Congratulations Victory to the Light.. 12.12 Portal Aligning


Namaste brothers and sisters,

It is our greatest honour to come forth in this manner to bring a message to you all from Beyond the rapidly diminishing veil.

So many profound shifts are taking place for all of you on a personal level and collective level at the moment, and here we refer you to our last Ascension report whereby we spoke in depth about all of the Pleiadian light ships that have now landed in Earth’s atmosphere. This has always been a fundamentally essential part of the Divine plan dearest ones, as these ships are supporting us all in such deep and profound ways that it is impossible for our human consciousness to comprehend.

The forces of Darkness have lost their battle and what we are currently experiencing is the burning of the Ashes of the old ways of control and manipulation. Please know that our Pleiadian star brethren  have been granted permission by the galactic Federation of Light to intervene in this last ditch attempt of the powers that were.

At times such as this, it is advisable for all of us in our meditations, to open our heart chakras and telepathically connect with our Pleiadian brothers and sisters. As also mentioned in our last written transmission our Pleiadian brethren predominantly operate from a 6 dimensional consciousness frequency, which means that they are able to guide us all proficiency as we transition from 3d consciousness to ultimately stabilise in fifth dimensional consciousness.

These are the long prophecised times that we have all been waiting for on some level, these are the times of the great shift of the ages, the great shift in consciousness from the age of Darkness to the age of light. These times have been long prophesied in all of ancient long count calendars whereby all of them, without fail end around this time period of 2012 to 2020.

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