L’Aura Plaeidian – Humanity is at an energetic crossroads but at this time all roads that intersect this point lead to light filled paths. The human collective has chosen the light, has chosen ascension in the most meaningful way possible, such that whatever road you take, every path in your most probable timelines, are favorable. The Arcutrians are always careful, and they should be for you are powerful creators who have forgotten up until now, they are cautious to tell you anything for they don’t want to take your power away, or remove the joy of creating, for you. For if you have a certain idea of what to expect, of what you will see, then of course you are more likely to experience this. And so with great respect, and to avoid stepping on any fingers and toes of your creative freedom, we would say with great love – to expect love, to expect light, and to expect more light and love and bliss, and joy to be heading your way. And then, however they come to you, embrace them. That is a lovely lesson of creative power. State your intention for more good things and wait with joyful expectation as the universe delivers! Only expect good things. Be open to the wave, in however it will show itself to you. There are myriads of involvements and possibilities. The next few days are energetically rich as well. Best to ground into Gaia and be the light for the others.
Since the March 20th, 2019 Equinox ~ Timelines have shifted.

Many have stepped into the New Levels of Being. Becoming more consciously aware.

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Being aware of the changes WITHIN YOU ~ is observing your conscious transformation through the mirror of consciousness. Everything then changes.

Consciousness as data and records are continuing to go through the Portal of Mirrors.

YOU are going through the Portal of Mirrors and you ARE being anointed, now.

As levels of consciousness continue to expand here with conscious beings ~ being present ~  all levels and dimensions are simultaneously impacted.

The expansion of consciousness and its momentum, is exponentially impacting all consciousness everywhere, throughout the Universe.

YOU are a signalling device of your frequency and you are transmitting  your frequency to all everywhere.

There is nothing missing.

The eternal you, is highly aware of all levels and is fully conscious throughout.

The eternal you, is highly aware of all levels and is fully conscious throughout.

Your form ~ through your DNA is in the process of fully linking consciously to all the dimensions you exist.

Your form and DNA have changed and you are adapting to the change.

Your thoughts have changed.

Everything is new in every moment for you, from this moment on.

This was always so, now you are awakening to the YOU that lives as the awakened you.

Everything is playing out perfectly. Your Presence is in the present moment and is the Divine Force, that knows all is perfect as is now.

We are riding the waves of this Transfiguration process with you.

WE are at the gate and the Portals are open for ALL ~ as Planned, before the Earth began.

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There are no mistakes.

In love, we journey with You. Throughout eternity, all Now.


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