Gabriel F. Duran – As we climb the evolutionary ladder of higher frequencies, we simultaneously shed the ways that no longer serve us. And this frees our aura all from within and about us, which allows us to align with these newly acquired ascension energies in a way that achieves a greater integration and enlightenment in our here and now.

The way we should align with these newly received energies is through/from our Heart Center. By consciously choosing to direct these energies from our High Heart, we instill the proper flow of transformative energies all throughout our Being. Thus, we align with the true center of our Being.

This allows our Divine to innately flow these ascension energies to the areas that are in need of either transmutation and alignment and/or release and transformation.

The aligning and the transmutation we may easily achieve through our chosen form of meditation/yoga and/or any means we successfully use to release or let go of that which no longer serves. And this energy when properly released automatically achieves an alignment both within and without. Through our own chosen method of transmutation. Making ourselves purified by and through the newly received and aligned ascension energies that we embody.

And through the use of our own chosen form of transmutation, we may clear our energies to the purity of our Divine expressive form, innately. Thus, achieving a transformation by purifying our “cellular memory” from that which no longer serves. Readying ourselves to be active participants in emanating the newly Divine light from on high that we have successfully integrated and thus, embody. This is the transformation that changes our status to that of illuminator. Or, in other words, we are ready for our service as Light Beacons.

Many find the “releasing” of old wounds to be the more “difficult” to achieve. Though, with the realization of the harmonious energies we are deriving as we ascend. It is becoming more difficult to chose to stay with our “past” wounds. And not transform this cellular memory, back to its Divine purity. As the ascension energies are much more harmonious, uplifting and inspiring. Which greatly assists us to be present, here and now, and in a state of appreciation and gratitude.

This state of being harmonious and expressing ourselves through loving gratitude and appreciation is one that also allows us to align with our innate “truth”. And through this alignment of our newly acquired ascension energies we achieve what is known as ascension integration. The successful integration of light from on high. Thus, the embodying of our Higher Self, at greater levels.

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This is the process that “clears” our energies from the old paradigm of space/time and duality. To the newly acquired time/space and the Divine Trinity of Self. Thus, revealing the balanced approach to ascension. The “middle path” or “the way”. This is the transformation that is occurring to ALL on planet Gaia/Earth, who so chose.

The “time” it takes for us to transcend our “past” ways is entirely up to us. However, as the old perceptions of “linear time” lose their hold on us. More will realize that this may be more readily achieved in our current state of time/space. Thus, requiring less “time” to assimilate and integrate these ascension energies.

This ascension we are undergoing is both a planetary one as well as for the populace as a whole. The planet receives these energies from the cosmos which is then directed through our “Heavenly Hierarchy”. Which then “step down” the energies to an acceptable level for the Light Workers.

Simultaneously when the Light Workers have shown successful integration of these newly acquired ascension energies. These, then begin distributing these newly acquired energies throughout the populace. Hence the term Light Beacon, Light Bearer or Light Worker.

And all indications show that the Light Workers are successfully integrating all that has been given. This shows us the power of the Light of God that never fails! This also allows us to increase the intervals of ascension energy increments as we successfully assimilate/integrate these. And this is occurring at greater speeds than previously believed possible.

For those that have been consciously active and aware of their “calling” on the ascension path, congratulations are in order. The Host of Heaven is excited as these gracious Light Workers are proving to be worthy of the calling to aid in the transformation of our realities. And this is occurring at record pace.

Though the “news” and “media” are apt to report the “negative”, by for, more readily than anything that is uplifting. Rest assured that throughout the cosmos, Earth/Gaia is gaining in popularity for the Luminous Light that is shining forth now, anew. As beloved Gaia gradually becomes the embodiment of Her true Divine title, as “Freedom’s Holy Star”. Beloved Gaia and Sol have awaited the awakening of humanity for some time. And now, the process proceeds in complete Divine timing. Unfolding and enfolding ALL of Gaia’s inhabitants, all the while, as a nurturing mother cares for ALL her children. Gaia and Her evolutionary populace ascend to new heights in Creation.

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Thus, recognize that we are changing our consciousness to that of a truly higher expressive form. This can be seen as we see more individuals recognizing that we are ALL part of the same Oneness. That we are truly of the same One true Divine Creator Source. And this is bringing about an integration of the “separate” or “compartmentalized” form of consciousness’s we have perceived from/through, previously.

This integration of our conscious, subconscious and even unconscious (mass consciousness) aspects of Self are truly uniting. This too is leading ALL to realize the Oneness that is ours, innately. And as more achieve this level of awareness/consciousness, we see more recognizing the innate power we have as a populace.

Many times, we are given information concerning the “top” one percent of the populace, as if they control ALL of us. When in truth, the pyramid “top” would topple over with the weight of the “base” people at the “bottom” of the pyramid, if they chose to exercise their power as a collective. None could stand the weight of the power of the populace, should they act as a truly united collective.

And throughout this ascension this is, in fact, transpiring. We can readily see that people are very loving, honest and wise when given a chance, and not set against one another. As humanity readily sees the need for harmony throughout all of our various societal structures. However, those machinations of “divide and conquer” have been skillfully used by those that prefer to profit from discord.

As time/space ensues, these ones are singling themselves out. For these are the ones that are not ready for the ascension. They desire the “old” ways to remain. And we can readily see these ones throughout our societies. For they are the advocates of returning to “yester-year”. They find pleasure and enjoy the “perceived” status of “exclusivity”. Realizing not that they are “excluding” aspects of their own Self, through a false perception of being “greater than” or exclusive.

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These ones have not integrated their Higher Self. For the Higher Self knows that ALL belong. The Higher Self knows NO separation exists. Thus, when we interact with our Higher Self, we are interacting with a part of us that has the purview of the whole. This is why we are “taught” that the Higher Self is the aspect of Self that works at the planetary level.

And the more we align with and embody our Higher Self, the more we too become a Light Worker for the planet. Simultaneously, the less we find ourselves concerned with our “singular” view of ourselves. As we realize that we are truly a collective, we then fully strive to achieve efforts that benefit the collective. While becoming less concerned with our ego/carnal mind’s perspective. And the ego/carnal mind becomes integrated and enfolded as our Higher Self descends upon us.

We call this the expansion of consciousness. As we release our “singular” view, we begin perceiving through our multidimensional aspect of Self. The super consciousness becomes integral in perceiving through our expanded awareness/consciousness. We perceive the quantum or multidimensional reality and our part in it and of it.

This is a new form of consciousness that we are ALL achieving. For the higher 4th density of consciousness is truly a collective (multidimensional) perspective. As we master the lessons and the successful integration of Love Divine. We readily come to the realization that we truly stem from this Oneness of Self. We recognize that we are ALL transitioning to the New Heavens and the New Earth. As a collective, we are co-creating this new reality.

Out of the almost 7 billion humans on Earth there are less than 250,000 oversouls. This should allow us to achieve a perspective, as to how much of a “collective” we ALL are. Remember the notion of “six degrees of separation”?

Thus, KNOW that ascension energies are abounding. All throughout this time of transformation, we are continually being increased in frequency. The Light Worker is at the forefront of this transition. And the Heavenly Hierarchy is greatly appreciative of ALL that we do to make this successful.

Much Blessings, Love, Light, Life and Truth

Gabriel F Duran


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