Jennifer Templeman. – We have crossed great thresholds within the progressions of the Arrival. The Arrival being the sequenced field adaptations occurring to birth forward Light Orders in to a material reality of a New density model to reflect the combined attributes of soul spirit light fields.
The New Density as a plane for realization and activation is an organic template offering the Human Source Star light model the potential to spread Wings of Light into a defined construct while simultaneously rendering the expansion of freedom being life force.
As we bring forward aspects of our light templates into this meeting ground of actualization we are coordinating with our higher aspects, the collective field and our union.
A primary portion of field deliverance is and has been the Galactic recovery progression where many light beings have now broken through to the otherside via phase shifts of Arrival. Where higher field aspects have been locked out, looped out and sealed from true Arrival the Light Being has been able to shift, calibrate and enter in more deeply through reality chambers to actualize.
Now at the gates of the Sirian Egyptian Planes of 6D reference Indigo Light Beings are acting as primary Guardian energetic interfaces for the New we have great field openings. These beings have migrated through lived expression off and through the polarized orientations of Old mission bases and orientations as they uptake the New Orders of the Rainbow fields. This means energies previously locked out are now entering the realms via Unification.
Through our personal energetic field we will be meeting up again with our star being aspects and feeling the recognition of the various aspects more closely and clearly defined as a fundamentals of our-self, We bring the star being of our true nature forward through our channel of human being. We are the carriers of multiple spectrums of light continuum.
As our lower human minds are being unveiled and our energetics are calibrating to new light housing reference we hold new orientations and focus of reveal to step up and through to our higher light and power.
Through the template of the Twin Flame base we are modulating the birthing effects of higher DM to release of lower DM and vice versa for the DF. Where she is held releasing through the fields of Knowledge he is dropping lower constructs of the Fallen Light fields. This will show as many potentials of phantom field mattrice. Therefore your teams are carefully buffering the interference as the gate clearances present.
We are to take note of what is called the narcissistic patterning and how it displays through each spectrum of being, This template seems to be root fundamental for the phantom shadow mattrice and is a primary for twins to resolve as we function through reconciliation of this template via our specific unions as fundamental of twin template repatterning.
As we release off the twin (full spectrum), off the other. and return within to build our light capacities, do our light work of bringing our aspects into alignment we amplify our field to hold our full calibration as sovereign integral through an autonomous aspect. This is the level of frequency adaptation the Intervention fields are requesting. That we be fully within our powers. Then and only then will the unions be granted return.
If return comes prior it is to calibrate and test the field adjustments within phase shift orientation and progression. Noting as well not all are within the same bandwidths entering the New fields and will acclimatize accordingly. So we can not compare unions against each other. We must focus within our specific field orders and orientations.
This is a great time for field advancement and rebirth of pure potentiality to seed and create within new domains free from control and manipulation. If we can pivot off the pain, off the past and tune instead to the New to the brilliant, to the vibrancy of wholeness, we can surpass the effects of Fall and cross contamination of the field progressions.
Blessings xo

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