Lisa Transcendence Brown – I went offline the whole month of May to honor and inJOY these magnificent energies and template re-writes, which is the “next phase” of Oneness Codes (apply to more collectives as well as very different Templates, shifting/changing all of our roles again). Individual Photonic DNA Evolution, Cosmic Alignment and Harmonization, Re-balancing of electromagnetics and Embodiment continue to accelerate an immense Collective Consciousness Shift always occurring according to the Divine Plan (Template) that governs all. As more embrace and experience the vastness and simplicity of our Multi-Dimensional existence, “how” each experience reality completely changes from anything resembling “the old”. Utilize your own deep sacred connection and heart consciousness to navigate with ease and grace. Yes, on a collective level, we are shifting some really old obsolete ego-matrix programs, to make way for “all new”. It’s up to each one of us to bring this forth and become the New Earth grids/networking systems that link up to Gaia’s/Universally/Cosmically and each other too. These change the rules and codes all live by…. which looks nothing like before.

p.s. If you find yourself experiencing the extreme polarities and density, this is an important part of the process too. Love, support and listen to your LightBody and observe through the eyes of your Pure and Unified Heart. Full conscious ego surrender will allow your heart to open for shifting with great ease (mind/body/emotions/energy = every body). Find that place/space inside and reconnect to your state of BEing in order to allow for unification/alignment within.

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