Ascending Masters Gathering Energy Update
Anastacia-Blue Beyond Guide – YOU ARE DOING SO MUCH BETTER THAN YOU REALISE! – 16th December 2018

Do you think or feel that you have gone through all you have for nothing? NO! You are strong, you are resilient in ways you do not even realise – you are ‘in’ a process of growth/transition/transformation of New Ascension of both your Spirit and Soul – merging further with your Higher Self

And you are here in humanity living this life and these incredible changes in our times…and you have survived so far!

For what ever that is or for where ever you are at on your Souls Divine Journey


As this is about real-ness and learning to Master Ourselves as New Ascending Earth Masters = We are Masters…We are Ascending…We are Gathering…

If you want to ascend further on your Souls Divine Journey, there needs to be a coming home to ourselves and grounding into the Human being – ‘nothing less is called for here’ than ascension in the Human of the Spirit and Soul in the Physical, our Human Embodiment = Divine Union of ultimately merging with our Higher Selves further and further.

Have a read through the following, of energies as shared in past excerpts of updates from 20th Nov (alone) – to grasp an ‘idea’ of what we have really been going through in the HUman Being (with all else being shared that is occurring in the astrals and other realms beyond of information that is coming through):

20 Nov – Universal Initiation- releasing trauma from our past on a new Universal ‘scale’ of energies, to allow for a new re-set, feeling in a void, inner implosion, near death experiences

22 Nov – Mercury retrograde/FullMoon – with Universal Initiation energies, ‘two different forces working against each other’ of ‘your past is coming into play’, ‘old ways’ and emotions coming up to release during ones transition/initiation, ‘be patient and allow yourself to truly let go of things you’ve been carrying with you, is going to make a big difference in your life’, no room for the ego or the head of the old

27 Nov Pts 1-4 – Weaving New Universal & Gaia ‘tapestries’ for ourselves – old subconscious energies coming to light, shifting into Higher Heart energies, a shattering of ‘old world’ energies, New Light Paradigm, going through a gauntlet in balancing Divine Feminine & Masculine within, be conscious, don’t push away anything that comes up for release, newly create in a conscious way, creating new templates, Triple intensity of energies, balancing-re-aligning old darker paradigm energies releasing, new kundalini re-activation

29 Nov – Double-Snake & Phoenix Rebirth Pts 1-3 – Double Rebirth of both Spirit and Soul, with triple energy intensity, implosion of energies is forcing up and out the old, Re-birth-Transformation-Reweaving-Reacitvating

1st Dec – Shadow baby side release/healing-intensity overwhelm-staying alive-new upgrades-saying and feeling NO MORE – All facets coming up for shining, inner diamonds outwards, low self esteem & lack of confidence arising/at forefront, weave/create new tapestries, reaching a final surrender, the old you and new you, light body upgrades

2nd Dec – Final re-set-wakeup call-double rebirth – time to do something different in a very new way, claiming and owning all of our ‘bits’ of energies, re-set of old shifting with the new as part of the Double Snake & Phoenix rebirth, final re-set-huge wake up call

5 Dec – New codes, downloads, releasing the old 444 – New Grid energies, releasing old coding/programmes, pay attention to our inner wisdom, nothing to fear, establishing new solid foundations, allow some stillness to catch up with ourselves

6 & 7 Dec – Deconstruction for Reconstruction-Surge of older energies releasing on all layers and levels, unravelling of years of anger, guilt & fear, tears of release and relief, paying it forward for ourselves, a pulling apart of old grid to form new, all our facets, let go of older links, quiet inner space needed, ‘I release all guilt and fear from my cellular memory now’, bring out our strengths of times of the past in this lifetime, be kind and gentle on ourselves

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8 Dec – Game changer=Personal Void for new upgrade, up to down & down to up to merge a higher vibration, out of own personal dark void coming to light, the old way of transmuting is over, we need to go into our own personal voids, the ‘bottom of the barrel’, breaking inside of both Spirit and Soul, letting go of ALL soul contracts, at edge of cliff/abyss & not going into the old again to remain there, our Angel Wings will fly us over, let go of ALL, you are much stronger than you were in the past, part of Final Initiation, crow medicine- listens to your instincts, you have all the wisdom & knowledge within

11 Dec – Be the stillness in the centre of a hurricane of energies all around us, first soul wounding contracts are now OVER=game changer, ‘opportunity to rewrite our contracts now, integration of all we are has sped up, The starting point is the Self-be in the world but not of it, yet do not be closed, narrowed or judging, rather remain receptive to impulses flowing from the Divine within & without, time of major growth and rectification, old memories and energies swirling around non stop, giving ourselves a hard time to push forward where we need to bring our energy back into ourselves, a separation of our old life & old timeline with our new contracts forming, re-writing our contracts take time, addictions at the forefront, remain the calm in the storm, this will be so worth it!

13 Dec – a VERY DIFFERENT energy this morning, catching up with ourselves, slowing down ‘time’, take a moment to slow oneself down, to remind ourselves how fast we rush and how quick we move and how 1-2 mins can be a very long time, to what actual ‘time in’ yes an illusion, yet one we need to live in, and so we bend time for ourselves

14 Dec – MIRRORING for others – immense ANGER/RAGE-PTSD/Trauma-Stepping into our New Empowerment – shattering core deep, anxiety & anger rising up and out of our cells, Blue Rays especially feeling this, to do with families and transmuting, mirroring with others-closed loved ones, stay in ones space for protection and self preservation, past trauma coming up and out, allow others and ourselves space to merge with higher self, goes back to Atlantis, First Soul contracts have ENDED, Divine Feminine wounding/healing, bigger than just us, this will be and is SO WORTH IT


ALL OF THIS has been going on, with two days ago there was a breaking through of energies that DID COME THROUGH – which will make it easier to release and go through, yet it is like a ‘crash-course’ of such rapid ascension as ‘time has sped up’ energetically and this is the ‘why’ we need to now newly create being the stillness in all going on around us (Zero Point)

As what has been shared above is still occurring energetically for us, for some, for many who are feeling these energies so very deeply as part of your Souls Mission here and now on your Sacred Divine Journey of both your Spirit/Higher self and your Soul!

As we are in a merging of our Spirit/Higher Self to our Soul in the physical/Human Embodiment more and more or further than ever before!!! = Divine Union

Here are some runes that I was guided to draw for us all:

The Horse

“TRANSIT, and MOVEMENT; TRANSITION OF PHYSICAL SHIFTS, new dwelling places, new attitudes or NEW LIFE. It also signifies movement in the sense of improving or bettering any situation.

A sense of GRADUAL DEVELOPMENT and STEADY PROGRESS, with the accompanying notion of slow growth through NUMEROUS SHIFTS and CHANGES. A relationship may need to undergo changes it is it to maintain growth and life. Moral effort and steadfastness are called for when you draw the Rune of Movement. Let it be said this way: AS I CULTIVATE MY OWN NATURE, ALL ELSE FOLLOWS.

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This Rune’s symbol is the Horse, and it signifies the inseparable bond between horse and rider. You have progressed far enough to feel a measure of safety in your position. Now it is time to turn again and FACE the FUTURE REASSURED, prepared to share the good fortune that comes your way. The sharing is significant since it relates to the sun’s power to foster life and illuminate all things with this light”

Something Hidden
A Secret Matter

“A counsel against expecting too much, or expecting in the ordinary way, for THE OLD WAY AS COME TO AN END: you simply cannot repeat the old, and not suffer. CALL IN SCATTERED ENERGIES and CONCENTRATE ON YOUR OWN LIFE at this moment, your own requirements for growth. Neither to focus on outcomes nor bind yourself with the memory of past achievements. For doing so robs you of a TRUE PRESENT the only time in which SELF-CHANGE can be realised.

You may be overwhelmed with exhaustion from meeting obstruction upon obstruction in your passage. Yet always you have a choice, you can see this as apparent negativity as back luck, or you can recognise it as an obstacle course, a challenge specific to the initiation you are presently undergoing. Then each setback, each humiliation, becomes a test of character. When your inner being is SHIFTING and REFORMING on a DEEP LEVEL, patience, constancy and PERSEVERANCE are called for. So STAY CENTRED, see the humour, and keep your FAITH FIRM”- Ralph Blum

As this is a time of CONSCIOUSLY STEPPING BACK FROM ALL…and bringing in your energy of our Multi-dimensional facets/selves on ALL LAYERS and LEVELS (Zero Point)

“We unify with our future selves/Higher Selves during the embodiment phase and reunite with our multidimensional aspects (happening now.) No one is robbed of their Mastery experience; you can have this here and now, or experience it in another system. The honouring of free will is a major lesson in these realms. Mastery requires choice and action” – Sandra Walter

Over and over, time and time again bringing our multidimensional energy back in to ourselves, as there are many facets of ourselves that have been ‘shined up’ of our Diamond – of Ourselves of our Divine Brilliance that many of us have had ‘out there’ in changing and transmuting the old for ourselves and with others as well…

A deconstruction of our Inner Selves, of our old tapestries that were woven from the past, our old past, that we are now needing to Newly Weave our Own New Tapestries for ourselves only and with the Divine yet we are also doing this collectively as well (Zero Point)

‘Our current service is to bridge the gap between lower realities which are running on empty, and the higher organic realities. We rewrite our collective timelines to have a through-line; to mend the past intention of ascension with the positive future outcome already taking place. The positive photonics light promotes collective clearing. We are erasing, realigning huge sections of our past miscreations, distortions, old stories, in order to create an organic flow from past self to future self, and merge them in ZERO POINT” – Sandra Walter


If one would just ‘cut themselves some slack’ and ‘put the stick down’ and really just STOP and be in the INNER STILLNESS space (Zero Point) we need to consciously create for ourselves, yet with all else we are going through, we can still do this…

And just have a look back on what we have been through/are going through with all that has been previously shared, as I have only shared from 20Nov alone and that is enough for us to see, just how AMAZING we are in these current times of energies that really are like no other, literally…

We are now PAYING IT FORWARD for ourselves is something I wrote of earlier – “We are erasing, realigning huge sections of our past miscreations, distortions, old stories, in order to create an organic flow from past self to future self, and merge them in ZERO POINT”

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So not only are you going through what you are in the present moment, of the past, this is also from past self to FUTURE SELF

Which I call Paying it Forward for Ourselves


As we see ourselves on our own Horses of our Power = Self Empowerment…and if you just take a moment to visualise this for yourself, are you on your horse, or are you walking beside it or even hanging on to the side or even walking behind your own personal horse of your own POWER

If so, then shift this visualisation and place or see yourself riding the horse, so very strongly and proudly of all you have done, gone through and been before to lead you up to this very ‘point in time’ of being so fucking brave and strong to have endured ALL YOU HAVE

To keep going for this rest of this year and Beyond for you, yourself and no other right now, at this time (Zero Point)

As we really are needing to be super vigilant in bringing all of our facets of self BACK INTO OURSELVES and remember we can pray and ask to ‘help me to help myself’ from deeply within and when we really do and feel this, we feel a sense of comfort

As WE ARE SO LOVINGLY BEING SUPPORTED of self and we need to ‘get on board’ with this, for and with our selves from within (Zero Point)

You CAN DO THIS, I know you can…as I believe and trust in you as does the DIVINE trust you as we TRUST OURSELVES…as we need to, to merge into our own personal Zero Point…



As always I am right here with you

You are Masters – You are Ascending – And we are Gathering

Much Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty

Anastacia Kompos
Ascension Pioneer Trailblazer WaySeer Blue Ray elder
Personal 1:1 Divine Guidance/Healings of self are available
Anastacia Kompos is in service to Humanity and Gaia as an Ascension Pioneer. She is a Trailblazer, Way Seer and a Blue Ray Elder. Her gift is having linked her Soul to her Spirit-Higher Self – in having two Souls – her Spiritual Soul in 9D and Human Soul in 7D Embodiment.
Anastacia has been gifted her Spiritual Soul, this is what makes her a Trailblazer for humanity.
Anastacia has accessed her connection to her Monad/Oversoul in 9D. Being one of the 144000 to assist humanity with the ascension opportunity of what she is bringing through in human embodiment with her unique healing tools and methods of personal experience over 23yrs.
To assist-guide others to link their Soul to their Spirit/Higher Self through their EMOTIONS – to progressively merge their Spirit/Higher Self into the human into Fifth Dimensional energies as an Earth Master in the physical.
As a Multidimensional 5D Ascended Earth Master Anastacia does this in real-time experience – both as a template FOR humanity as a Rainbow Bridge and WITH all of HUmanity

This is a long read, and well worth it as a ‘sort of’ a wind-up of of this year’s energies – for those ‘Seekers of their Souls’ and those Masters learning to grow into their mastership in the HUman BE-ing, the below and the above of a Divine Union of both Spirit and Soul in the physical/Human Embodiment – as We are Masters…We are Ascending…We are Gathering…and this is my personal gift to you all for all you are going through for and with humanity as well.

I so honour you ALL as we are ONE LOVE ultimately and this does start with our selves with SELF-LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY!!!

And I so deeply Thankyou, for all you are and all you have personally gone through in this lifetime and for joining me here in the ‘Blue Beyond’ – Namaste – Anastacia

Art: Elaine Goodheart


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