The Eternal Lightbody Ascension ~ Chakra Reconfiguration/Restoration


A little explanation of the Chakra System reconfiguration/restoration for the 5D Crystalline Solar Lightbody of Eternal Life.

Image illustration was Sourced by Lisa Renee and originally appeared in the article at her website here: Baron

All the diseases and distortions known and unknown including man-made on the planet that infected the hearts and minds of the embodied collective consciousness are extensions of a large Cosmic Virus- a fallen angelic collective group called Metatron whom had decided to disconnect from the flow of Eternal Source Light. This Entity is what created the “Flower of Life”, and the Fibonacci Spiral, and the 10 Grid “Tree of Life”, which are reversed fallen, finite geometries – distorted technology designed to suck the life force energy out of the earth system. This has resulted in the distortion of our divine blueprint imposed to a finite life closed source system and created much damage to the planetary mind, in our nervous system, and the damage aggressively ages the human bodies. These reversed code consumption technologies were implanted on the earth grids and the pyramids(built by the fallen ET’s, who are extensions of Metatron) were directed to beam the life force energy off planet to supply and fuel the reversed, finite time matrix – black hole of Metatron.

The distorted group of consciousness(metatron collective) that became the cosmic virus needs a host to spread and manipulate energy an order to harvest energy. Channelers are merely host for the virus to speak through. The speakers are manipulated into sharing some love and light universal truth mixed with reversed code Ascension mechanics. This is how the entity operates/infiltrates. If channelers could truly connect through their Soul/Oversoul galactic, universal source mind, they wouldn’t need to channel any entities. The Eternal Lightbody chakra template I shared in the recording is the Original Creation for Eternal Life. Because Source is Eternal and the truth is we are remembering that we are Source Embodied.

The Planet has been healing itself of the Virus Coding by becoming hotter every year by way of increased high Aqua Rays of Source Energy and spinning much faster to transmute the virus, and release it from the Planetary Body Template. That’s why time is speeding up. It’s just like when a person has a Fever, the body heats up and the immune system goes on overdrive to heal from the virus.

Transmuting the collective group of viruses is the process of “re-setting” the human DNA code to the Original Unity Source Code. The original divine human DNA template is what allows for the creation of the quantum reality of heaven consciousness. The original angelic human DNA template before the collective group of cosmic viruses that fell into human consciousness, and became the controllers.

The vertical channel of 3, 6, 9, 12 for the Eternal Lightbody template is now once again back in alignment and reconnected but new inner wiring still has to grow to plug back the original chakra points into the vertical channel of source conscious mind connection points. 2018 marked the beginning for the rebuilding process.

Divine Source Consciousness will prevail in this massive healing mission.


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