We are at a time of the most exciting experience we will ever have. There is a new Movement now underway, within the fragmented Planetary Hologram~Collective Consciousness Reality Field. This Movement is shifting the Collective Awareness, as more people awaken to the multi-dimensional limitless Universal Truth. The new Movement is called the “Consciousness Freedom Movement.” And this Unified Eternal Consciousness for the next Harmonic Universe is now moving forward very quickly.

Now that the Eternal Life Unity Grid has been re-connected, and the original Vertical Channel Chakra System of 12, 9, 6, 3, 12 re-aligned, the energy within the Solar Eternal Flame Beings of Earth, continues to Amplify. This is what is allowing more, higher energy of Source to come into the Earth’s atmosphere. It is what is creating the increase of Conscious Celestial Ray frequencies in beautiful Aurora skies.

It is time to remember your Galactic Connection and reclaim your Divine Power, as this Liberation can set you Free from the Phantom Earth Matrix, so that you can shift back into the higher vibration Cosmic Divine Expression of the True Quantum Hologram;
the Starlight spiritual reality of eternal existence.

We are remembering where we came from and why many people feel they are from the Stars. We are remembering that our true, manifest Source expression, within the realms of creation, is a Star. You are a shining star, shining your Eternal Love as Source in all directions.

Soul= Sol/Sun/Star

We are Sentient, Sovereign, Eternal Diamond Sun~Star Guardians here to restore the organic Cosmic Divine Blueprint that is encrypted in our Crystalline Body as the Christ~Sophia coding of energetic balance, in alignment with the Unity Field for the benevolent Rainbow Cosmic Heart of Source Creation.

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May the Infinite Manifestation Power of the Cosmic Divine Magdalene-Sophianic coding open within all layers of the morphogenetic fields and subtle energy systems, through all levels and components of the consciousness being, as well as through the Oversoul group families, fully, completely, totally and permanently. As we breathe within the Eternal Light within the sea of the Unified Field we focus our intent to join and allow the pure tri-wave sound and light fields of Unconditional Love to open. And with each Tone of Creation we amplify the Infinite Power of the absolute Divine in all densities, in all timelines, with perfect love divine expression to reset all existence to the natural organic Living-Plasmic-Light of the Christos-Sophia Eternal Life Force frequency within the powerful unified Crystalline Diamond Heart. May the Personal and Planetary Body within all dimensional layers of Identity be healed into Divine Wholeness. So be it and So it is. 💎🌟💙💜🌹💐🌏

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Blue Rainbow-Sun Krystal Matrix Emissary

I am a Krystallah Family Member for the reclamation of the Christos-Sophia union of the Hierosgamos Trinity. In alignment with the AURORA Elemental Guardians and for the God, Sovereign, Free~Cosmic Trinity restoration based on the Law of One in shared union of All. We choose to serve All as One. We choose benevolence over the abuse of power. We choose the realization of Unity and Divine Wholeness in the expression of the 144,000 genetic Source Code archetypal frequencies returning through the tri-wave frequencies for the Divine Plan.


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