Jen Mccarty – Dearest beloveds,

greetings of the most high. We come forward in this sacred moment of your time on wings of great excitement and jubilation Please know dearest ones that the so deeply prayed for transformations are finally truly taking place now on this earthly realm.

There are acute upheavals taking place all around the world at the moment and we are all witnessing a monumental handover of power from the forces that “were” who are sometimes referred to as the Deep state or the cabal – to the forces of light.

Dearest ones, We are so close now, and life on Earth is on the cusp of transforming at a truly unprecedented rate. We can confirm that there are leaders in the geopolitical and military complex who genuinely do have an ascending humanity’s greatest interests at heart, and who are working tirelessly at dismantling the old control structures and paving the way for technologies that will instantly liberate humanity on every level.

The old ways of mind control and blatant manipulation of humanities consciousness are now in the final dismantling stages and for some, this will appear chaotic and messy, but here we refer you very very strongly to the archetype of the tower card in the tarot major Arcana.

The tower represents all that is not solid or sustainable.All of our Western societies have been built upon these illusionary principles with the primary motivation of those in power being service to themselves with a complete neglect of the vast majority of humanities needs and birthright.Please know that each of us holds within our deepest blueprint, all of the codes to create paradise on earth.

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This blueprint is stored in our super consciousness field also known as the Akashic records. What this means is that every single human being alive is programmed for unity consciousness, to coexist on this pristine planet in harmony and bliss…

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