ASUR’ANA – We have to help the world evolve higher and higher to join the other evolved galaxies, and by so doing we also help ourselves to elevate.

Everything has changed: The world has changed, I’ve changed and you’ve changed. Everyone must change. We must catch up.

Meditation is very important in bringing about spiritual evolution. If you meditate, it helps the world become even more elevated. It also helps the universe to become united and to balance things out so that one planet isn’t too high and another planet isn’t too low. Because then, we have wars between the planets.

Interplanetary Wars

Interplanetary wars have happened before. The planets were so different in frequencies, spiritually speaking, that they made war with each other. Therefore, to have peace we need to meditate to bring the atmosphere into a peaceful state. Because even though this world might be at peace, if other planets are not peaceful, you still have war: Not war on the planet, but interplanetary wars.

This world has been destroyed before. This world has reached a very high level of scientific success, but then because people knew too much and their spiritual side didn’t develop, they made war with other planets and other planets made war with them, so many things were destroyed.

We used to be more civilized. We’re getting back there now. But if we don’t balance our knowledge with wisdom, and if we don’t balance the material gains with spiritual success, then we will destroy not only our planet but other planets as well. Many planets have been destroyed because of this. If we have too much intellectual knowledge but no spiritual wisdom, then we would engage in warfare with each other.

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Material attainment doesn’t offer us any peace or long-lasting comfort; only spiritual attainment does.

Scientific Discoveries Must Be Balanced by Spiritual Wisdom

Our world has developed very speedily over the last century: In technology, in science and in many other aspects. But it behooves us to develop spiritual wisdom along with scientific discovery. Otherwise, we’ll be in danger of imbalance; our way of life will become too one-sided. We’ll be too attracted to and reliant on technology and machinery instead of relying on our true Self and the true World, which are everlasting. We’re in danger of destroying ourselves if we don’t have enough spiritual wisdom to handle these technological advancements.

It is important to create a bridge between ancient wisdom and the modern sciences, between spirituality and materialism. The power of science and technology must be guided by the highest principles of ethics, morality and spirituality. Science and religion, technological discoveries and spiritual wisdom, must come together. Today there is no balance between science and spirituality, and as a result, science seems to be moving toward self-destruction.

Instead of bringing peace, science has been creating fear. With the help of science, humanity has reached the nuclear age. Scientific discoveries have brought a great increase in our standard of living, and as far as physical comforts based on material objects are concerned, we are far better off than our ancestors. But peace of mind has declined.

No matter how many things we invent with the help of intellectual knowledge, we cannot free ourselves from inequality, fear and doubt. In order to find that freedom, we have to withdraw our attention from the external world and tune inward.

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Meditation is a fabulous way to explore the Truth within. It also assists us to evolve spiritually. Spiritual evolution brings universal peace.


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