ASUR’ANA – This is such a strange world, that we have to depend on money to live. Money makes the world go round here on Earth. We shouldn’t be depending on those pieces of paper to survive, but we do. The system used in this world is like that. They don’t use this system on the other worlds. They just have enough. They share; so there’s no one who is ever short and no one has too much. Everyone just has enough of what they want. There’s no ‘more’ and no ‘less’; everyone has enough.

If our world had the same system, we wouldn’t have war, and we wouldn’t have hunger. The systems on other planets work like an exchange. They just exchange. For example, if they have to build a road, then the engineers build the road, or the builder builds the house, the doctor treats the patients, the farmer tills his/her land. They’re exchanging services; that’s all. Everyone has a common store where they come and get what they need, and it’s distributed. Everyone has just enough of what they need.

There’s no money on such a planet. Everyone uses the same resources and protects the same environment. Everyone is aware of the interrelation and interdependence between each other, and they treat each other like a big family. The food and necessities are distributed evenly everywhere, to every corner of the planet, so everyone has access to them. Each one works according to his or her ability. No one is denied food or the basics of life.

If you need something, you just go in any of the stores and ask the store manager. You can say you need this or you need that, and that’s it. You can go and get what you want, or (s)he will find what you need. It’s just like going into a supermarket: You take what you want, and ask if you don’t see something you need; then the manager will sort it out for you. But this is without paying.

Everyone on such a planet has more developed mentality. They are kinder, more responsible, more loving, more understanding and more enlightened about each other’s values and the values of all beings on their planet.

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Renewing the Kinship of Humankind

Because of money, we have war, strife with each, greed and grabbing. And then, more or less, we worship money more than we worship God. That’s the problem. It should be ‘In God we trust,’ not ‘In gold we trust.’

It’s just a theory right now, but one day in the near future, our planet will adopt the no-money system like those of the other planets. It’s going in that direction. All the rich countries now are helping the poorer countries, and it seems the kinship of humankind is very possible. The kinship of humankind may be possible very soon, and peace is very likely. We’re very happy. We’re getting more excited every day!

But because this system in the world is already based on money, we have to go according to that for the time being. However, slowly it will change, and money will gradually be phased out.

The mentality of people has to change, not just the system. When people are more enlightened, they will understand that they can’t use all the money for themselves. No one can use as much as a million dollars per day. The enlightened rich people will use the money to help the less fortunate so that everyone benefits by it.

Accumulating Karma through Unethical Businesses

There are many unethical professions, like manufacturing or selling weapons, selling drugs and selling or making alcohol. All of these are not very good professions and are not very conducive to the owner of that business. It’s very bad for him or her; it accumulates very bad karma for them.

If (s)he puts it in the bank, the bank makes interest, and maybe even uses it for some other unethical purposes. If his/her money is used for good purposes, then the owner of that money profits, spiritually. But if not, then (s)he will be in trouble with bad or negative karma.

So, to be fair, the person who creates all these jobs, like making or selling weapons, or making or selling drugs, the bosses of all these selling systems, they don’t profit much. Additionally, they have such headache for whatever they have. Even if they amass a lot of money, it’s so much responsibility.

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You attract all kinds of people who come just for drugs or quick-money schemes and are not very honest. They don’t really help you at all. They mess up your life; they mess up your schedule; they mess up your plans. It’s not always good to be the boss in such a business. (S)he has headaches all day long! (S)he has a lot of trouble, a lot of work, and even if (s)he has a lot of money, (s)he doesn’t have the mood to enjoy it.

When someone has so much responsibility and so many headaches like that, how do they enjoy anything? They might not even eat well. They might not even enjoy the luxury that they have, apart from times when they show off with their friends or relatives. But that is very short-lived, compared to the headaches they have to go through. Even if you have an ethical business, you also have headaches – not to talk about unethical business!

Seeing Beyond the Effects of This World

Earning money by not-very-good professions (like the ones involving in killing or ones that damage people’s brains, mental well-being, emotional well-being or physical well-being) are very harmful to the owner of the operation. For example, if you manufacture weapons and you are the owner of that company, you have the worst, terrible karma waiting for you. If you own a drug-producing company, you have the worst karma waiting for you. The owner or the boss, the mastermind, has the worst karma waiting for them at the end of their physical life.

The headache, the heartache, the trouble that they go through and the pressure of it, that’s already hell in this lifetime. But there is worse to come, after this lifetime. Some people do not believe that heaven and hell exist, so they are doing this kind of job or have this kind of operation. If they did know, if they just had a glimpse of what real heaven is or real hell is, they would just renounce everything.

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They would go into the forest or mountain alone and repent – even leave family, leave friends, leave everything – just to do penance quick, before they have to fall into hell, after this lifetime.

But this physical body is a big hindrance for every being. People cannot see anything beyond their physical eyes’ distance. They can see only a few meters away. They cannot see heaven; they cannot see hell.

Replacing Money with Sharing

One day the system of money will be abolished. Everyone will share what they have. The whole planet will share together, because the planet is not just for you, for me, for him or for her. It has to be for everyone. No sign is written anywhere that the planet is for the rich people only or for Americans only or Europeans only. It’s not written like that anywhere! Therefore, we should share everything: technical, inventions, food, knowledge, wisdom, etc.

It’s important to spread the love and sharing on Earth so that everyone can have a better life.

The awakening of consciousness on the planet will make everyone wiser, more intelligent and more compassionate. Then, all nations will be able to sustain themselves and provide for all their citizens’ need. There will be no more war and no more hunger. All will be provided for everyone to live abundantly so that they can focus on the more spiritual aspects of life. The awakening of higher consciousness is the best gift to any being.

One day we will abolish all borders. Maybe we have government but just for the service of humankind: No borders, no money, just sharing and taking what we need. But for that level to be achieved, people have to wake up; they have to know what they need instead of just what they want. What we want is too much. What we need is very little, or much less. Live simply so that you don’t have to be dependent on so many things.


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