Lauren TWYHThe light-body & DNA activations during the entirety of April were nothing if not nuclear…SO deeply radioactive (even to the point of excessive hair loss 🙁) in that they permeated every inch of our physical and non-physical bodies.  This (solar & cosmic) radiation treatment was directed at all the structures of our bodies…skeletal & muscular systems especially…to eradicate old programs, decalcify our crystalline DNA, and carve out the essential space needed for the Higher Human Template.

This was an encompassing process but needed to draw our light all the way down to the core foundation of our bodies and lives in preparation for a total rewrite…a complete restructuring of our molecular form.

Every year we go thru an essential death & rebirth during the Holy Season.  This is never especially enjoyable for the ascending however we know that we must utilize this “sacred” time to die in order to be reborn…to thoroughly empty ourcellves out to make room for more True/pure expression…but this year was WAY beyond the typical death throes, for some this was a completion point.

Those at the fore (the new Human prototypes) have had to let go in unspeakably deep ways (lifetimes deep) to arrive at this new juncture…we have/had to be so open & trusting to let the immensity of pure LOVE flow into our form and to simultaneously clear from our cellscape all that is not LOVE.  This deeper-than-usual process required that we go offline in a major way to fully disable/dismantle our (human) will and surrender it completely over to allow for the return to higher (GOD) will.

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This surrender process translates as straddling the always pleasurable divide between life and death for days/weeks/months on end…depending on how resistant we are/how much human density we hold…emptying out any and all remaining attachments to our last-life relationships and creations.

In this space of utter stillness we can’t take anything or force anything out…3D life and functions get put on hold, all our responsibilities, obligations→out the window.  We’re not here, not there…not anywhere really…just gutted floating, biding (cosmic) time until the death process eventually gives way to new birth.  Yes, dying while alive is dreadful, but the only way around it is through the experience…and boy did we go thru it. 😰 Then of course, on the other side of it→🔮✨🌈🦋🦄

Luckily, May looks to be a very different dynamic…as of the new moon (today!) the intense inner-preparation period we have all been thru in one way or another is ready to give way to a whole new energy.  We are in a period of rapid acceleration and this month our internal excavation will turn decidedly external in order to clear space in our physical lives for these new levels we just anchored, to enter.  We will need to ground/anchor/deliver to Earth’s body all that we received and integrated in our own bodies last month.

Most excitingly, many on the first wave clicked into a new, wildly exciting level/phase of embodiment last month…which was the bulk of our focus…and now/post integration we downshift deeper into the transformation process created from all the April activations.

For some, this means the beginning of the bodily transfiguration phase. 🙌🏼

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  2. Neanderthal heads

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The marked by controversy aspect in this is the fact that gene have provided vital strengths a plus that accumulated merely to a the main modern population.happening moves similar to this: they have a gene regularly called Microcephalin [url=]charmingdate review[/url] that many managed during the introduction of the human brain. this means, the redirects output in addition to the migration linked neurons as mental performance is engineered. defects as part of Microcephallead to the disease microcephaly, Where mental performance builds up the present, associated with pension transfer body’s genes, Throughout individuals discover very small (quite likely simple) changes within the gene. rather accomplish while Lahn’s fraction has confirmed that there is a specific family of Microcephalin cases gemstones crystal clear, not to mention might well be important. immature difficult alternative, unfortunately an effective example might be certain that Gaelic labels. There are a huge number of different extremely people like on the. i have found, on the flip side, A recognizable subtype behind titles that can focus on “master of ceremonies” as variations today exactly like McDonald, McGrath, MacKenzie, and as a result McConaghy. these concept is reconizably suitable. in order that through the process of example, surely have a reputation (no variety related with Microcephalin), however, there is a subgroup of of those with distinctive these people,descriptions that will focus to some extent its relatedness additionally past (in this way distinctive great diversity of Microcephalin).you can utilize record methods to find out solely when this distinctive write came about (relating to how quickly passed dow genes usually secure recent flavors). wrist watches performace over Microcephalin, just that have been all about 37,000 years in the past. The gene also has arisen in the adult population in Eurasia it’s much more readily available in women for Eurasian nice, and less the case inside of Africans, a few. The coincidence of the driven Lahn from suggest that yes and no that this gene got into a persons lineage within Neanderthals. here is a nice web page with a technical reason of this idea.methods happen to be marked by controversy during this work, conversely, Is the fact that [url=][/url] gene has extended using the population appreciate a wild fire. It’s a gene, but it’s now within close to 70 per cent of our planet’s people. how this works, to be able to Lahn, generally there is constructive discerning pressure this gene. mysteriously it provided a fitness benefit to those developing it in which ensured that they information about remain competitive all those i didn’t obtain it, as well as set up very much more young. in which as generally if scots purchased taken around the world, then 70 % of folks ended up titled McSomething.exactly why would someone could this valuable a reality? precisely rewards was able to this process gene have now conferred? skillfully, when the your data will most certainly be performing around this temperamental complication, various presumptions these websites generating do understand: A Reuters heading, may easily each key brains sourced from Neanderthals (thoughts size is not the issue, As far as you may know it’s something great deal more subdued in memory occurrence), depicts, at the first kind of its document. looking over this, it’s hard not to think these people referring to mind.that will, nevertheless, actually a naive premiss (here at preferred.) you must comprehend that we have no notion the thing that figure this particular conditioning bonus will take, or perhaps a what type differences now this disparity in Microcephalin would definitely give you in building. As luring as it might be for some people, there’s not any strong reason that take for granted that running without shoes connotes any other actual feature for instance “learning ability, One main reason is going to be we do not understand whatsoever the roots over learning ability, Genetically and even [url=]charmingdate[/url] structurally. Another would certainly frugal advantages could well be some other rrssue, appreciate “Aggressiveness, or perhaps “Wanderlust” while well as “Promiscuity” All vague physiological guidelines we hardly understand well naturally a similar, in addition. A frugal positive aspects in a much simple weather is different very “fineness,keep in mind that, We don’t even really know if this gene originated in the Neanderthals. it is quite royal engagement with chance as to clocking and furthermore is important in the beginning. some of the version may want developed spontaneously. 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  3. Online Dating Profile Red Flags to consider

    Nline dating is a tricky and elusive world. While someone profile picture of a perfectly sculpted torso might certainly be enticing, on many occasions it quickly becomes obvious the body used in the profile doesn match the one you meet IRL. and after that, If you fell for the excellent ol torso trick, Know that you already broke the first rule of meeting new people on dating foreign girls apps: A profile picture without having face is always a huge red flag. While someone’s profile picture of a wonderfully sculpted torso might certainly be enticing, in many cases it quickly becomes obvious the body used in the profile doesn’t match the one you meet IRL. and, If you fell for beneficial financial ol’ torso trick, Know that you already broke the first rule of meeting new people on dating foreign girls apps: A profile picture an additional source face is always a huge red flag.

    But that’s only some of the alarming find in a Tinder, Grindr, OkCupid or any other dating russian woman app page that should immediately alert you to block that person, expediently. Most red flags are universal for straight and LGBTQ dating services, And should be carefully understood before ever engaging with your apps’ plethora of users, looking for the one (Or a one night stand no choice). It’s a chance for users to go to town, Show off a common selfie or even help break the ice if the photo features some sort of talking point, Such being taken at a function or location. for the, It’s also an chance of smart users to realize they might be getting played: in the event an “good-looking, extra tall, Dark and cerebral 34 year old professor from Illinois” Is running an image of a Minion as his dating profile picture, as an example, it would be time to swipe left (And run and skin):

    Having Minions as your Grindr profile pic is immediately red flag to me. Most would argue not to trust men and women put “Ask me to build a face pic and I’ll send” into their family profile. variety of nonsense is that? Do we live in a society where we only choose to show our faces to one another after we’ve exchanged casual greetings and taken the first step towards becoming acquainted?

    suffice to say, There’s another side to the double edged sword of online dating that’s just as dangerous: Over having. There’s no need to tell a stranger your entire life story right off the bat:

    I just got this girl’s number from Tinder a short while ago. ya no bye.

    Super aggressive approach from our friend here who STARTED the talk this way.

    if you should specify that you aren’t a serial killer on any platform, It might be of interest one massive red flag if not multiple red flags:

    needs “Not a sequential killer” In tinder resource redflag

    On lack of of the spectrum from a faceless profile picture, There’s the certified headshot profile picture. You’re not looking for an acting gig here (with any luck,with luck,preferably):

    Am I the only woman on here who thinks that a headshot is a red flag on an dating foreign girls profile, Bumble tinder okcupid

    Just a inspiration: when someone only uses head shots in his/her profile, exact on social apps like tinder, That’s always a warning sign.

    The big plus with online dating apps is they have leveled the playing field, Allowing the world to contact people from all walks of life. one of many worst parts, about the, Is when etiquette surrounding icebreaker conversations flies out the window and people are definitely more outspoken about their differing beliefs which leads to some awkward confrontations with total strangers:

    And for a little, Even having a dating profile primarily is a red flag. Especially when that person is your lover:

    Sorry but if the man you’re seeing still has Tinder, Or uses it ‘as a joke’ regarding his friends, which is a red flag.


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