Dear Ascending Earth Masters

A continuation of previous energy updates of Living-words of our Ascension at the deepest core levels/layers of both Spirit and Soul – for those who are ‘ready’ to read and feel and relate to:

The soul from childhood/baby is in an integration of both light and dark, perceived and hidden aspects of the consciousness…

We are at a ‘key’ point of transition – many are feeling such sadness, anger or grief from deep within our inner private sacred spaces to be released – know this is of the old.

Release and let it go without attachment. Be thankful it has come up for release in recognising it for what it is, a RELEASE of the old. When one feels this briefly as this arises to release, in accepting these feelings are in a TRANSITION, one then honours this grief, anger/rage or sadness for it to flow out to release

RAGE of the old is also coming up. It could be briefly for some who are consciously transitioning YET longer and more at others for those who are not consciously in tune with themselves ~ my love goes out to those souls who are in this situation – as often Blue Ray females are the guide for their partners, as part of their soul contract for this lifetime ~

This can be a massive polarities of one who is guiding the other through their own personal journey. One who is shifting their own old (into their new cycle or circles of life) and have already done much with their inner child – and their partner (other person) is still in the old cycle still processing and working through releasing from their Shadow childhood trauma

The soul from childhood/baby is in an integration of both light and dark, perceived and hidden aspects of the consciousness.

The dark centre in us, illuminating the darkness from our CHILDHOOD

To recognise our own ‘mask’

In a period of our life when all of our securities were have been completely removed through recent/current energies

To recognise that the baby, the child, has been feeling ‘it is my fault’ or feeling ashamed

To see beyond the surface, work with the shadow, which basically is the part of ourselves that we do not recognise and accept

This is a transcript from a recent conversation in my private group:


L – What a night!! Holy Dooley, energies felt. Triggered hugely, Haven’t felt such volatile rage come up in I don’t feel ever. Didn’t even know it existed within me. Anyone else experience a raging mid morning?

If you find yourself unusually angry at those close to you or others in general that is not ‘usually you’ this is the ‘why’ as due to these older energies coming up and out of an old circle of life’

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L – felt scared that I ‘did something wrong’…

A – You are the second person that has said that to me…and it is totally FALSE as from old childhood wounding darling…you absolutely did ‘nothing wrong’ that is an old loop that needs to be let go of…this is the very core of a turning point right now..keep going as you are as you are making so much progress please know this…as the other person also has major childhood trauma as well…

L – Insight and healing received. Such divine order and flow. Absolutely brilliant. Put on a cleansing ‘green coloured face mask ‘ last night, my partner commented on the ‘gremlin within’… just too funny…

Part TWO

This is part of the ‘why’ as to we have needed to NOT have people in our own private spaces…so we can face and feel the ALONENESS from childhood that we need to fill ourselves from this vantage point now in a very new WHOLE way of systemic energies

As this is linked to our health as well…our physical health as we are in the Down into the Up from a health point of view now in our souls process and transition point we are now at the turning point of

Many are now reaching this with feeling a ‘dark night of the soul’ type of feeling of their most inner abyss…

Of what in the past we learned to cope with putting masks on..

These masks are now ALL BEING REVEALED and boy, watch out world with what is newly coming out more now – especially with what is happening in and around the world of Beyond the truth now coming out…

This is also bringing up feelings of shame and ‘its my fault’ with souls as well…this is the OLD programming being upgraded that this has now come up

Being aware of these feelings arising is a new starting point to feel, own and let go of the past for new ways for yourself as we are continually being upgraded now to BEYOND anything we have EVER experienced before

Rest and nurture your physical body as it has been through a helluva ride as well

You are doing so well and Beyond of all you have been through in life up to now as you are part of a New Light Paradigm

As we continue to ascend consciously moment by moment



There is a massive healing occurring right now with the Divine Masculine healing – this is with all else we have going on right now and is not to be ‘missed’.

Masculine energy is coming up for healing and repair of past hurts and wounds that can go back to childhood and to engage in a masculine ego approach will only amplify intense energies. Coming from the feminine with more gentleness yet STRENGTH is much more effective with others!! And also with self…


I personally know this from experience in being one of a few females with hundreds (and thousands at time) of males in the Military, where I needed to bring out my masculine and run or operate from it at that time to be able to cope and survive and it did not play out well for me in the end. It was an experience of a lifetime which I call my ‘other life’. I know only too well what it means to own and acknowledge the masculine and allow it to repair and heal and become more fully balanced and aligned with the feminine.

It is a very empowering space to be in, when one fully acknowledges and owns all aspects of ourselves in our WHOLENESS of our Masculine and Feminine balanced

‘It’s time for some goddess empowerment!

This card represents sexuality, creativity, emotions, desires, the birthing of ideas as well as physical birth. Whether you are a man or a woman, this card suggests you are not balanced in the feminine aspects of yourself and over-compensating in the masculine area. It also represents drive and ambition.

As water is feminine in aspect and deals with emotions, its essence can be used for EMPOWERMENT, NURTURING, SELF-LOVING, CREATIVITY and HEALING. It assists, nurtures and heals you emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. As you bathe or swim, call upon the goddess energies, bringing through beautiful swirls of green and blue to nourish and nurture the sacral chakra’
Numerology: 3
Icosahedron, Rose Quartz, chrysocolla, moonstone – Emily Kisvarda


‘We are in a time of transformation and miracles. The love frequency resonates at the heart of everything by connecting your heart with your spiritual essence

Solfeggio frequency 528HZ is a divine frequency that can help you in times of illness or after and accident or return damaged DNA to an original state

If we work with the frequency on a daily basis, we can bring profound changes at a DNA level and fill our body and soul with the purist of love which will eventually spill out from us and exude a radiance most of us have never experienced before

It is also a vibration that can transform our mind, body and soul to a more optimal health’ – Emily Kisvarda

Well done for those of you who have managed to read all of this as we have come so far along in our personal Divine Journeys each and every one of us

As we continue to push through to release the old and look forward to a very new momentum of many new breakthroughs that so many are now experiencing in handing over in full faith and trust of ALL that is occurring for you and the world and us all right now

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So much Infinite Divine Love to you all in what we are all going through as we are ONE

As always I am right here with you

You are Masters – You are Ascending – And we are Gathering

Much Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty

Anastacia Kompos
Double Master 11:11 – Multidimensional Emotional Healer of Divine Light
New Light Paradigm Trailblazer/Ascension Pioneer-WaySeer Blue Ray Elder Ancient Future Scribe
Personal 1:1 Divine Guidance/Healings of self are available

Anastacia Kompos is in service to Humanity and Gaia as an Ascension Pioneer. Her gift is having linked her Soul to her Spirit-Higher Self/Monad – in having two Souls – her Spiritual Soul/Higher Self in 12D and Human Soul in 7D Embodiment which is unique to her Souls Human awakening Journey of personal experience of 24yrs. Of having been in 5D-Zero Point for 13yrs with her mission/role – to assist-guide others to link their Soul to their Spirit/Higher Self through their EMOTIONS – to progressively merge their Spirit/Higher Self into the human into New Earth 5D energies as an Ascended Earth Master in the physical.
As a Multidimensional 5D Ascended Earth Master Anastacia does this in real-time experience – both as a template FOR humanity as a Rainbow Bridge of Spirit to Soul and WITH all of HUmanity

Read and feel to what resonates for you at this time and leave the rest – maybe for another time

These are very deep energy updates of the bigger picture of the whole of humanities ascension in both Soul and Spirit through myself personally

The these are ‘living words’ of Zero Point Unity-Divine Source energies that are being gifted/shared of mini chapters of an e-book here and now. For one to take-their-time as guided to go through these to really see and feel what we/one has been going through that is just so massive for us all = humanity

As each persons situation is unique, anything personally for oneself can be further be Divinely guided with a Divine 11:11 Double healing, in which when one is ‘ready’ all flows beautifully and is provided for.

This is for you to feel into the Divine Love and Light of a New Light Paradigm of energies for yourself in your situation, to continue to have faith and trust in ALL that is occurring right now and always as this comes from Pure Divine Unconditional Love

If you feel to choose and are Divinely Guided to give an offering of gratitude to all that is being shared and brought through you may do so via: paypal.me/AnastaciaKompos

We are Masters, We are Ascending and we Are Gathering

You are so loved and supported at ALL times!

Namaste – Anastacia-Blue Beyond GuidePic: sound of heart


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