtha. There will be locations here that are actually replicated there, so you’ll see certain neighborhoods, certain structures that will be just like you’re walking through Earth here. But there will be other things that don’t make it through that are following the anti-Kristiac path. 

A new reality field is emerging that the Guardians refer to simply as the New Earth. It is a new Earth birthing right around the one that is dying. About 1/3 portion of NET Earth will end up as islands on Ascension Earth.

Land areas are emerging that look like a different time frame on this planet. They would look like Earth either in a pristine past or in a pristine future. They are like a new Earth, where the things that have gone wrong here and the pollutions and those kind of things, they don’t exist there. It’s as if you walked into a new Earth that is bright, shiny, beautiful and Kristiac.

It is the Earth in the future, after all the battles were done. It is a place where the remaining races would come to heal. For about two million years, there will be nurseries and rehabilitation stations on the New Ascension Earth for the regenesis of the Kristiac races.

So, the event horizon we are moving forward is literally, the New Earth promised in the Biblical times. It is the “New Heavens and a New Earth.” It is the Kristiac path.


Ascension and the Starfire Period of 2047-2052

 Urtha is still an ascension Star. Between 2047 and 2052, our host Star is going to Starfireor “ascend” inward to the Middle Domain. Earth, because of its damage—due to Invader Races’ installation of black hole technologies on the planet for the past millions of years—cannot Starfire. It cannot do; it would explode.

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The Indigo Shield and the Aquafereion Shield will be removed from 3D Earth during the Starfire period. Aquari and Indigo humans will be leaving for Aurora Ascension New Earth because we have commissions there. We will be able to hold the Krystal River Host of the New Earth, where that Earth will actually be an evolution station for about two million years, although some of us will not stay on it that long. Some of us will ride right out with Urtha and go into the Edons with Starfire. Others will stay to run the nurseries.

Some of us will go from the New Earth on the Outer Domain to the Middle Domain of Sirius B Edon, and then on to Andromeda on the Inner Domain. Then from there, back to whatever Core of our Home Galaxy we originally came out of.

If your Home Galaxy or Universe was this one, you’d go into Starfire with the New Ascension Earth from here. If you were originally from the Aquari Matrix over in the parallel adjacent Eckasha, you would be able to cross over to your Home Matrix, so you could go on with your own natural ascension.

There are all sorts of intermediate (or midway) stations, like between Urtha, Sirius B and Andromeda, where you get advice about what you need to do next, to get to where you would get back on with your natural time line of your Adashi turnaround cycle.

A bunch of us will end up going out through the Aquareion Matrix, because that’s where we actually came from in the first place. There’s a few bypasses you can do, if you can generate enough frequency to go out through the Inner Domains, where you don’t have to do the long journey home all the way through Sirius B, Andromeda and then over to the Aquareion Matrix. You can actually cross through the inner HUBs and back out again and get yourself in the same position over in the Aquari Matrix.

Those souls who can’t make it off this planet physically, but who can slide into the AuroraZone, can rebirth into an upgraded human form that would have the genetic upgrade of the Seeding 3 Aquafereion. Therefore, they would be able to again get their ascensioncodes back, given the place to still evolve so they could still get out by the AscensionPassages.

Angelic Humans are the ones who will be holding the host on Earth after the Starfireperiod, when the Aquari and Indigo humans have relocated to the New Earth or Aurora Ascension Earth.


Natural Bardoah Death for the Majority of Humans

Many human souls will not choose the Kristiac  ascension path of evolution. Until 2230 A.D., humans will continue to live on NET Earth and continue their normal 3D lives until their natural death. At their natural Bardoah death, the humans’ consciousness will leave the physical body and continue onward to the next phase of their spiritual evolution. Please click here for more information on life after death for the majority of humans: Life After Death.

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After 2230 A.D., all life on 3D Earth, including that of humans, will no longer have a spirit body connected to them.


The Sun’s Nova Cycle


As of March 25th 2007, the Sun has officially begun its final Bhardoah Cycle. Our solar system will enter its final Nova Cycle, which means implosion/explosion and space dust return to God-Source between 500-1,000 years from now.

So, our solar system would be able to survive for another 500-1,000 years, before the Sun’s final Nova Cycle begins. It would not have access anymore to the full Eternal Life Ascension; it would no longer be an ascension system.


212-Year Load-Out-EVACUATION Last Ascension Cycle


Even though this Earth body cannot undergo a natural ascension anymore, the part of the Earth body that can draw into the Aurora Slide Zones of Ascension Earth, will be able to undergo its natural evolution and ascension.

Between 2047 and 2052, Urtha is going into Starfire. This means it will shift angular rotation of particle spin and not be there anymore supporting what’s left of this planet. The Aurora Field, the new Ascension Earth, will support the rest of this planet so it doesn’t get vaporized as Urtha Starfires.

We have about 212 years left before our Sun, Sol, goes through its Bardoah probability. In 212 years, this New Earth field will also go into its Starfire cycle, and what is left will implode/explode and return to Source as space dust within the 1,000 year period. So, whatever wants out, and doesn’t want to go back as space dust return, has 212 years before this New Earth ascension field goes through its natural Kristiac Starfire cycle.

After that point, there can still be life here on NET Earth, but there will not be life that has a spirit body connected to it. So, we’re in the process of an evacuation. Not a three day evacuation, but a 212 year evacuation of as much of the life field here that can be brought in to this New Earth ascension field.


Shifting into the Light Grids of Aurora Earth


The New Earth is the Aurora Ascension Earth. That means it is in a Cloud like, etheric state of reality. It is the place where the Cloud People, the Aquafereions, the Fifth Dimensional families from Inner EarthCrystal Cities, Cloud Cities, Cities of Light and thousands of other sets of friends and families already live.

We can shift into the Light Grids of the Aurora Earth by shifting into the Mid Brain which only experiences the Cloud like Etheric Dream state as reality. That new reality cannot be produced in its perfect state until there is no more of the Old Earth that will continue to exist in the Judgement of the Neo Cortex.

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As long as all of the old realities are held in the mind, those old realities will continue to manifest as the movie that you see all day. When you create a new movie without any of those Conditional Beliefs from the Neo Cortex, you will be making the movie of the New Earth.

So, here we have a choice to make. We can continue to live in the old world that is created by the pictures of human created reality in the Neo Cortex, or we can move to the world that is created by the Mind of God reality in the Psychic Brain. When you create God’s movie, you are creating a new reality that contains brand new versions of people, brand new versions of the structure of government, brand new versions of how wealth or income is distributed. You become the God of your Creation, the God of your Kingdom, when you use the Formula of Unconditional Love.

All reality must be produced in the movie camera of Divine Love. You are the movie writer and producer. Your Mid Brain is your movie projector. That is the Frequency of Consciousness that holds all within the At One Ment of the Consciousness of All That Is. Within that Field of Consciousness there is no Condition. Conditions only exist where there is judgement. The only place that creates judgement is the Neo Cortex. Anything that you can create without judgement becomes unconditional and then it becomes a part of the new reality.

If you want to create a new type of reality, you must stop thinking about those things of the world. The thoughts in the Thinking Brain will just keep you in the old NET Earth, while the Frequencies of the Blue Hue that is manufactured in the White Light will allow you to float into the Aurora Earth of infinite possibilities.

The new Aurora Ascension Earth is here now. It is time to plug in your neuronets and DNA (which basically means the same thing at this time) into the New Spectrum of Reality. It is time to move into the New Earth through the plasma fields of Rainbow Bridges.

The reality only becomes real to those who TUNE IN to the Frequencies of the new Aurora Ascension Earth. Will you become a part of the new reality or will you choose to stay in the old reality?

Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Things might change in the future. A lot depends on the transformation of humanity as the Last Ascension Cycle progresses within the next 200 years.


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