Beloved inner spirit and Higher Self councils restore all key codes and energies within our multi-dimensional Kryst 12 bodies in the name of self-sovereignty herein stated and commanded into divine presence now.

We hereby dissolve all negative form reversal coding connected to any implants impairing our multi-dimensional consciousness from embodying the pure will and perfection of creative Divine Source Code Eternal Heart-Intelligence Avatar awareness-experience.

We hereby revoke all satanism, negative alien agenda imposter/intruder enslavement contracts of our Free Will. We invalidate the beings and entities which have intended harm or destruction by commanding a full dissolution and dissolve it into pure essence within the One true Cosmic Christ Light Source through Forgiveness.

We transmute fear-based energies from impacting our express intent to be free from false realities. We annihilate all negative frequency fence overlays, and we dissolve all false light webbing from our Personal and Planetary Body. We ignite all gridlines and Arcs of Pure Light totally and completely.

Through the order of the Aqua Blue Ray Arc systems we open the ascension portals to establish the passage to escort all fragmented identities, to their proper time and space in cosmic order, cleansed in the Eternal Innocence of Source, from the first elemental forms, the minerals, plants, animals, peoples, from this planet, and solar system.

In Divine Presence of Perfection within the One Source Eternal Light. Cleanse all of the Ancestral Records of disharmony and all separation through the HUman Holographic record, through the Families of Origin and throughout the planetary interface records of cellular memory. Reinstate the collective Cosmic Divine blueprint record to all layers of the Family of Christ Energy to be Unified in the eternal truth vibration, liberated, sovereign and free now. We request for the complete removal of all lower formed energies and vibrations from any individual and group identities present. Terminate and resolve all inorganic fallen consciousness influences, terminate all enslavement records and phantom systems from impacting the Planetary Body Grid Fields with intent to cause distress. Terminate and Remove all imbalanced templates, false timelines, devices or structures all At once. Transmute all spiritual manipulation and enslavement energies into pure essence through the Zero Point Light of Source-God Natural Sovereign Law.

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Reconnect, synchronize with Plasmic Beams of Christ White Light, open all pathways of Benevolent communication between the ley-lines of the Grid Fields to be a conduit for the Celestial Christ 12th dimensional current that allows cognition upgrades and direct Galactic-Monadic communication within the Order of the Absolute Divine and interconnection with the entire Omniversal Christos spiritual family. We call back NOW all that is our universal right of Cosmic Sovereign Law.

Completely heal and Seal the Energetic Field from any further intrusion and restore the Eye of Source. Return all encodements and Cosmic Christ blueprint energies and pure essences that were in divine right order of original creation NOW.

Reconnect and align all bio-circuitry, meridian line channels and etheric nadial structure upgrades needed now for the optimum functioning and for activating all spiritual links for the clearest communication and translation of the Languages of Light Codes to the New Earth Frequency of the Cosmic Christ Mission in divine right order as necessary for the ascension higher timelines in this reality field as the one true Source would have it be for all of us.

We call upon the complete Krystalline body Template activations to continue building the Vertical Pillar which connects into the Eternal Living-Light Source of 12-9-6-3 with the Christ 12D White Light and the 13D Aqua Blue Ray to support the vertical connection to reach outside this galaxy time matrix.

We are dedicated fully and completely to our permanent nondual spiritual core true essence of Christos-Sophia; the fusion of the divine masculine and divine feminine spirits of the Trinity-Source balanced inner union, merged in harmony to bring about total transformation of Eternal Oneness. The Trinity-Source Code correlates to the zero-point window of consciousness depolarization and expansion.

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We as One Unified HUmanity into empowered harmonious actualization, within our Family of Light Unified Field Consciousness, we declare our Spiritual Freedom Star-Seed dream manifest in this Eternal now moment. We choose our Higher God-Self perfection to stand in the Light and represent the full sovereignty and freedom for all HUman beings on this planet as a limitless wave of unconditional Love in the awareness of our Cosmic-Spiritual Identity Eternal Life Emergence.

Let the Cosmic Rainbow Heart Radiate the Zero Point color-codes through our perfect Heart Crystal the most benevolent organic hologram of GOD, SOVEREIGN and FREE as an energetic Quantum Reality of total Wholeness Living Universal Truth.

We State our Intention of Sovereignty: We harmonize and HOLD this sacred space in the name of the One Eternal Self. We are Sentient, Eternal Flame Beings, and we claim our Divine Self-Sovereign God Power now. We Seal this agreement-declaration in the Eternal Love-Spirit-Living Light Power of Unity and absolute Oneness through the harmonic resonance with Divine Source, and with our Universal families we are reclaimed as Christ Collectives of the Eternal One with and through our Eternal Life Unity Grid.

May you all be free and shine in the Purity of the Cosmic Divine Trinity. Thank you.

So be it And So it is!

~Sacred Romeo

Keeper of the Krystal Codes