Ascending Masters Gathering personal Energy Update excerpt

And so this year after so long, I decided to change things as I released so much grief with the major grief releasing energies that came through not long ago and shifted this to, we are not giving out presents this year, we are not making a fuss anymore…we are not going to do the commercial Christmas anymore…as this slowly has been happening the last few years as well…and I know many also do not do this as well..

Yet this year is really different…and you know what, the amazing feeling of how freeing this finally is!

As I shared on my timeline, its about having a conscious Christ-mas and living in the Christ consciousness flow of Unconditional love each and every day of our lives, living it through us/ourselves…as we gift as we FEEL at ANY TIME with loved ones, we don’t really do the ‘let’s buy a present’ due to a yearly celebration…yet birth-days are special as a celebration of ones coming into this life

We need to free ourselves of those who don’t love and respect us, as we also need to own what we were like in the past as well…as we are not ‘perfect’ either and we have done and said things out of hurt and anger too…yet we are very loving and now it’s coming down to really LOVING OURSELVES – as this forgiveness needs to be with OURSELVES FIRSTLY!!!

And really really RESPECTING OURSELVES utterly and entirely and ALL THE WAY…

It’s forgiving those in the past that have done and said very hurtful things, on another higher energy level of soul contracts and interactions and then facing the reality in the HUMAN being of needing to stand up for ourselves with new boundaries that we have set for ourselves that we are needing to do for energetic survival

As right now so much anger, hate and blaming others and so on is occurring on a grander scale:

“Call upon Raven’s essence to gently guide you out of the shadows of darkness and fear and into your light. He will protect you from harm and unwanted energies, whilst teaching you how to strengthen your intuition and inner guidance” (see below for further and full reading”

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With loved ones, this is what is coming up for them and ourselves that is needed to be shifted with DIVINE LOVE of what has come up from the past and a past that is way before this time with us here and now too, please remember this…this is old old and old and Ancient energies that are coming up

And just now I saw this was happening with someone well known, on a grand scale of hate from a whole community harassing them with these energies of what is coming up for and with others from the past that can be directed at one person, who may be just doing their ‘thing’ and ‘minding their own business’ in Divine Love that is a ‘target’ of that energy…

That is why I shared recently and a few times, that I was and for you and everyone to really really pull back into your personal energy space right now and how it is utterly survival – especially those who know many or reach many with their Light – or even with one person in particular very intensely

Of a Transition of the old to the new…of old grief that was hidden deep deep within our souls core and also our bodies cells…that is still releasing

Of the ‘old life’ of our lifetime basically with these new energies…as this is that big..

We are so very blessed fellow Blue Rays (and others) that we have endured what we have so very privately and for so very long now…

That it is our time to rise and shine for and with ourselves as often what we ‘go through’ has been so super intense as we picked up on others’ energies what we didn’t even understand to the depth of what we do…and we do so very naturally and as part of ‘us’ of who we are, our makeup our blue print

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So today we see ourselves standing on a golden plate of a large circle of our new platform and we dust this off and dust ourselves off and we carry on, continue on in our Divinity our Pure Divine Golden Christ Consciousness Divinity

As we bring in the Violet Flame of transmuting all energies around us…as the energies are quite ‘thick’ out there right now with all going on…

And as we do so, we push on and through all of this and create a very new path for ourselves..

I am going to draw a card from the Sacred Geometry deck by Emily Kisvarda that I am being urged to do so and this card literally fell out, as they do:

RAVEN MAGIK – Release Fear – Heighten Intuition – Protection

“I release all fear and unwanted energies that no longer serve me and are holding me back from reaching my true potential”

“When the Raven Magik card appears it is asking you to call upon Raven’s essence to gently guide you out of the shadows of darkness and fear and into your light. He will protect you from harm and unwanted energies, whilst teaching you how to strengthen your intuition and inner guidance. Please note, I have spelt the word magik intentionally, as it gives me the vibration I wanted for this card.

Raven is here to how us when change is inevitable. So many of us fear change, fear the unknown and fear stepping outside the square. He allows us to see our shadow selves, but rather than fear what we see, he shows us how to deal with the obstacles and challenges. Raven acknowledges that changes are difficult but he shows us how to anticipate the end result using our perception; wisdom and intuition. Through Raven we can release the unwanted and outdated belief systems we carry within our energetic bodies and thus begins our ability to shape-shift and shed.

Raven Magik equates to the number 11. Eleven is a Master number, as it is a double digit of the same number. Hence, the vibrational frequency of this number is said to double. Raven on its own is a number 6. This is very important, as 6 represents family, love, imagination, nurture, protection and taking responsibility for choices.

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Creating changes within our lives and energetic body allows us a clearer space to work with our intuition, gain a higher perspective and deeper wisdom. By heightening our perception, we can bring through more messages and vision. There is a strong shamanistic presence in this grid (the seven-pointed or Elven star creates a shield of protection to the user of the template/grid. It is said that due to the way the Elven star is created, once it is set into motion it continues to circulate forever, making it an eternally spinning shield or protector)”

“I release all fear and unwanted energies that no longer serve me and are holding me back from reaching my true potential”

You are Masters – You are Ascending – And we are Gathering

Much Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty

Anastacia Kompos
Ascension Pioneer Trailblazer WaySeer Blue Ray elder
Personal 1:1 Divine Guidance/Healings of self are available
Anastacia Kompos is in service to Humanity and Gaia as an Ascension Pioneer. She is a Trailblazer, Way Seer and a Blue Ray Elder. Her gift is having linked her Soul to her Spirit-Higher Self – in having two Souls – her Spiritual Soul in 9D and Human Soul in 7D Embodiment.
Anastacia has been gifted her Spiritual Soul, this is what makes her a Trailblazer for humanity.
Anastacia has accessed her connection to her Monad/Oversoul in 9D. Being one of the 144000 to assist humanity with the ascension opportunity of what she is bringing through in human embodiment with her unique healing tools and methods of personal experience over 23yrs.
To assist-guide others to link their Soul to their Spirit/Higher Self through their EMOTIONS – to progressively merge their Spirit/Higher Self into the human into Fifth Dimensional energies as an Earth Master in the physical.
As a Multidimensional 5D Ascended Earth Master Anastacia does this in real-time experience – both as a template FOR humanity as a Rainbow Bridge and WITH all of HUmanity


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