Ascending Masters Gathering Personal Energy Update-excerpt
Anastacia-Blue Beyond Guide – Further along in our December/January Transition of New Rainbow Energies/Codes/Upgrades=Energies have PEAKED-with the Full Moon/Solstice energies – 22nd December 2018

Feeling super exhausted on every multidimensional rainbow chakra layer/level

As with this super-charged release right now, through astral layers and levels of the rainbow chakra energy waves that have/are been released (with New Universal Rainbow energies now coming through) – to be renewed – in coming back down in and through to the human-being to our new anchor, as we need a very new anchor and base foundation that this new energy right now has brought through

Paths separating with the divine link in the middle of these paths..we are ready to venture out and go out-on our own way in a very new way of new paths ready for us to create newly for ourselves…they are here, the way is being paved for you to follow yourself and with your divine link ONLY…

If we don’t let go of ALL the old, in faith and trust of moving into the new and not ‘knowing’ what is going to happen then we can bring to us old anxiety and stress that we just cannot cope with or live in that old energy space now – and if we do, it will be like stepping into a ‘sink hole’ is what I was shown…as there are many sink holes, more than just one I am seeing and being let know right now…

IF WE DO NOT STAY IN OUR VERY OWN PERSONAL SPACES WE WILL NOT COPE – is the message that has come through so very strongly now and what I am being now shown with this and have been doing for myself for around 2 weeks now and is what I am sharing more and more with others as well/too…

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As there are many little old ‘sink holes’ of the past all around us…that we need to move through by moving forward and shifting out any negative talk from the past and to do so, we need to REMAIN VERY CONSCIOUS IN THE HERE AND NOW/THE PRESENT!!!

Be aware of this, very aware of this as this can be quite easy to do if one does not fully trust or comes from the head or ego and jumps to the future in worrying about ‘what has not yet happened’

So give yourself the greatest Christ-mas gift of being in the very PRESENT – for yourself for this year, for the remainder of the year and in the New Year of a New Life for yourself…remember, this is a gradual process too…

Of your Christ Consciousness Divine Love and Light that is eternally yours now….

Of feeling these ‘overdrive’ of emotions and energies that we are feeling of what is ‘bigger than just us’ right now…

And be aware, very aware of detaching and not being grounded at-this-time to cope too…as each soul will do what they need to do, to cope and manage as that is very OKAY..

For many they are in their Spirit energy only right now as there is so much going in and they are not feeling ‘safe’ right now to ground in…

And this is part of ones process in doing so for themselves and thats what part of this update is about…the following information to assist one in doing so for themselves…

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Our energy can have been out with everyone else and with all of the new constant energy upgrades/light codes – and we need to consciously bring our energy BACK INTO ourselves over and over…layer after layer of level after level…

For and with ourselves only and truly within…yes I know you can hear or read these words, but to truly do this right now is taking some time to do so!!!

As we are going through all of our chakras, of a New Universal Rainbow energy coming through from Spirit to Soul in the human, the physical

And so as we release and not go into old sink holes…we are needing to create a new path through all of the old energies in front of us, that we are now needing to push through to do so…


Of a very NEW PATH that we are creating solely for ourselves now with the Divine within of our Christ consciousness of a new body, on all layers and levels…of integrating and stepping into 5D Ascension energies


Which = Mastering ourselves in the HUman BE-ing as well as in our Spirit…

As really, we are all only just beginning…a very new and magical and exciting and new beginning

Of a NEW SEED OF LIFE CREATION energy of our potentiality and expansion into THE FLOWER OF LIFE

You are Masters – You are Ascending – And we are Gathering

Much Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty

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Anastacia Kompos
Ascension Pioneer Trailblazer WaySeer Blue Ray elder
Personal 1:1 Divine Guidance/Healings of self are available

Anastacia Kompos is in service to Humanity and Gaia as an Ascension Pioneer. She is a Trailblazer, Way Seer and a Blue Ray Elder. Her gift is having linked her Soul to her Spirit-Higher Self – in having two Souls – her Spiritual Soul in 9D and Human Soul in 7D Embodiment.
Anastacia has been gifted her Spiritual Soul, this is what makes her a Trailblazer for humanity.
Anastacia has accessed her connection to her Monad/Oversoul in 9D. Being one of the 144000 to assist humanity with the ascension opportunity of what she is bringing through in human embodiment with her unique healing tools and methods of personal experience over 23yrs.
To assist-guide others to link their Soul to their Spirit/Higher Self through their EMOTIONS – to progressively merge their Spirit/Higher Self into the human into Fifth Dimensional energies as an Earth Master in the physical.
As a Multidimensional 5D Ascended Earth Master Anastacia does this in real-time experience – both as a template FOR humanity as a Rainbow Bridge and WITH all of HUmanity
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